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This Terraformers Green Path Scenario will teach you how to spread Lifeforms and earn the Prestige you need to complete your objectives.

What is the Terraformers Green Path Scenario?

The Terraformers Green Path Scenario requires you to focus on spreading Lifeforms. That means you're going to need a basic grasp of Terraforming in order to acomplish your goal. And, naturally, you'll need to juggle all of the other usual problems with maintaining Support and a constant flow of Resources.

Terraformers Green Path Scenario Objectives

Earn Prestige Points by spreading Lifeforms on Mars.

  • Mastery Level 0 - N/A
  • Mastery Level 1 - 20 Lifeform Prestige, Demanding Expectations
  • Mastery Level 3 - 40 Lifeform Prestige, High Expectations
  • Mastery Level 6 - ?

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How to Beat the Terraformers Green Path Scenario

Beating the Terraformers Green Path Scenario is a little trickier than the Scenarios you've already played. There's no avoiding Terraforming now -- you have to do it in order to gain progress on your objectives.

You can gain a small amount of Prestige from spreading Bacteria, but it's a pittance compared to Plants and Animals. As an example, you'll get only 1 Prestige for spreading a Bacteria to a Climate Zone, but you can get 3 or more Prestige for introducing certain Plants and 6 or more Prestige for introducing Animals.

Your best chance of success is to spread Animals, but they'll often have much higher requirements than Plants or Bacteria. Focus on Terraforming to raise the Heat, Oxygen, Temperature, and Rain of a Climate Zone and get the best Animals you can get deployed as quickly as possible.

Completing the Green Path and the Red Path Scenarios will open up access to the Blue Path and Per Aspera Ad Astra Scenarios, the most challenging Scenarios in the Early Access version of Terraformers.

That's it for the Terraformers Green Path Guide. Now that you've got this Scenario down, why not check out some of our other guides and learn how to master those, too?

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