Tears of the Kingdom Duplicate Items Glitch Guide

Last Update: May 26, 2023


Link standing in front of a show in central hyrule needing more rupees

Update: As on May 26th Nintendo has released a patch to update Tears of the Kingdom to version 1.1.2 that has patches out the below glitch as well as all other known item duplication glitches

Tears of the Kingdom has been out for less than a week and speedrunners and glitch hunters are already having a field day. Players who aren't already building stealth bombers or emotionally tormenting Korok have found that there's a way to duplicate items in Tears of the Kingdom. At the time of writing this glitch is possible but there's no way to know if an update will remove this functionality in the future. In this Tears of the Kingdom Duplicate Items Glitch Guide we'll explain to you how you can duplicate items, and what benefits there might be.


There's an incredible amount of things to do and see in Tears of the Kingdom. You can hunt down each of the Memories, expand your Purah Pad with a new ability or two, or explore a number of Labyrinths for different pieces of powerful armor. Be sure to check out our ever growing list of guides to find out more about what you can do in Hyrule.

How to duplicate Items in Tears of the Kingdom?

Before we explain how to duplicate items in Tears of the Kingdom we need to first cover the limitations of this glitch. This glitch will only work on any item that you can attach to your bow, this means any food, plants, monster part, or material are able to be duplicated. You cannot use this to duplicate any key items, such as Korok Seeds, or any Weapons or Armor (Though there is a second glitch below that will help with duplicating weapons to a limited extent.

It's important to note that if the glitch fails you will not lose any item in the process and you can attempt it again immediately. There is no risk.

The steps to duplicate an item are as follows:


  1. Ensure you have two bows in your inventory and an item that you wish to duplicate that can be attached to a bow
    Make sure that Link is standing with his bow out, but you do not need to draw the bow
  2. Attach the item you wish to duplicate to your arrow with the D-Up menu
  3. Bring up the Pause Menu on your Bow inventory screen
  4. Select the Bow that you have currently equipt and select Drop
  5. Equip your second Bow
  6. Unpause and pause the game quickly
  7. Select the new Bow that you have equipt and select Drop
  8. Unpause your game
  9. Pick up your two dropped Bows
  10. Check your inventory and verify that you now have an extra item
  11. Repeat to your heart's content!
The Autobuild skill tree shown
If you're missing Zonai parts for any creation you can use this to create more orbs on the fly

Tears of the Kingdom Infinite Money

There's a wide variety of items that you should consider duplicating if you're interested in testing out this trick. The reason you'd want to duplicate them can be broken up into four categories:

  • Utility Items - Items such as bombs are useful to duplicate as they're high AoE damage and make fast work of cracked walls, other utility items could include Large Brightbloom Seeds or Zonai Orbs
  • Powerful Fuse Materials - Gibdo Ribcages give an incredible 40 fuse attack but break extremely quickly, you could duplicate them for a more consistent approach to incredibly high damage, or you can duplicate powerful Lizalfos horns or Diamonds to create an incredible inventory of weapons
  • Expensive items - Speaking of diamonds, you can use this duplication glitch to multiply expensive items allowing you to hoard a massive amount of Rupees and create Infinite Money in Tears of the Kingdom
  • Items required to upgrade armor - Unlocking all Fairy Fountains you'll obtain the ability to upgrade your gear, being able to upgrade your gear requires you to have a lot of different materials. These materials start out easy enough with a number of Moblin Horns but other items require multiple sets of different Dragon Scales or Claws. As you can only obtain one item off a dragon per encounter this could take a while without duplication.


How to duplicate Weapons in Tears of the Kingdom?

Duplicating weapons is a bit more limited in Tears of the Kingdom, you can't repeatedly duplicate the same item over and over again but you can duplicate an item at least once as long as the item falls into the parameters listed below. Compared to duplicating items this trick is much more particular. Between duplicating a weapon, or duplicating a diamond repeatedly to power up any weapon that's lying around you'll likely want to just duplicate the diamond.


An inventory screen in Tears of the Kingdom
Compared to some weapons you can pick up it might be worth replacing a rusty halberd with them...

Note: You can only duplicate items that you haven't picked up previously, so must have '???' as their name when you approach them, part of the glitch is that the duplicated item replaces an item in your inventory so you want to make sure that you only have an inventory with less powerful items in it.

  1. Locate a Weapon, Bow, or Shield on the ground that you wish to duplicate whose name is "???"
  2. Empty your inventory of all items of the same type that you want to pick up
    e.g if you're wanting to pick up a Bow then you should drop all Bows other than your lowest-damage one from your inventory
  3. Press "A" to take the item, the game will show information on the item you picked up, when the info box appears Press +
    Note: Do NOT press A when the information appears otherwise you will not be able to complete this glitch and will be unable to duplicate that item ever again
  4. In your inventory screen, the weapon you picked up will show as equipt, note down which box on your inventory the new item is appearing in
    e.g If you only have two items in your inventory the newly picked-up item should be in the second box, with your other weaker item in the first box
  5. Press Y to sort your inventory, now what was in your first and second boxes in your inventory should have swapped places
  6. Select the weaker item, which should now be in the second box, and equip it
  7. Unpause the game, returning you to the info box for the new item
  8. Press A to resume control of Link, now you'll see he's got the weaker item equipt but Link will still be physically carrying the more powerful weapon
  9. Pause your game and drop your equipped weapon, Link will drop a duplication of what you just picked up



If this glitch is patched out we'll endeavor to appropriately update this guide with any new methods found

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