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Our Terraformers Red Path Guide will tell you what you need to know to amp up your Resource production and exploit Mars for everything you can.

What is the Terraformers Red Path Scenario?

The Terraformers Red Path Scenario puts a strong focus on Resource production. Keep in mind that only production counts -- any Resources gained from Exploration, Events, or through Trade Routes won't help you here.

Terraformers Red Path Scenario Objectives

Establish Resource production for various Resources.

  • Mastery Level 0 - N/A
  • Mastery Level 1 - 4 Water, Nitrates, Silicates, Titanium, and Tritium per Turn, Normal Expectations
  • Mastery Level 3 - 5 Water, Nitrates, Silicates, Titanium, and Tritium per Turn, Demanding Expectations
  • Mastery Level 6 - ?

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How to Beat the Terraformers Red Path Scenario

Beating the Terraformers Red Path Scenario requires a strong focus on expanding your territory through exploration. In the worst-case scenario, you're going to need to establish 20 (!) separate Mines to collect the necessary Resources to win this Scenario.

Do not focus on Terraforming. In fact, that could be a detriment when it comes to raising the water level -- you'll be submerging potential Resource nodes that will help you accomplish your goal. Improving Heat, Atmosphere, and Oxygen, however, will be worth it for the Comfort improvements (and consequently, a boost to Support).

You'll want to emphasize Food, Power, Water, and Titanium production to allow you to actually build all of these Mines. Do your best to make every expansion count for getting access to another Resource.

Completing the Red Path and the Green Path Scenarios will open up access to the Blue Path and Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenarios, the most challenging Scenarios in the Early Access version of Terraformers.

We're all done with this Terraformers Red Path Guide. Check out our other guides below to learn how to master the other Scenarios, too!

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