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Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths Cryptic Message

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is out and gives players a chance to revisit the world of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While a lot of the world is the same the sequel has done a lot to expand the overworld, and has also added in a new underworld known as The Depth. As players revisit the Great Plateau, the starting area from Breath of the Wild, interacting with the Hylia statue in the Temple of Time will offer a cryptic message. In this Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths Quest Guide we will go over the solution to the riddle, as well as the next quest steps for a pleasant reward.

Even if you haven't reached the Great Plateau there are so many other things to do in Tears of the Kingdom like ensuring that you've unlocked the Camera and Autobuild ability, and collected the 11 hidden Memories around the world, all the while keeping an eye out for any hidden Koroks to be rewarded with seeds to expand your inventory. The A Call From The Depths questline is one of the longest side quests I've experienced so far in Tears of the Kingdom

How to start the A Call From The Depths Questline?

When you first try to interact with the Hylia statue in the ruins of the Temple of Time you'll be greeted with a mysterious message

I am trapped...under the water...behind the stone gate...of the great plateau...

From the ruins of the Temple of Time head North to where you see a flooded section of the Great Platea with a broken bridge over it. Head further North to the other side of the wall to find a stack of cracked rocks. Break it with a hammer weapon or bomb arrows to drain the water. Drop down into the now empty space to find a glowing blue rock, after interacting with it it will recommend you talk to the Hylia statue once more.

After talking with the Hylia statue the voice will explain that it's talking to you from The Depths and using the statue as a mouthpiece. It has had it's four eyes stolen and scattered around the Great Plateau. There is one eye next to each of the holes in the four cardinal directions that lead to The Depths. Link is asked to find the eyes on the Great Plateau and carry them to the statue to return his eyesight and full power.

A map showing the locations of each of the eyes for the Tears of the Kingdom Call From The Depths Questline

Below are the steps for what to do with each eye including where it is hidden near the hole to The Depths, as well as what mode of transport is best to return it to the statue:

Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths - North Eye

You can find the Northern Eye submerged in the body of water directly next to the hole. Once you've dropped into The Depths you'll see equipment that will allow you to create a car. Drive the Car South until you see the large amphitheater space. Drive into this building and walk down the stairs to locate the statue.

Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths - South Eye

The South Eye can be found peeking out from underneath a fallen rock. Use Recall on the rock and then Master Hand to pull the eye out. Once you've dropped into The Depths there is equipment to make a flying aircraft with a Fly, Fans, and a number of batteries. Fly North-East in order to reach the statue to return it's eye.

Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths - East Eye

The East Eye can be found in the ruins. Next to the hole is a pile of cracked rocks, use a hammer or bomb to destroy the cracked rocks to reveal the eye. You'll be using minecarts to escort this eye to the statue, this process is much easier than flying and driving because you're on rails and simply need to follow the path

Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths - West Eye

The West Eye is encased in ice next to the pit. Use a flaming weapon or fire arrows to free it, it will take a few arrows before it's free if you're following that path. Once you've dropped the eye into the hole you'll need to escord the eye up a lift, and then into a mine cart. After reaching the end of the mine cart track you'll find yourself in the bottom of the three-storey statue room. Use the elevator immediately on your left to be taken to the top floor.

The giant statue from the Tears of the Kingdom Call From The Depths quest talking to link

Tears of the Kingdom A Call From The Depths Reward

Once you've returned all four eyes to the statue the statue will give you a choice of being rewarded with a Heart Container or a Stamina Upgrade. This essentially turns completing four separate shrines, into completing four different combined tasks on the overworld. It's a fun way to create new chances to power up Link without having to travel from Shrine to Shrine.

After picking an upgrade from the Statue you can interact with him again and will be able to purchase items off him in exchange for Poe souls. The unique item that this statue is selling is the Fierce Deity Boots for 400 souls, it's also possible to pick up these boots for free by diving into the Ancient Tree Stump in West Hyrule and following the cave system.


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