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Steve Super Smash Bros Ultimate Guide

Minecraft's Steve crashed the party with his unorthodox moveset and out-of-place look in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. He might be a bit odd to play as, but here's a guide that will at least get you started on your pursuit of block-based domination. 

General Strategy for Steve in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve Crafting Boxes Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve is a strange beast in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as he has to mine materials throughout the stage to get a stronger sword, and just like the game he's from, his pickaxe can only last so long. If you don't create a new one, he'll be left with just his hands! To fix this, go to the crafting table and create new equipment or summon one by holding the shield button + B.

Once you have a new pickaxe, keep on mining until you find diamonds; once you hear a ding, you'll know you've got one! Go to the crafting table once again and get the best weapon Steve can carry: the diamond sword. If the opponents are hovering around the crafting table, remember that you can summon right to you at any point of the stage.

Weapon strength varies, depending on the sword Steve is carrying. Here's the weakest to the strongest: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond. Depending on the stage, access to certain materials may be easier than others. For example, while in Shadow Moses Island, you are more likely to get iron as opposed to wood on Jungle Japes. 

Steve's Move Set In Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve Standard A Super Smash Bros Ultimate Attack

Steve can be a very pesky character to face off against in Super Smash Bros Ultimate with his A attacks. His standard A is a great tool to interrupt opponent's attacks because it has a super fast response time; for example, Steve is annoyingly handy against Sonic's spin dashes. You can use it rapidly to juggle opponents to the left- or right-hand side of the stage. The Up A tilt can hurl enemies up in the air for a quick combo with his up A smash attack, which is a block of fire; this can cause a devastating amount of damage to unsuspecting foes! 

The Down A tilt has a similar effect to Ness' PK fire, as Masihiro Sakurai explains in his explanation video for the character. The flames can cause a useful stun to opponents that have charge attacks like Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick. Be careful, however, as the lag between using the move to a neutral stance can be quite long. Unlike Ness, you unfortunately can't lead up a smash attack with this stun. 

Steve Super Smash Bros Ultimate Flame Block

The down smash attack is superb at handling multiple enemies at once, especially when they're hovering around the crafting table. The flames from the fire pits will make them back off! It's a relatively quick move to pull off too, so this one will be handy. Keep your opponents on their toes! 

His side A attack in the air is one of the easiest (and nastiest) spike moves in the game. Get Steve above the enemy's head and slam down his pickaxe to plunge the opponent into the abyss. 

Steve Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spike

His down A attack in the air is an anvil that works like Kirby's stone attack. It can leave devastation in its wake, but it can also be used as a small platform like Pac-Man's Fire Hydrant once it hits the ground. 

Steve's Special Attacks in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Steve Minecraft Super Smash Bros Ultimate Moves
Can we all just acknowledge how crazy it is that Steve is fighting Cloud from Final Fantasy VII in Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone? Super Smash Bros Ultimate is nuts. 

Your most important move as Steve is the standard B. Just like Minecraft, you hold it down to keep gathering materials from the ground or objects in front of him. The B in the air creates blocks to stand on that appear below his feet. It can be used to block attacks or stop opponents from reaching the stage after being knocked out. The blocks don't last long though, and it can sap your materials dry quickly if you aren't careful. 

The side B attack is the minecart, which can be very troublesome for your foes. First, you can charge your minecart into them, or you can have Steve jump out and force a foe into it. If you time it just right near the edge of the stage, they'll be stuck and get knocked out, especially if they have a weak air recovery like Little Mac. Be mindful that you'll need some materials to create the track ahead of the minecart though. Otherwise, it won't work! 

Steve Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecart Young Link

Steve wouldn't fair well with being stuck in that situation either, as his Up-B recovery move isn't optimal. It reaches a below-average height, and has a terrible trajectory after Steve boosts up in the air. He falls flat on his face if you don't get the momentum of flight correctly. The timing is all down to practice. 

Steve TNT Box Super Smash Bros Ultimate Minecraft

Lastly is his TNT block attack from down B. You can summon an explosive right in front of the character, and you can lay down a track if you've gathered the right materials. Hold down the B button as you move left or right. Once you let go, a trap will be created. Stand on the platform to activate it. Make sure that the TNT box doesn't prematurely explode though. Stay clear of your opponent while setting the trap! 

Steve is a very strange character to play as in Super Smash Bros Ultimate (and honestly creeps me out with his blank stares), but I hope you see that he can be useful in a fight. Let us know if you have any tips to share in a comment down below! By the way, did you know there are already mods for Steve in Super Smash Bros Ultimate? That's wild. 

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