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Hestu performing his dance for Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seed

Tears of the Kingdom has finally released and as players are swarming to pick up the game there's plenty that fans of Breath of the Wild will be familiar with, as well as plenty that is new. One of the familiar aspects for returning players are the Koroks that are hidden across the overworld. In this Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds guide we'll train you how to spot a Korok from a mile away as well as how to find Hestu where you can spend the seeds.

Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds - Uses

Even while exploring the Great Sky Island chances are you've already run across a Korok or two. When you encounter these happy forest sprites you'll earn a Korok seed from them. Starting The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Link will be able to wield nine Melee weapons, five bows, and four shields. You'll learn very quickly that this just isn't enough inventory space, you can trade in the Korok Seeds to Hestu in order to expand your inventory.

Where is Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom?

When you first descend from the Sky Island, the tutorial of Tears of the Kingdom, you'll land in Hyrule. From Central Hyrule head North-West towards the closest Sky Tower. As you climb the hill you'll find Hestu standing in front of a small grove of trees, Talk with him and he'll ask you to defeat some of the trees ahead of him. Once you have you'll be able to start trading Korok Seeds with him. If you've collected any so far you'll be able to immediately start trading with him.

After initially meeting Hestu you'll find that he's traveled to Central Hyrule and has set himself up in the base with Purah and the other survivors. 

Hestu's location in Central Hyrule so you can trade in your Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds

Each time you expand your inventory you'll require more Korok Seeds to expand it again, at first it costs one, then two, three, five, etc. It's important to note that there are a LOT of Korok Seeds out in the world, far more than you'll actually need so don't worry about collecting them all. Just collect them when you see them.

How to identify a hidden Korok Seed in Tears of the Kingdom

There are a LOT of ways that Korok hide throughout the world, many of them players of Breath of the Wild will be familiar with. Some of the ways that the Koroks might be hidden include:

  • Stone Placement Puzzle - Here you will see different stones placed around the world in a pattern. It could be something as simple as two triangles interlocked, but one stone is out of place. If you place a stone to complete the pattern a Korok will appear and award you a Korok Seed.
  • Pinwheel Target Practice - On hills positioned around Hyrule you'll see small pinwheels crafted out of leaves and sticks. Approach one and a trial will begin, the trials might require you to follow a light in a timely manner or shoot a number of balloons out of the air. Once completed the Korok will reveal itself and reward you with a Korok Seed.
  • Suspicious Rock - This is simply a rock sitting on its own in a particularly suspicious location. It might be on top of a building, on a mountain, within a ring of flowers, or even at the top of a tree. Simply picking up the rock will cause the Korok to appear
An example of a new hidden way to obtain Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds
An example of a new place that a Korok might be hiding, after unlocking a Korok it will remain in place and you will obtain a map marker to show you've found it

On top of the ways that a returning player might have already known to identify a Korok, there are also new ways that you'll find Tears of the Kingdom Korok Seeds:

  • Reuniting Korok - You'll run into Korok that have a heavy backpack that needs to reunite with their friends. If you manage to reunite them you'll earn one Korok Seed per Korok
  • New Runes - If you see any suspicious-looking platforms with a space to Ascend above them you'll be able to trigger a further Korok


As we continue to explore Tears of the Kingdom we will continue to contribute to this guide

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