Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide

Last Update: March 24, 2022


The character sheet for the Brr-Zerker from Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

So you've decided to spend some time in the world created by Pandora's own energetic bunker master. But where in the world do you start? What character do you make? Well with the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide, we can help you get the most out of the chilly warrior with an anger management problem.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide – Character Creation

As stated before in our other character guides, there are no inherently better choices for your Brr-Zerker from a cosmetic perspective. Go nuts with what you want your character to look like until you have to choose their Background.


The good news is the Brr-Zerker is a very direct class. There are at least two distinct builds that this guide will go into, but those adhere more to playstyle than stats. With that in mind, you will want to pick up the background Village Idiot. It increases your Strength, which increases your Critical Damage, something that this class will revel in, and the only real downside is a hit to your Intelligence, something neither build is really going to use all that much.

As for points to invest in at the start. An even mix across Strength and Dexterity are good to get you started.

The Brr-Zerker freezing an enemy with an SMG spray
Mr. Freeze puns optional, but encouraged.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide – Skill Trees

As for how you want to spend your skill points, you have to ask yourself a few key questions. First, do you care more about mopping up enemies as an unkillable whirlwind of death? In that case, the first build in this guide, Spin To Win (Or the Beyblade build if you want me to feel old).

Everything in Spin To Win is all about abusing the hell out of the Brr-Zerker's passive ability known as Enrage. Every time you use your unique skill, the spin attack called Dreadwind, your Brr-Zerker gets this status effect.  At first, this just lets you deal bonus frost damage with every hit, but if you can use your Dreadwind skill again before it goes away, you will extend the timer. In fact, the only way to fully lose Enrage is to either let the timer run out or get downed. As for the Dreadwind skill itself, you basically spin your melee weapon around in a vortex of death, letting you tear apart hordes of enemies.

Now that you have a better idea of what you're working with, let's get into the skill tree.

On the first tier, the big stats to go for are Savagery and Unyielding. Savagery increases your base melee damage as well as increases your Enrage duration. This will go really well with Unyielding which lets you regenerate any health lost within a certain window. Better yet, this healing factor is doubled while you're enraged.


For the second tier of skills pick up The Old Ways and start investing as many points as you can. This skill gives you damage reduction as well as increase your damage while you are very close to an enemy. Considering this build is all about getting in close then turning into a human blender, this skill pick up is a no-brainer.

As for the third skill tier, pick up Blood Frenzy. This is a kill skill that will heal you and extend your Enrage. Couple this with Unyielding's healing factor and it will take a lot to put you down once you get going. In fact, your health should be a higher priority over your Ward, which is why the next skill you should pick up on this tier is Unarmored Defense. This reduces your maximum ward but drastically increases your maximum health. The maximum health that should be filling and healing constantly thanks to your ongoing rage.


Moving on to the fourth tier of skills, Ancient Fury is a must. It increases your maximum health, which is self-explanatory. Once that is maxed out, there is also Relentless Rage. While in Save Your Soul, the dying state where you can come back to life by killing an enemy, this skill does some fun stuff. Dealing damage partially restores your dwindling last stand gauge, and if you come back from the brink, you come back Enraged. Next in the fifth skill tier is Iron Squall. This increases your rate of fire as well as your melee attack speed, both of which double while you're Enraged. Starting to see a pattern? Finally in the sixth tier there is Blood of the Fallen. This is another kill skill which not just reduces the cooldown of your unique skill, kills while the skill is active extends its duration.

What all of this amounts to is a build where you should always be spinning around with Dreadwind. If you're not turning enemies into mincemeat with your spinning blade, you should always be enraged and getting in enemy's faces.

The Brr-Zerker about to slam their axe on a frozen skeleton
It's a bad time to be a skeleton wizard right now.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of the Brr-Zerker is what I call the Blizzard build. While Spin To Win is all about longevity and death of a thousand cuts, Blizzard is all about crowd control and focused bursts of critical damage.

First, once you hit level 7, switch your Dreadwind ability to the Feral Surge skill. With this skill, your Brr-Zerker will leap through the air and then slam the ground, unleashing a powerful surge of frost damage to everyone in that area. Better still, if you hit an enemy that has 20% or less health (the last of the four pips their health bars are set into), this skill instantly kills them. Bosses are the only exception to this. Furthermore, killing an enemy with this skill immediately refreshes the skill, allowing you to use it again.

Now let's beef that up with the right skill tree. On the first tier, invest in Ancestral Frost, this will up the frost damage from your Feral Surge. It will also increase the bonus frost damage you deal from all sources while you're Enraged. As for the second tier, pick up Ice Breaker. This will give you bonus damage against enemies who are slowed, a bonus that increases the closer they are to being frozen. Next, invest some points into Instinct, which increases your reload speed as well as your weapon swapping speed. This effect doubles while Enraged. This will be important later.


Moving on to the third tier of skills, invest as many points as you can into Cold Snap. This will increase your movement speed as well as increase your Frost Efficiency – the rate at which targets hit by frost freeze.  For the fourth tier, also invest in Ancient Fury. Some extra maximum health is nice, but there is a second advantage it gives you: Area Damage. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands has some light systemic elements, which you can use to your advantage. Shoot the water with a frost weapon and the water will freeze, dealing damage to enemies who pass through. Ancient Fury will make this nastier for your ice-slinging. Moving on to the fifth tier, Blast Chill is a little situational but helpful. Every time you melee attack an enemy, you have a chance to cause a frost nova; a miniature explosion of ice element damage. It cannot crit, unfortunately. Finally, Blood of the Fallen's kill skill will help you get your Feral Surge back if your slam didn't fully put down your targets.

What the Blizzard build all amounts to is leaning into the critical damage and elemental damage of frost. Since your target is frozen to the spot, it is easier to hit them in key areas. Furthermore, there appears to be a “shatter” effect where attacking a frozen enemy yields more critical hits. Since you have increased crit damage from your Strength points during character creation, stuff is going to die. In addition, the frost damage applies to damage from all sources, which means you can pelt enemies across all attack ranges to slow them down, take the heat off allies, and soften them up for your ground pound of death.

A Brr-Zerker in a mushroom forest, sporting a powerful assault rifle
Someone's going to shatter into icy chunks in seconds. It's not a matter of if, but when.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide – Hero Skills and Gear

As mentioned before, both the Blizzard and Spin To Win builds run best off if you invest in Strength and Dexterity at the start. As for a third skill to dabble in, Wisdom will help Blizzard Brr-Zerker's Frost hurt more, and Attunement will help Spin To Win Brr-Zerkers keep swinging.

As for preferred gear, that too is straightforward. Since Spin To Win Brr-Zerkers are all about close-range invest in shotguns and heavy melee weapons – preferably Kleave battleaxes. As for Blizzard, gear is a bit more freeform. If you time your slams right, you should always be dealing frost damage with whatever weapon your using. If you want to get the most out of your crit damage however, revolvers and sniper rifles will have that extra punch.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Brr-Zerker Guide – Drawbacks

Since the strengths of the Brr-Zerker builds are self-evident, both are about hitting things really hard, let's get into the weaknesses. While the Blizzard build is great at shutting down annoying badass enemies and punching through enemy waves, it requires a bit more precision. You miss with a Feral Surge and all of your momentum can come to a stop. Alternatively, Spin To Win is all about survival and smacking down hordes, but is very limited in boss battles and long-range encounters. Snipers are your enemy here.


Enjoy our Brr-Zerker guide? Check out more below!



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