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Stray - Chapter 4 - Tele a Chat 2

The Slums in Stray is one of the first areas that you might be able to say is open area, or at the very least is not linear like the previous chapters of the game. Because of its non-linear nature there are also a number of trophies that you can obtain in this area fairly easily. In this Stray The Slums Trophy Guide we'll be showing you how to get the Boom Chat Kalaka, Tele A Chat, Productive Day, and Curiosity Killed the Cat Trophies. We will also be telling you where you can start working on the Cat's Best Friend Trophy.

As The Slums is a non-linear part of the game the area where you first translate a Robot's speech, the lit part of town where the praying robots are, will be referred to as the Starting Area as a point of reference to help further understand the path you should take.

Stray Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy - Dunk the basketball

While there was a basketball and hoop in a previous chapter that is a red herring for those who look ahead at their Trophy lists. For the Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy in Chapter 4: The Slums you'll need to get to the Starting Area and simple look to your right. You'll see a Basketball sitting at the top of the stairs that leads towards the Barterman. If you investigate further you'll see at the bottom of the ramp that it's on is a large metal bucket. Slowly approach the basketball so that it gets pushed directly towards the metal basket and watch as it rolls down the hill and you earn the Boom Chat Kalaka Trophy.

Note: If you don't get the angle right and the basketball doesn't make it in you can bring up the pause menu and select the option to restart from previous checkpoint. This is the fastest way to repeat these attempts.


Stray Tele A Chat Trophy - Browse through all of the TV channels

From the Starting area turn around and head down the stairs. Use the AC units, awnings, and pipes on the building across from the saloon/bar to scale up the building. Once you're on top of the roof you should continue heading in the direction directly away from the Starting Area. As you cross these roofs you'll pass by one roof with a number of sleeping bags on it, and then onto a roof with a couch and TV. On the TV is a remote control. Hop up and keep spamming the interact button as many times as you can until you see the Tele A Chat Trophy unlock for you. There should be seven or so channels.

Stray - Chapter 4 - Tele a Chat 1


Stray Productive Day Trophy - Sleep for more than one hour.

From the Starting area take the stairs to the left down. You should see a robot sitting on the ground to the left (This is Morusque and is an important part of the Meowlody Trophy and Badges Trophy).Just to the left of Morusque you'll see pillows you can interact with. After interacting with the pillow your cat with nestle up and go to sleep. At this point you should walk away from the console/pc for an hour and routinely check back to see if the trophy has unlocked for you. This Trophy can be earned in other chapters, but this is the first place you'll have access to do it.

Note: For Playstation players make sure to plug your controller in so that it never turns off, pausing the game in the process, and it's also worth checking your system auto-sleep settings and potentially turning them off too. You can use the PlayStation app on your phone to routinely check for when this Trophy unlocks.


Stray Cat's Best Friend Trophy - Nuzzle up against 5 robots.

While not all of this Trophy can be completed in The Slums, you can at least get a good head start on it. This Trophy is simple enough that you just need to approach certain robots and interact with them to nuzzle up to them. In The Slums there are three different robots that I found to be interactable with in this way.

Nuzzle 1 & Nuzzle 2: From the Starting Area turn around and go down the stairs towards the saloon/bar. Once you reach the bottom of the stairs make an immediate left turn and you'll see two robots standing around a trash fire. You can nuzzle both of these robots.

Nuzzle 3: From the Starting Area turn around and go down the stairs towards the saloon/bar. Continue down this alleyway past the saloon/bar, it should have a brief left and then right hand turn involved, and you'll end up at Grandma's Clothing. Here a robot will be sitting on a chair knitting away. You can nuzzle this robot too.

A fourth nuzzle can most easily be obtained in Chapter 9: Anthill and can be obtained by going behind the back of Zbaltazar after talking with him for the first time.

The rest of the nuzzles can be obtained in Chapter 10: Midtown. There are a number of robots here that you can nuzzle, but not 5. So If you missed a few early ones then you can obtain this Trophy regardless.


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