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Spore Warden in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Those looking to get more in touch with nature as they tear through hordes of enemies will love the Spore Warden class. Our Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden guide will go over the most effective skill build, how to best use your Companion Mushroom to deal maximum damage, and how to use your ranged attacks to cut down swaths of enemies before they ever get close.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Guide - Character Creation

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Character Creation

Once you select the Spore Warden class, you'll be able to customize your character! This process brings you through customization options like body size, facial hair, vocal pitch, preferred pronouns and other personal touches. You'll be able to adjust the look of your character later, so need to get too stressed about getting everything just right at the very beginning of the game. Afterward, you'll get to the Background selection screen, which determines what your base set of stats will be as well as how many skill points you can put into each stat.

The Spore Warden has two key advantages on the battlefield: range and speed. So to be most effective as this class, you'll want to lean into these abilities and build out your skills to give you the most competitive edge. As for which Spore Warden Background you should choose, I recommend either Rogue Alchemist or Failed Monk. If you go with Failed Monk, you'll get the most balanced build starting out while enjoying a 2% buff to your spell cooldown and an 8% buff to status damage, which will come in handy when poisoning your foes with the Spore Warden Companion Mushroom. If you'd like to double down on delivering status damage, you can select Rogue Alchemist for a 16% increase, but this will come with a 4% loss to critical hit chance and a 12.5% hit to your max HP / Ward. As you level up you'll be reworking your skill points anyways for better balance, so either of these options can be a good starting point to getting your character off the ground.

For the initial Spore Warden skill points, invest a couple into Constitution to limit the health deficit you have. Add some to Attunement so your Action Skills will be more readily available quicker, and increase your Dexterity for better critical hit chances as well. You can round out this build by investing in Strength for more critical damage, or mix and match in a way that makes sense to you.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Guide - Skill Tree

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden skill tree

Looking at the Spore Warden skill tree, there are two areas you can primarily invest skill points in: companion damage and gun damage. Let's go over the build for companion damage first, as your mushroom friend will be fighting by your side along the way!

  • In tier 1, you'll be able to spend points to increase Companion Health and Companion Damage, making your ally more formidable on the battlefield.
  • In tier 2, opt for Spore Cloud. With this ability, your Mushroom Companion will occasionally let one rip and damage enemies with its noxious flatulence.
  • In tier 3, opt for Medicinal Mushroom and your Mushroom Companion will attempt to revive you when you're critically wounded and in a Save Your Soul state.
  • For tier 4, Thrill of the Hunt grants increased companion damage when you get critical hits with your guns.
  • In tier 5, you'll definitely want to invest in Wrath of Nature, which increases the amount of damage an enemy takes from all sources for a duration when it's taking ability damage.
  • And in tier 6, you'll find Play the Angles, which makes critical hits from guns have a chance to ricochet and deal ability damage to nearby enemies. If you're lucky, these shots may ricochet multiple times.

If you'd prefer to focus on gun damage and be an unstoppable force with a rifle in your hands, we have you covered.

  • The first tier of the skill tree offers Eagle Eye, which increases both gun damage and gun handling.
  • In tier 2 unlock Bullseye to increase your chances of critical hits with guns, as well as an increase in critical hit chance from your companion.
  • For the third tier you can invest in either Quiver of Holding, which increases magazine size and allows you to regenerate ammo over time, or you can opt for Windrunner, which increases movement speed and fire rate for a duration upon killing.
  • In the fourth tier, Called Shot increases gun damage and damage resistance while aiming down the sights. Tier 5 offers Headhunter, which increases gun damage dealt to critical hit areas, and in the 6th tier you can unlock Play the Angles and enjoy ricocheting bullets as you battle through Bunkers & Badasses.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Guide - Hero Stats and Gear

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Mushroom Companion

The Spore Warden will be accompanied by their Mushroom Companion who can deal poison damage, and any increases to your damage will also apply to the companion. For Action Skills, you'll have access to an Ethereal Bow to launch arrows from, and at level 7 you'll unlock the Blizzard ability, allowing you to create frost cyclones that deal frost status effect damage to nearby enemies.

Much of the damage you'll be dealing will be a combination of status effects and gun damage, so it's important to have a healthy mix of the two abilities. That's why choosing your Background during the character creation process is so important, as it determines how many points you can invest into each skill while also determining what your base stats will be at the beginning of the game.

As a Spore Warden, you're going to primarily be hitting targets from a distance, so be sure to compare guns as you pick them up and have a healthy mix of SMGs, rifles and pistols. Your skill tree will include options for increased movement speed, as well as damage buffs for aiming down the sights of your gun.

Spore Warden is about using the wonders of nature to your advantage, but it's also about shooting as much ordinance down range as possible. Combine your gun-wielding skills with your Barrage ability to keep enemies at bay with arrows and ricocheting bullets as you gain more levels.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden Guide - Strengths and Drawbacks

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Spore Warden in Combat

Each of the six classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has imperfections, and Spore Warden is no different. If you focus on your gun and status damage, your health and Ward effectiveness are going to take a hit. This means you'll be spending more time in the Death Save state, and will need to strategize accordingly.

When the crowds become overwhelming, it's good to get one or two grunts down to low health so you can finish them off later when you need the boost. This will become less of an issue once you unlock the Medicinal Mushroom skill.

Speed is your friend, so be sure to stay on the move and send a variety of bullets, arrows, and spells down range while your companion assists. Get used to playing to the Spore Warden's strengths, and you'll make any combatant regret the force of nature they've crossed.


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