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The Slums is the first semi-open location that you'll be able to visit in Stray. Moving out of the linear hallways you'll find yourself in the crowded streets of the Slums and with it, there's a trading quest that is required not only to progress in the game, but also to earn yourself a Badge. In this Stray Slums Trading Questline Guide we will go over each of the different steps of the trading quest that you need to complete and when you can complete them to progress to Chapter 7 of the game and earn the Outsider Badge.

This quest can be started in Chapter 4: The Slums when the cat first arrives at the titular location however it can not be completed in Chapter 4. There's a second part to the questline when you return to The Slums in Chapter 6. Broken up below we'll list what can be completed in both Chapter 4 and Chapter 6, and what you'll need to wait for Chapter 6 to obtain. As The Slums is a non-linear part of the game the area where you first translate a Robot's speech, in the lit part of town where the praying robots are, will be referred to as the Starting Area as a point of reference.

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Stray Slums Trading Quest Guide - Chapter 4 or Chapter 6

  1. From the Starting Area turn around and head down the stairs towards the saloon/bar and begin climbing up the crates to get onto the roof
  2. Once you're on the roofs of the Slums look around for the two robots that are tossing paint cans to one another. Approach the one on the lower balcony and there will be a prompt to interact with the robot and meow at him.
  3. Hit the meow button repeatedly, there's no timing needed so just keep pressing it until the robots drop the paint can, the owner of the laundromat below will open the door and start cleaning the spilled paint up
    Stray - Chapter 4 - Trading Quest 3
  4. Enter the laundromat and hop onto the table to your immediate left to be prompted to pick up the Detergent
  5. Return to the Starting Area and travel down the stairs to the right towards the Barterman. Infront of him will be a bundle of electrical cables, you can trade the Electrical Cables for the Detergent you have in your inventory
  6. Return to the Starting Area and travel down the stairs towards the saloon/bar. Walk past it and follow the alley all the way to a store called Grandma's Clothing with an elderly-looking robot sitting on a chair.
    Note: As you're walking to Grandma's Clothing keep an eye out for a door that you'll pass with an electrical schematic on it that you can translate, it's needed later
  7. Hand the robot the Electrical Cables and she will knit it into a Poncho
    Stray - Chapter 4 - Trading Quest 7

  8. Poncho in hand start walking towards the Starting Area again but stop at the door I previously mentioned. It will have a note you can translate on it that advises you to knock and then stand away from the door. Scratch the door and it will be opened for you.
  9. Travel inside and head up the stairs to find a robot named Elliot, you can hand him the Poncho and he'll be appreciative of it. He'll let you know that if you ever have anything that needs to be repaired that you can bring it to him.
    Stray - Chapter 4 - Trading Quest 8

Stray Slums Trading Quest Guide - Chapter 6 only

At this point in the questline Elliot should be clothed with a Poncho, and you'll be in Chapter 6. Please also note that after completing this quest line you'll leave The Slums and you won't be able to return until you use Chapter Select. Make sure that you complete other quests like the Music Sheet collection quest, any additional trophies in this area, and have collected the 7 Memories present in The Slums.

  1. When you first return to Chapter 6 after completing the Rooftops chapter Momo will call you to the saloon/bar.
  2. Inside complete Momo's dialogue Seamus, a robot at the bar will leave, Momo will lead you to his house
  3. Once inside the house show Seamus Doc's notebook and then hop onto the shelves in the far corner where the hanging pictures are.
  4. Knock down the far left and far right pictures. The far right will have a message indicating that the clocks have a secret, and the far left will reveal a keypad.
  5. The clocks on the wall point towards 3 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 1 o'clock, and 1 o'clock. Enter the code 3511 into the keypad to open a secret door to Doc's lab
    Stray - Chapter 6 - Trading Quest 5
  6. Once inside jump onto the tall cabinet on the left wall and knock over the box
  7. Return to the floor and find the Broken Tracker in the box, give it to Seamus
  8. Travel to the robot you gave the poncho to and he will fix the tracker. Then return to Doc's house and give the tracker to Seamus
    Stray - Chapter 6 - Trading Quest 8
  9. Follow him as he uses the tracker out of the Slums
  10. Once you're outside he'll give you the Outsider Badge

Stray Outsider Badge Video Guide

We also whipped up a video guide that you can use the follow along with the written guide above!


This is the only guaranteed Badge of the story so if you're interested in collecting more of them then be sure to check out the location of the other Badges

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