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Tchia Holding Stamina Fruit Before Eating it to Increase Stamina

For all of its original ideas and mechanics, Tchia is still host to some tried and true elements from other open world titles. Case in point: The titular protagonist will be limited in how long they can run around, scale objects and swim by a Stamina meter which is drained by almost everything she does. It probably won't take long before this mechanic starts to feel cumbersome, and you wouldn't be alone in wondering if there are some key ways to manage this mechanic for optimal fun. Fortunately, we're here to help with just that via our Tchia Stamina guide.

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Tchia Eating a Stamina Fruit Before Engaging in Activities That Drain Stamina
Consuming Stamina Fruit will allow Tchia to carry out more actions before depleting her stamina.

How to Increase Stamina in Tchia

As explained above, engaging in most any activity in Tchia will consume Stamina. This includes traversal mechanics such as climbing or swimming underwater, but also includes things which damage Tchia like falling from an excessive height, being set on fire, or getting caught in an explosion. Making this even worse is that fact that you start off with a very small pool to pull from, meaning it can be depleted quickly.

As such, the first obvious step is to increase your overall pool of energy. This is done by collecting Stamina Fruit, which grows in various parts of the world and can be obtained for clearing specific side content like the Treasure Hunt. They will be denoted by a Yellow icon on the map, and all of the Fruits in a given area will be revealed after you interact with said area's Point of View. Stamina Fruits likewise come in two variants: Normal Fruits, which increases your Stamina Meter points by one point, and Big Fruits, which increase the meter by three points.

Once you find one, all you need to do is interact with it and eat it so that your Stamina bar will increase.

Tchia Clinging to Mountainside While Stamina Drains Slowly
If you're smart about it, you can make a relatively small pool of Stamina last even during strenuous exploration segments.

How to Conserve Stamina

Once you've increased your Stamina in Tchia, you can further improve your consumption rate by utilizing some specific tricks in the game.

Aside from obvious steps like making sure Tchia doesn't fall from too far up or avoiding fires and explosive objects, you can take advantage of some design elements which are huge boons for holding onto and regaining your energy. For climbing, you can keep an eye out for surfaces that are even a few degrees off from being vertical. More often than not, Tchia will be able to find some footing on these surfaces and stop climbing for a short period of time. So long as you don't jump and cling to an object, her Stamina will slowly recharge until it's maxed out.

For cutting down on consumption while swimming, you have two options. The first is to stay just below the water's surface and come up for air whenever you start to run low. The meter will slowly recharge, and you'll be able to keep moving while it recharges. The other method is to use the Infinite Breath Bubble song on the Ukulele after unlocking it via a the completion of a Rock Balancing challenge. While active, Tchia won't consume Stamina while swimming underwater and can continue exploring or traveling without issue.

It's also worth noting that you can use the Soul Jumping mechanic to trade Stamina consumption for Soul Meter consumption. Whether you travel using a possessed target or ride the momentum of an object hurled through the air with Soul Throw, you will only consume the Soul Meter and your Stamina will remain untouched. Tchia's Stamina will also recharge while possessing a target, meaning you can use Soul Jumping as cover in stickier situations where you might otherwise run out of energy at an inopportune moment.

And with that, you've gleaned all the information we have to share in this Tchia Stamina guide. With any luck, you'll be able to use what you've learned to maximize the energy available to you and explore everything the world has to offer. For more on the game, be sure to take a look at some of our related articles down below.

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