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The character sheet for the Graveborn in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

So you've decided to roll for initiative and break out the loot tables with Pandora's most chaotic bunker master. But what character to choose? What playstyle fits you? Well thanks to this Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn Guide, we'll help you get an idea on how to get the most out of one of the trickier starting classes.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn Guide – Character Creation

Once you've finished with the completely cosmetic flourishes that make your character who they are, time to decide on backgrounds. Much like the Brr-Zerker, the Graveborn has a singular purpose on the battlefield, but it is tricky to get the most out of it at the start.

The best background to take for both of the builds featured later will be the Failed Monk background. A lot of the Graveborn runs on status damage and spell cooldown, hence the increases to Intelligence and Wisdom but we don't want to sacrifice Constitution.

As for starting points distribution, an even spread across Intelligence, Wisdom, and Constitution should  be a good start.

A Graveborn holding up an SMG in the middle of a siege
Quick, shoot the health pinatas!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn Guide – Skill Tree

The best way to describe the Graveborn is that it is a glass cannon. It's a high-risk, high-reward playstyle due to both of their unique skills as well as the playstyle it encourages. Simply put, the Graveborn is all about sacrificing health for damage, then leeching health from enemies to do it all again.

As for the Graveborn's passive, you get an Arch-Lich companion. It floats around and attacks enemies with dark magic. Furthermore, everytime you cast a spell, it fires out a powerful dart.

The first, most direct build I'll explain for this class is what I call the Deathbomb Graveborn. This is based around the very first skill you unlock for the character: Dire Sacrifice. Basically, you consume a large chunk of your health bar and unleash a massive explosive wave of energy from yourself, dealing dark magic damage to all enemies caught within. Dark magic leeches health from enemies. Also the damage is proportional to how much health you sacrificed.

With that in mind, let's see how we actually make a Deathbomb Graveborn.

First, invest as many points you can into Mortal Vessel on the first tier of skills. Not only does this increase your maximum health but it makes you leech more health with dark magic.

Next, put one or two points into Essence Drain. This is a kill skill that reduces the cooldown of your spells.

When you hit the second skill tier, pour points into Dark Pact. This will make your dark magic even more powerful. In addition, throw a few points into Sanguine Sacrament. This will cause you to regenerate health every time you cast a Spell.

As for the third tier, pick up Stain of the Soul. This will make your spells deal dark magic damage as well. At this point, if you're not stealing health from everywhere to fuel your deathsplosion, something has gone wrong.

A Graveborn in the aftermath of a massive explosion of dark magic
I think I got 'em.

Moving on to the fourth tier of skills. Pick up Ascension and start pumping points into it. It's a kill skill that increases your maximum health as well as increase your spell damage. Better yet, it can stack up to 10 times. Pull off one Dire Sacrifice, fire off some spells and you'll be a juggernaut. Once you hit the fifth tier, put some points into Blast Gasp. Your spells now have a chance to cause explosions of elemental damage, which will help with your healing. They cannot do critical hits however. As for the sixth and final tier, you'll unlock Morhaim's Blessing. Now, all of your kill skills activate whenever you cast a spell.

If this is done right, you should have a massive health pool to sacrifice for powerful attacks as well as plenty of ways to get that health back. Happy killing.

Alternatively, if you really want to walk the razor's edge with this class, there is the Revenant Graveborn. This build is based around the Reaper of Bones skill that is unlocked at level 7.

When activated, you are fully healed and get bonus dark magic damage on all of your damage sources. However, as you fight, your health will slowly drain away. Once it is fully emptied, some of your health comes back and you are invincible for a few seconds. How long this skill lasts is based entirely on your current health percentage and it cannot be enhanced otherwise.

Much like the Deathbomb Cleric, take some points into Mortal Vessel on the first tier. This is more to bolster your dark magic efficiency than the health boost (although that will help). Next, invest points in Faithful Thralls. This will increase your overall damage based on how many Companions you have active. That will come up later. On the second tier, put points into Harvest. This kill skill will make your companions hit harder with dark magic. Once this is maxed, feel free to put some points into Dark Pact for yourself.

A Graveborn in an aura of dark magic while shooting a skeleton
I get knocked down, but I get up again. You ain't never gonna keep me down!

As for the third tier of skills, put as many points as you can into Dark Hydra. This is a kill skill that has a chance of creating a dark hydra companion that deals more dark magic damage. Couple that with Harvest and not only do you have your own small army, you are actively boosting yourself. Next, pick up Dread Covenant. This makes it so your Arch-Lich shares some of the damage you take, and if you were supposed to die, the Arch-Lich will die instead. This is to let you keep Reaper of Bones going longer. Thankfully, your army of hydras can pick up the slack until your Arch-Lich respawns.

Once you hit the fourth tier of skills, pick up Punishment. This will let your Arch-Lich fire more support attacks whenever you cast a spell. When you're on a Reaper of Bones rampage, every litle extra hit of leech damage counts. But the big kicker of them all comes in the sixth tier with the Lord of Edges skill. You get damage reduction as well as bonus damage based on how low your health bar is. Congratulations, your Reaper of Bones skill should be the stuff of nightmares to entire armies.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn Guide – Hero Skills and Gear

If you are running the Deathbomb Graveborn build, your go-to skills should be obvious. Intelligence to keep your spellcasting up, Wisdom to get the most out of your dark magic, and Constitution to keep your health huge and ready to blow. If you're rocking the Revenant Build, put a bit more into Wisdom and Intelligence and, if you want to get more out of Reaper of Bones, Attunement is not a bad place to start.

As for gear, the Graveborn is a pretty flexible class as far as weapons and armor goes. Deathbomb Graveborn will want to invest in meaty wards to help protect their potent HP bars however. As for Revenants, a healthy mix of weapon ranges will do a world of good so you can hit enemies anywhere with Reaper of Bones active. Rocket launchers, assault rifles, and anything with a good scope will make a world of difference.

A Graveborn fighting a wave of skeletons with a boss in the background
Keep throwing the free health at me, see how that goes for you!

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Graveborn Guide – Drawbacks

As I mentioned before, the Graveborn is a glass cannon. You're essentially sacrificing health for damage. One lucky shot or strong attack at the wrong moment and you will go down. This will make the early game dicey until your builds finally escalate and snowball later on. In addition, this will make battles against bosses or hordes of badass enemies a little trickier since their defenses will lead to diminishing returns for your life leech.


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