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Tchia Gliding Through the Air Looking Out at Collectibles on the Ground

To say Tchia has a lot of collectibles and challenges to track down would be an understatement. Its world is littered with different views to take in, cosmetics to gather, and objectives to overcome in order to gain access to even more collectible types and resources. It can be a bit much to keep track of, and you wouldn't be blamed if you wanted to find a resource which could help you along in tracking down all of them. Fortunately, we're here to help with that exact task through our Tchia Collectibles and Challenges guide.

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Tchia Screenshot of Map With All Collectibles Icons on the Right
The map above offers a list of all the different collectible types in Tchia for your reference.

How to Find All Collectibles & Challenges in Tchia & What They Do

While the sheer number of collectibles and tasks to complete in Tchia might be a bit overwhelming at first, it's fairly easy to track down and gather all of them once you know the trick to it.

Though they won't appear on the map at first, you can get each and every collectible in the game to appear by visiting the Points of View scattered around the map. These are made visible as soon as you start the game, and are denoted by the purple icons showing a person looking out from a high point on the screenshot seen above. Once you reach and interact with these points, you will cause every collectible or challenge in the area to become marked on your map by a set of different indicators.

From there, all you'll need to do is make your way toward these indicators. Some will be crossed off your list as soon as you come into contact with them, while others will require you to interact with them so they can be added to your inventory.

It should also be noted that some collectibles are only obtainable by completing other side tasks scattered throughout the game. This is usually made readily apparent, but can leave you unable to find the rest of a given item if you're focusing too much on tracking down one particular group of objects over another.

We've compiled a list of all the different collectibles and challenges down below, along with information on how to track them down and what you need to do to cross them off your list.

Points of View

As stated above, these are shown on the map as small purple icons of people looking out from a high point and show you where every other collectible in the immediate area can be found. There are 15 in total to track down and they can be pretty far-flung, so look around the entire map if you happen to be missing one or two.

Braided Trinkets

These are denoted by a sparkling grass fish icon, and have the highest number of potential items you can find at 180 in total. They'll have a green glow when the lighting is dark enough or when seen from a distance, meaning it'll be easier to see them while exploring in the evening and from high up in the sky. They can only be obtained by collecting them from the open world, and you can use them to purchase cosmetics from various shops scattered throughout the game.

Stamina Fruits

Numbering 58 in total, these fruits can be consumed to increase Tchia's total Stamina. They are shown on the map as a golden yellow orb with a Stamina symbol in the middle and are made visible with a yellow glow in low light and at night, meaning you'll usually have an easier time spotting them from high up and in darkness. It should be noted that some fruits are hidden within Maano Camps or the locked Treasure Chests, meaning you'll need to clear or track these down in order to find all 58.

Clam Pearls

Serving as one of the few collectibles found underwater, Clam Pearls are made more visible thanks to a constant purple glow and shown as white circles on the map. They're typically found along the shores or around reefs and manmade structures, and there are 80 you can find throughout the world. You'll need them all to purchase certain cosmetics from the shops scattered around the open world.

Valuable Chests

Found in all manner of places both on land and underwater, Valuable Chests always contain cosmetic items and appear as white rectangles on the map. They can be out in the open and free for the taking, or hidden under cloth piles in Maano camps and provided as a rewards for clearing them. There are 95 that you can track down in the game.

Cosmetic Boxes

Always found near buildings and activities like Docks, Shops, or Claw Machines, these collectibles are few in number and can only be obtained by trading Braided Trinkets and Pearls for them. There are a reasonable total of 12, but you'll need to find every Braided Trinket and Pearl in the game before you can purchase all of them.

Meavora Statues

Typically found near Maano Camps or in the major towns and cities, the Meavora Statues will only be crossed off your Tchia collectibles list if you destroy them with an explosive object. You can use the Explosive Fruit spawned from the Ukulele song if you have it, as well as explosive objects found throughout the world like Lanterns and Jerry Cans. There are ten to find in all, and each one is shown as a white figure on the map.

Maano Camps

Always found on land or shipwrecks and riggings, these Camps double as a collectible to cross off and a recurring challenge for you to overcome. They'll be crossed off your list after burning all of the cloth soldiers and burning the piles of cloth found throughout the immediate area, which can be done via explosive objects like Lanterns or Jerry Cans as well as the burning logs found in nearby fire pits. You'll need to track down and clear 33 camps in all, and you can find them on the map by looking for an icon of three reddish Maano heads.

Totem Shrine Doors & Totem Sculpting Stands

A bit of an odd case due to their being directly linked, these collectibles can only be gathered in a specific order. You'll first need to create a specific Totem at any of the stands found throughout the game. Then, you'll need to take the Totem to the Totem Shrine Door to open it up and take on the challenge hidden behind it. Once you clear the challenge, it will be counted as completed and crossed off your list. There are a total of eight Doors to open with the carved Totems, and you can find both the Sculpting Stands and Doors by looking for Totem face icons on the map.

Rock Balancing Challenges

Each of these challenges requires you to stack rocks on top of each other in order to create a tower of a certain height. There are seven in all denoted by bluish stacks of rocks, and each one you complete will net you a new song or set of Soul Melodies which you can play on your Ukulele.

Shooting Range Challenges

Depicted as Slingshot icons on your map, these challenges are usually found near towns or cities and won't be crossed off your list until you get a Gold trophy in them. To do so, you'll need to hit a certain number of targets within a given time limit. There are only five to clear though, so it's fairly manageable.

Diving Board Challenge

You'll always find these challenges by pools of water, and they'll be shown on the map as a white figure standing on a diving board. The challenge itself involves you holding down the R2 button to do tricks before landing in the water. All five of them require you to clear the challenge with a Gold trophy.

Race Challenge

This challenge type is pretty self-explanatory. Once activated, you'll need to race from one checkpoint to another as quickly as possible. The faster you can accomplish this, the better the trophy you'll get, and the challenges won't be crossed off unless you can get a Gold trophy in them. There are 16 in total you'll need to clear.

Claw Machine Challenges

Though there are only two of these challenges to clear, they can be deceptively tricky. Each one will have a small handful of cosmetics you can obtain from them, and they won't be counted as cleared until you get all of them. Each play will cost you Trophies too, meaning you'll need to either nab some Trophies from them as consolation prizes or clear other challenges to ensure you can make continuous attempts. They can be found in the larger cities and towns.


These serve as spots where Tchia can rest and recharge during her adventures, and are always found on land. There are 36 in all to find, and they'll be shown as white campfire icons on the map.


Though they're small in number, these are arguably some of the most valuable collectible markers you can track down. Depicted by anchors, each of these will serve as a fast travel point you can use to get around the map faster. We highly recommend finding all 10 as soon as possible.

And with that, you've got all of the information our Tchia Collectibles and Challenges guide has to offer. Hopefully it makes it a little easier to complete the game, and spares you some potential headaches. For more on the game, be sure to take a look at our other guides and articles down below.

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