Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea Boss Guide

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Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea

Lord Almeidrea is easily the most difficult boss battle so far in Tales of Arise, putting the three previous Lords to shame. Part of the problem is that she comes with a hulking Zeugle named Mesmald that you’ll also need to contend with. Luckily, we’re here to help give you a few tips and strategies to take down this deadly duo in our Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea Boss guide. 

Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea Boss Fight - Choosing Your Party

Lord Almeidrea and Mesmald cause tremendous amounts of damage, and that’s why we’d recommend bringing both Shionne and Dohalim into battle for double healing. The party should be Shionne, Dohalim, Alphen, and Rinwell; the aerial nature of the fight makes it difficult for Kisara and Law. 

Lord Almeidrea Phase 1

Almeidrea, of course, has the Master Core of wind so make sure you equip Opals on at least a couple of your party members, as the accessory has the chance to reduce wind damage by 50 percent. While you can’t fast travel out of the Mobile Fortress, you can take the elevator back to Level 1 and go back out on the ship you used to come in. There’s a merchant you can use to upgrade your weapons/accessories, and an inn to cook food. It’s best to cook a meal that either boosts your Elemental Defense or Attack. Make sure you’re totally stocked up on Orange Gels and Life Bottles at least, if not everything else. Once you’ve prepared make your way back up to Level 3 and enter the boss room. 

Lord Almeidrea Phase 1

Almeidrea will start the battle riding Mesmald, and the pair will generally stick to the air, only landing every once in a while. During this whole battle, Almeidrea will make moving tornados pop up all over the battlefield, so you’ll always need to keep an eye on their location. 

Mesmald has two different weak points, one on his forehead and one on his tail. For this first phase pick one of the weak points to focus on. The tail will likely be easiest as it’s about ground level when Mesmald is flying in the air. You can go all-out with everyone’s Boost Strikes except for Rinwell, as she needs to interrupt Almeidrea’s spellcasting. 

If you can’t stop Almeidrea’s spell she’ll cast God’s Breath which sends a green beam of light that tracks you. If the spell gets off you’ll need to run around the battlefield and dodge until the spell stops. A few times throughout the battle Mesmald will also come to the ground, so if you see him start to descend back off as his landing will send out a small shockwave. Continue to circle around and attack the tail, in order to dodge Mesmald’s claw strikes. 

This first phase can take a while due to how much the boss moves around, making its tail hard to hit. But keep attacking and eventually, you’ll break the first core, staggering Mesmald and starting the second phase

Lord Almeidrea Phase 2

While Mesmald recovers you’ll cause zero damage, so take this opportunity to heal up. At this point, the pair of bosses will separate, with Almeidrea casting spells from the air and Mesmald attacking from the ground. You only need to take down Mesmald, so only keep an eye on Almeidrea’s casting and interrupt it with Rinwell. 

Tales of Arise Lord Almeidrea Phase 2

At some point during this second phase, the two bosses will teleport into the middle of the arena, and Almeidrea will start casting her Mystic Arte. You have about 10-15 seconds to attack before the casting is complete, but there’s also a trick here. For a split second when the casting is done you’ll see Rinwell’s boost strike prompt, and if you hit it in time Rinwell will steal the Mystic Arte and cast it on the boss. It’s literally about a one-second window so you need to be ready for it, with your finger on Rinwell’s button. 

If the Mystic Arte goes off four massive tornadoes will converge on the boss and cause huge damage. You can keep attacking Mesmald during this, and if you’re able to break one of his cores the Mystic Arte will stop. However, if neither of the cores is near breaking it’s a better idea to pull back to the edge of the arena and avoid the tornadoes entirely. 

For the rest of the battle, the bosses will alternate between casting the Mystic Arte and splitting up, like before. If your party gets taken out by the Mystic Arte, at any point, open the menu and switch Party Tactics to ‘Focus on Healing.’

Continue to focus on Mesmald’s cores as it provides the best chance for taking down the boss. It’s going to take a while, and you’ll likely blow through the majority of your healing items, but eventually, you’ll have another of Tales of Arise’s lords defeated. 

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