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Last Update: March 24, 2022


The character creation screen showcasing the Clawbringer

So you've decided to roll up a character and dive into the world of Bunkers and Badasses. But since this is still a game set in the world of the borderlands, you want to be sure you have your stats as you want them. Here is our Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Clawbringer guide to help you get the most juice out of this scaley class.

The background list for the Clawbringer in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
This is the first big choice, so heads up.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide – Character Creation

Like other classes in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, character creation is mostly cosmetic. Pick your body type, your pronouns, and all of your various facial features first.

But once that is done, you have to focus on your background. The big appeal of the Clawbringer is you get a wyvern companion that flies across the battlefield and lights enemies up with fire. In addition, the skill tree gives you a chance to light enemies on fire with every hit and even unleash lightning damage with your melee attacks.

Because of this, you have two distinct choices. The first is Rogue Alchemist. This will lower your critical hit chance but will make all of your status effects more potent. Since you'll be slinging fire and lightning around, that extra bump in your DOT will make a world of difference. Plus, you don't need a headshot to trigger an effect so accuracy isn't that big of a loss. Unfortunately, this background does lower your Constitution score, which dictates your maximum health and ward (Wonderlands' version of shields) values. If you want to really lean into crowd control and elemental damage, this is the best starting background for you, but you will be much easier to kill.

Alternatively, the Failed Monk background still provides increased status effect damage, 8% compared to the Rogue Alchemist's 12%, but doesn't take away from your Constitution. Unfortunately it does tank you Strength and Dexterity scores, which lowers not just your crit chance, but your crit damage.

The skill tree for the Clawbringer class in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
Time to plan out how to make this a murder machine.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide – Skill Tree

I bring up these two paths since there are two key viable builds for the Clawbringer. The first one is meant for the Rogue Alchemist, which I like to call the Toasty build. This focuses on the left most skills on the skill tree which deal entirely with fire damage.

In the early game, focus on increasing Oath To Fire, which will give you fire damage with all of your attacks.

Once the second tier is unlocked, go for the Dragon Aura ability, which increase your elemental damage even further. The aura will even boost elemental damage for allies as well if you plan to do co-op.

The third tier unlocks Blasthumet's Favor, which lets you spawn a fire orb which seeks out enemies and blows up, which will synergize with your Dragon Aura and Rogue Alchemist background for maximum damage.

Once you hit the fourth tier, pick up Fire Bolt. Not only will this give your wyvern companion more fire, it will also increase your Gun Damage, which will make it easier to proc Blasthumet's Favor, which leads to more fire. In addition, invest a few points in Friend To Flame, which will increase your wyvern's base damage. This leaves the fifth tier. If you've already maxed out your prior skills, invest a few points into Awe. This will increase your critical hit damage whenever you deal fire damage. If you've done the build right you should always be doing fire damage so this will just give your weapons more punch.

The Clawbringer's Skill Tree, the Rebuke Skill is highlighted
Let's make this tank even chunkier.

Alternatively, there is what I like to call the Stormwall, a tank build for the Clawbringer. This works best with the Failed Monk background.

First, invest points in Radiance to increase your maximum ward as soon as possible. Once you hit level 7, you should be able to change your class skill from the single fire nova hammer slam to throwing your hammer as it crackles with lightning like a certain Norse God. Switch to that skill as soon as possible.

In addition, put some points into Oath of Thunder, which gives all of your melee attacks bonus lightning damage...and your hammer throw is treated as a melee attack.

As for the second tier of skills, invest some points into both Rebuke and Dedication. Dedication gives you damage reduction and, if you're playing co-op, will reflect enemy attacks on your allies back at them as lightning strikes. If you're more of a solo player, invest more in Rebuke, which reduces your skill cooldowns based on how much Ward you currently you have active. With the damage reduction and the increased Ward from Radiance and Dedication, you will always be throwing your hammer.

Moving on to the fourth tier of skills, invest in Storm Breath. This will change your wyvern's breath weapon from fire to lightning as well as give you further damage reduction. Better yet, Friend to Flame will still boost your companion's attack. As for the fifth tier, put all of your points into Indomitable. This will let you immediately come back from being in a dying state with a full ward and bonus lightning damage.

A Clawbringer standing on a pier, a repeating crossbow in hand
Needs more flaming dakka.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide – Hero Stats and Gear

Finally, since Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is heavily inspired by TTRPGs, you also have stat points to invest in every time you level up. This is why backgrounds are so important because it determines how much you can invest in those skills.

First, we'll start with our Toasty Clawbringer. Your primary skill to invest in will be Wisdom, which gives you more status effect damage. The second is Attunement, which will you do your giant hammer fire slam skill more often. Since the build is all about crowd control and watching the world burn, it's a must. As for the third skill, I would say Strength since that will increase your critical damage when you actually do land some critical shots, something that will pay off in the late game with your Awe skill.

Next is the Stormwall Clawbringer. Your primary skill will be Constitution since the build is all about not going down. Next will be Wisdom in order to get the most out of your lightning's crowd control. Your tertiary skill should be in Attunement, which will work really well with your Rebuke and letting you just spam the hammer throw.

As for gear and playstyles to look out for, that is a bit more universal. Since both builds mentioned for the Clawbringer focuses around defense and crowd control, you will want to focus on medium to short-range weaponry. Toasty Clawbringers should invest in repeaters and SMGs for their high fire rate, because every single bullet just means more fire. If those weapons deal elemental damage of any kind, that's even better. As for Stormwall Clawbringers, magical shotguns and heavy melee weapons like battleaxes and mauls will serve you well. Anything that gets you up close and personal with some crackling lightning is a good time.

A treasure chest mimic attacking the screen
I panicked so hard against this with my Toasty build.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Clawbringer Guide – Strengths and Drawbacks

Finally, not every single class or build in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is truly perfect. The Clawbringer is no different. While the Toasty build is fantastic at crowd control and some juicy DOT, its focus is entirely on fire damage, something that doesn't work for every single enemy type. If you're fighting zombies or goblins, they'll be dead in seconds. If you're fighting skeletons or golems however, you're going to hit a wall. This is doubly frustrating against certain bosses. Couple that with your smaller health pool and when you hit a wall, you will hit it hard.

Alternatively, the Stormwall Clawbringer is great at defense and crowd control, but won't pack the same punch as the other classes in direct gun battles. This is due to the weaker critical hits and the build's focus on close range combat. Your hammer throw skill is a massive feather in your cap, but if that gets shut down, the lack of gun synergy will be felt.


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