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Tchia Key Art of Tchia Using Soul Jump Ability with Animals She can Possess in Front of Her

While Tchia certainly stands out thanks to its art style and New Caledonian influences, the biggest draw is easily its Soul Jumping mechanic. Allowing players to take control of animals and objects scattered throughout the game's world, it opens up a world of possibilities for solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and otherwise traversing the landscape however you see fit. Or at least, it does so long as you understand how to use this gameplay option to its fullest. That's why we've constructed this guide on the Tchia Soul Jumping mechanic to ensure you can use it like a pro.

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Tchia Aiming at Object With Her Soul Jumping Ability While Object GLows Green
So long as an object or animal is in range, Tchia will be able to use her Soul Jumping Ability to take control of it.

How to Get & Use Soul Jumping in Tchia

You won't have to wait long before you gain access to the Soul Jumping mechanic in Tchia, as it's unlocked after the first hour and introductory chapters.

Once you gain access to it, you can use the mechanic at anytime by pressing the L1 button. This will bring up a targeting reticle which you can aim at different objects and animals throughout the world. If the animal or object glows green when you hover the reticle over it, you can possess it by pressing the R2 button. This will see Tchia enter the target, and you can then move around as the animal or object and use any special abilities tied to it. You can return to your regular form and exit the target by pressing L1, which will see you return to your human form in the general vicinity of your target while they will either disappear or run away.

How to Use Soul Throw

It is also possible to toss an object you're possessing forward in Tchia via the Soul Throw, which can turn them into high velocity travel methods or a means of combating enemies.

By holding down L2 while possessing things like coconuts, lanterns and rocks, you can bring up an aiming arc which will show you where the item will be launched. You can then press R2 to launch the item forward, and combustible items like lanterns or Jerry Cans will detonate on impact thanks to their increased velocity. 

You can also repossess an item you've used Soul Throw on to ride its increased velocity forward. This can be extremely useful for covering wide swaths of terrain with minimal drain to your Soul Meter, and can even ensure you don't wind up knocked out by nearby threats thanks to the invincibility granted by harder items like rocks and coconuts.

Tchia Standing in Front of Soul Fruit After Clearing Totem Door Challenge With Soul Jumping Ability
There are a limited number of Soul Fruits available in Tchia, but they're well worth tracking down.

How to Restore & Increase Your Soul Meter in Tchia

You won't be able to possess targets and control them indefinitely though. Tchia will have a Soul Meter depicting how long she can maintain control of an object or animal for, and it will deplete as long as you continue to inhabit a possession target. Using their abilities will cause it to deplete more quickly, while staying motionless will see the gauge run out more slowly.

It will then need to recharge before you can use Soul Jumping again. This can be done by not using the mechanic for a short duration, which will see roughly 50 percent of the gauge restored. The other half can only be recharged by either eating a food item like a Snack or Coconut or eating one of the meals found at food stalls and Campfires. Smaller food items will only restore part of your energy, while full meals will completely fill the meter.

It should also be noted that you can increase the size of your Soul Meter by consuming Soul Fruits. Each one is given as a reward for completing the Totem Shrine challenges scattered throughout the world. These shrines are accessed by bringing carved Totems to their entryways and dropping them into a nearby relief, but they'll only activate so long as the carved Totem matches the design shown on the door. You can check the carving style needed by finding the Totem Shrine Door on your map, while Totem Carving stands can typically be found near cities of rest stops.

Each challenge you'll need to complete varies in difficulty and complexity, but shouldn't be too hard to overcome so long as you think creatively. We've listed general descriptions for what they'll require of you down below:

  • Finding a set number of flying targets and shooting them with your slingshot
  • Avoiding attacks from a Sentry and reaching the Soul Fruit sitting below it
  • Winning a Tic Tac Toe match against a Mwaken
  • Playing a song for a group of animals
  • Obtaining a gold trophy in a race while possessing a young Xetiwa
  • Guiding a Soul Orb to a specific location

And with that, you've learned everything we have to teach regarding the Tchia Soul Jumping mechanic. Be sure to look through our other Tchia guides and articles down below to learn even more tips, tricks and info.

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