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Tales of Arise

The most climactic battles of Tales of Arise have your party facing down powerful Renan lords, all in an effort to free the realm from their oppression. While the first lord, Balseph, was plenty challenging, the second is an absolutely massive step up in terms of difficulty. 

Here's everything you need to know about defeating the fearsome Lord Ganabelt in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise Lord Ganabelt Boss Fight - Preparing For Battle

In Tales of Arise, this is basically the first boss battle that you'll get a full four party members for, and you're going to want to equip everyone as best as you can. Before you think about fighting Lord Ganabelt I'd recommend you spend some time grinding in Riville Prison Tower, or at least complete every subquest currently available. The reason for this is that you're going to need a decent amount of Gald to stock up on Apple Gels and Life Bottles; you'll want as close to 15 of both as you can get. 

Secondly, you'll want to head to the Accessory Crafter and make sure you have at least one Alexandrite crafted. Lord Ganabelt has the Master Core of Light, meaning he's going to pelt you with a lot of Light attacks, and the Alexandrite significantly reduces the damage a character takes from the light elemental. You'll need Chrysoberyl Mass to craft Alexandrite, which can be found around the environments of Cyslodia.

Tales of Arise

Once you've prepared Alexandrite's simply make sure you've spent all of your SP for each character, head to an inn or campsite and cook some food for a boost, and then head back to the boss arena. 

Law is the recommended character to control for the battle as he's the fastest of the party, and it's vital that his Boost Strike actually hits the boss, which is easiest to do when you're controlling him. 

Lord Ganabelt Phase 1

Lord Ganabelt is a far more intense battle than the previous lord, Balseph, and you're going to be spending a ton of time dodging attacks. The boss will constantly teleport around the battlefield, launching lightning attacks from all around.

Each time he teleports get ready to dodge an attack, which will either be a fast-moving ball of light or some kind of stab. Don't worry about conserving items for after the battle, as you'll need them all here. One particular attack that you'll want to watch out for is when Ganabelt charges straight at your character and leaves a trail on the ground. Dodge his attack but be ready as he'll charge two more times as well. 

Whenever Rinwell's boost strike is ready hold onto it until Ganabelt starts casting an Arcane Art, and a purple circle appears on his character. When this happens immediately use Rinwell's Boost Strike and she'll steal his arte. If you don't have Rinwell ready, however, get some distance from Ganabelt as he'll launch a wide-reaching light attack. 

Tales of Arise

Ganabelt has a barrier around him at all times, and the only way to take it away is by using Law's Boost Strike, so every time it's ready get Law up close and hit the boss. Once the barrier is down you'll have a good 15-20 seconds to wail on the boss before he gets back up. If you're playing as Law it's also a good idea to keep his attack up during the whole battle by using the Steel arte. 

As soon as Ganabelt teleports to the middle of the arena and creates three copies of himself, stop what you're doing as the next phase is about to start.

Lord Ganabelt Phase 2

The four copies of Ganabelt signify he's starting to cast his Mystic Arte, Indignation, which can absolutely devastate your party. You need to take down all four copies before he's done casting, which is honestly really hard to do. Use everything you have to take down as many copies as possible, but if you have the Alexandrite equipped your party should be able to withstand Indignation. It might be a good idea to switch to Alphen for this little bit as his Blazing Sword extra artes are the strongest attacks your whole party has. Once you get through Indignation immediately focusing on healing and reviving any downed characters. 

Unfortunately, any copies you didn't defeat will still be there, meaning you'll have to contend with multiple Ganabelt's now. Take down the copies as quickly as possible the switch your focus back to Ganabelt. At this point, he'll be low on health so spam Law, Alphen, and Shionne's Boost Strikes as much as possible, but keep Rinwell's for if he starts casting Astral Artes. 

Even though you're on the offensive don't forget to dodge Lord Ganabelt's attacks when you can, and just keep chipping away as best you can. This is easily one of the more hectic boss fights of the game, but once it's over you'll be treated to a nice string of cutscenes and start heading to the next realm of Tales of Arise.

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