Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Boss Fight Guide

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Tales of Arise Lord Vholran

For dozens of hours Tales of Arise has built up to the fight with Lord Vholran, the fifth and final of the Renan Lords subjugating Dahna. As you might expect, the Tales of Arise Lord Vholran fight is going to be one of the hardest so far.

You’ll need to be properly prepared, especially as this fight represents a huge turning point in the story of Tales of Arise. 

Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Boss Fight - Preparing Your Party

Vholran likes to get right up in your face for this entire battle, so you’ll want characters that can withstand a flurry of strikes. With that in mind you’re best off choosing Alphen and Kisara as main tanks, assigning either Dohalim or Rinwell as a magic caster, and then Shionne for healing. Remember, if you want Dohalim to focus on attacking and magic, you can go into his artes menu and turn off all of his healing artes. 

Lord Vholran Phase 1

Lord Vholran has the Water Master Core, so if you don’t already have any head to the accessory shop and make some Garnets to reduce Water damage. Another possible idea is to spend some time Del Fharis Castle as the battles provide some fantastic experience for this point in the game, especially if you head to a camp and cook food with an experience boost. Even just 20 or 30 minutes of grinding will help give you the boost you might need. 

Whenever you’re ready head through the door into Vholran’s throne room, but be ready for two back-to-back battles instead of the usual one battle with multiple phases that other Lords have had. 

Tales of Arise Lord Vholran First Battle

The first Tales of Arise Lord Vholran battle isn’t overly difficult, and you might actually find it surprisingly easy. That’s for a reason, however, as the next battle packs one heck of a challenge. Because of that, try and conserve as many items as you can during this first one, since you’ll need them. 

Vholran will spend most of this first battle leaping around and hitting you with different sword strikes, which can be tough to avoid. You’ll want to stay on the move to avoid as much as possible, and try to slip combos in whenever his attacks end. The best thing to use in this battle are Boost Strikes from Alphen, Dohalim, and Law. Dohalim’s strikes will slow the boss and keep him from jumping around everywhere for a short time, while Alphen and Law’s can stagger him pretty much every time you use them. Any time Vholran is staggered and slumps to his knees, immediately move in and attack. 

You’ll want to control Alphen for the battle as Vholran will chase whichever character you’re controlling. Use Alphen to bait Vholran around the arena while the other character unload their attacks on the boss. Occasionally, Vholran will stop to caste artes (noted by the usual purple circle). Whenever he does this you can use Rinwell to steal the art, or use Alphen or Dohalim’s Boost Strike to stagger the boss. 

Again this first battle isn’t very difficult, so simply run around and avoid attacks and try to take down the boss using as few items as possible. Once he’s down you’ll have a cutscene to watch; then the real battle begins. 

Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Second Battle

Here it is, the real battle with Sovereign Vholran in Tales of Arise, and you’ll notice right away that it’s strikingly different. Vholran uses basically the same attacks as the last battle, but everything has been turned up to eleven and enhanced. Virtually all of the boss’s attacks have some kind of elemental effect attached to them now, and they’re incredibly hard to read. Still, here are a few you’ll want to watch out for. 

  • Vholran slams his sword into the ground and launches a short-range elemental AoE attack. 
  • Vholran sucks in energy for a wide-reaching AoE attack. There are multiple variants to this, like a dark variant that sends a shockwave out you need to jump over, or a lightning variant that sends bolts out that you need to dodge to the side of. 
  • Vholran creates multiple dark orbs above him and throws them at you. The orbs hit a wide area and need to be dodged. 
  • Vholran swings his sword up and launches an elemental attack straight ahead. Once again this has different variants; the wind version launches a tornado that moves ahead, while the ice version launches fast-moving ice spikes in a long line ahead. 

Vholran will still cast artes during this battle, but the best way to stop them this time is by stealing them with Rinwell. Boost Strikes will also steal stagger the boss, but this time around he’ll only be staggered for about five seconds, meaning you need to get hits in quick. 

Tales of Arise Lord Vholran Boss Fight Guide

The most dangerous attack Vholran has is Lex Talionis, his Mystic Arte. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a good way to stop the attack so you’ll have to endure it. Vholran will call a giant sword down, and when it hits the ground ice spikes will split out over the entire arena. There are a few, very small, areas that you can avoid the attack on the edges, but you’ll likely get hit a bit. Switch to focusing on healing when the Mystic Arte hits and get back on your feet. 

This second battle with Vholran won’t let up for a second, even when he’s down to a sliver of health. Just keep using Boost Strikes as much as possible to stagger the boss, and dodge in between. It’s going to take a while, but stick with it and you’ll come out victorious.

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