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An image showing Link and Robbie with the Tears of the Kingdom Camera Unlock

Tears of the Kingdom starts Link on the Great Sky Islands, an airborn archipelago of islands where players can learn the ropes of a variety of Link's abilities. While in the sky you'll unlock Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recall. Once Map and Amiibo are added to your ability wheel you'll notice that there are two segments that are still empty. In this Tears of the Kingdom Camera Unlock Guide we'll show you how to add the Camera and the Hyrule Compendium to your menu.

While you get many of Link's new abilities during your time in the tutorial on the Great Sky Islands you don't receive them all. Autobuild and Camera are two that you need to seek down to unlock. While you're exploring the world you should also be keeping an eye out for the various Memories, there's a pretty prize for finding them all.

The first part of this guide is that you need to have progressed far enough in the story that you've obtained your paraglider and scanned your first map segment. You need to return to Purah after scanning the map to be able to initiate the quest to obtain the camera. This will take somewhere between 2-4 hours of gameplay.

Once you've gotten your Paraglider talk to Josha downstairs in the Central Hyrule base. She'll ask you to help with her investigations into the Depths, a new subterranian map added to Tears of the Kingdom. After Robbie leaves finish talking to Josha and obtain the "Camera Work in the Depths" quest.

The location to find the Tears of the Kingdom Camera Unlock in the Depths via map
Once you land in The Depths follow this map to find Robbie

Head south and drop into the Depths. From there you'll want to head west to the second Lightroot, Iayusus Lightroot to find Robbie. Speak with him to obtain the Camera ability and the Hyrule Compendium.

Once you've taken the photo of the statue return to Josha and show her the photo to complete this quest where you'll earn 5x Zonaite.


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