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Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Guide

April 21, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


This Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Guide will tell you what you need to know to succeed in the first Scenario of this colony sim and city builder set on Mars.

What is the Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Scenario?

The Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Scenario effectively serves as the Tutorial for the game -- once you've completed the first Scenario, you'll discover that you've already beaten the easiest difficulty level of The Red Planet Awaits.


Unlike other Scenarios, The Red Planet Awaits focuses on a generic "Victory Points" system. All you need to do is continue making progress every which way you can with no concern about following a specific objective.

Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Scenario Objectives

Earn Victory Points by expanding Comfort of Living, your industry, your trade capacity,  your research development, and Terraforming.

  • Mastery Level 0 - 300 Points (Tutorial Level), Normal Expectations
  • Mastery Level 1 - 400 Points, Demanding Expectations
  • Mastery Level 3 - ?
  • Mastery Level 6 - ?

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How to Beat the Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Scenario

The big focus of the Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Scenario is Victory Points which you can earn for pretty much anything productive you can do in the game.


Here are the categories that will increase your Victory Points:

  • Support Income
  • Resource Income
  • Resource Income Combinations
  • Trade Routes
  • Trade Routes from Mines
  • Total Project Suggestions
  • Total Project Researches
  • Terraforming Steps (Heat, Oxygen, Water, Atmosphere)

Basically, you can go any which way in the course of your development and succeed in this Scenario. The key thing you need to do no matter what is to focus on expanding. Every new Trade Route, every 2 or 3 more Support earned brings you one step closer to winning. It's about as easy as anything gets in this game.

Completing this Scenario will open up access to the Red Path and Green Path Scenarios, each of which introduces new, unique challenges to overcome. Good luck!

We're all done with our Terraformers The Red Planet Awaits Guide, but you're just getting started with the game -- make sure to check out our other guides, too!

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