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Mwaken Standing in Field After Being Soul Possessed by Tchia

The Mwaken are a highly valuable resource in Tchia, but their swift introduction following a key point in the story may leave you unclear on how to use them. You may even be unclear on how to track them down outside of a specific area in the game, and how to properly control them given each one has a different hit box and movement speed based on their size. We were in the same boat, and after doing some research and experimentation, we've compiled some helpful tips and tricks in this Tchia Mwaken guide.

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How to Find & Use Mwaken in Tchia

After you reach the halfway point of Tchia's main story, you'll discover the existence of Mwaken and be taught how to possess them. You'll also gain the Invoke Mwaken Soul Melody, which will allow you to summon a Mwaken into the world which you can use your Soul Jumping ability on.

While we'd recommend summoning a Mwaken whenever you'd like to use them, it's also worth knowing how to spot one in the wild if your Soul Melody is recharging. They'll typically look like one of the many wooden stakes and structures scattered around different locations throughout the world, but will have a slightly abnormal shape and faint facial features. They may also have strange objects stuck to or attached to them, such as sea shells or cloth. You can verify whether or not they're a Mwaken by holding L1. If they glow bright green, then they're a possessable Mwaken.

Tchia Staring at Mwaken in the Middle of a Field Before Soul Jumping Into It

You can then use your Soul Jump to possess them and walk around. Larger ones with shorter legs will move around more slowly, while smaller ones with longer legs will be more swift.

The real draw to using Mwakens, though, is their special ability. By holding down L2, you can charge up a ranged explosive magic attack. This can be used to incinerate fabric Maano soldiers and Sentries, as well as burn piles of fabric to clear out Maano camps. This makes them highly useful if you're looking to take on some of the game's enemies or storm their industrial strongholds, but be sure to keep a close eye on your Soul Meter consumption. Possessing them burns through your meter faster than most other possessable targets, so you may wind up in a dangerous spot if you're forced to return to Tchia's human form before you're ready.

That's everything we have to share via this Tchia Mwaken guide. For more on the game, you can take a look at our full review or peruse some of our other guides down below.

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