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Our Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Guide will help you amp up your Resource production and build all of the Space Projects you need to succeed.

What is the Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario?

The Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario is all about Space Projects. This Scenario is trickier than some of the ones you've played before, but it's ultimately not as difficult as it first seems -- you simply need to emphasize a few key points in order to succeed.

Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario Objectives

Earn Space Points by completing Space Projects.

  • Mastery Level 0 - N/A
  • Mastery Level 1 - N/A
  • Mastery Level 3 - 120 Space Points, HIgh Expectations
  • Mastery Level 6 - ?

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How to Beat the Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario

Beating the Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario requires you to strongly invest in three key areas: Resource production, Trade Routes, and Projects.

Let's start with Projects -- you're going to need to actually quire Space Projects, and that will ultimately depend on the luck of the draw every turn. You can increase your chances with Buildings that increase the number of Projects you can Research every turn and Buildings that increase the number of Projects you can pick.

Resource Production is also an important area of focus. Aside from the usual building and expansion, you're going to need the various Resources for actually completing Space Projects. Titanium and Tritium are especially important as they're fundamental components of many (if not most) Space Projects.

Finally, you're going to want to lean heavily into Trade Routes. All of the Resource Production in the world won't matter if you can't get the Resources up into space. Having at least 8 Trade Routes -- ideally through the use of Space Ports -- will help you quickly build Space Projects. These can also make up for any deficiencies in Resource generation you may have.

Suppose that you have 9 Trade Routes total and you're building a Space Project that requires 22 Tritium, a Resource that you only produce 1 of per turn. You can use this setup for an infinite Resource loop:

  • Import 3 Tritium.
  • Export 3 of any other Resources to balance it out.
  • Export 3 Tritum to the Space Project.

This setup ensures that you get 3 Tritum (or whatever Resource you may need) to a Space Project every Turn. In this example, it would take 8 Turns to complete the Space Project from the beginning, but you can likely do it faster thanks to Resources gained from Exploration and any short-term gains you can make through Leader Skills. If you can master all three of these points, you should be able to beat the Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenario without too much difficulty.

Beating Per Aspera Ad Astra is pretty tough, but it doesn't compare to the challenges of the Blue Path Scenario -- if you can conquer that, you've truly got this game down. Good luck!

You've conquered the final frontier, so that's that for the Terraformers Per Aspera Ad Astra Guide! There are still plenty more Scenarios to play, though -- take a look at our other guides below!

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