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Stray Music - Morusque

If you've been spending some time exploring the city streets of the Slums in Stray it's likely you've come across Morusque the musician, you might have also come across him in pursuit of the Meowlody Trophy or from our Badge Collectible Guide. Unfortunately, while Morusque is a musician he's missing sheet music which can be found around The Slums. In this Sheet Music Collectible Guide, we'll cover how to obtain all eight different Sheet Music in The Slums.

Chapters 4 and 6 take place in the same location, The Slums, there's no change in the Music Sheets whether you visit here in Chapter 4 or Chapter 6. As The Slums is a non-linear part of the game the area where you first translate a Robot's speech, in the lit part of town where the praying robots are, will be referred to as the Starting Area as a point of reference.

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How to find Morusque the Musician in Stray?

Morusque can be found in the Slums, this means he's accessible first in Chapter 4: The Slums or in Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2 when you return to the Slums. From the main area where you speak with a robot for the first time in the story take the path down the steps to the left and you'll see Morusque sitting on the ground with their guitar.

Sheet Music #1 - Petit Vase

You can find this sheet music in Momo's house, this is the robot that lives in the house under the neon sign that you're pointed towards at the start of Chapter 4. Once you enter through the window head to the left and look for the door with bars at the bottom. Slip through those bars and once inside you can leap onto a stack of boxes to find this Sheet Music

Sheet Music #2 - Ballad of the Lonely Robot

Stray Music - #2

From the Starting Area turn around and head down the stairs back towards the Saloon. Climb up to the roof of the Saloon building using the crates and awnings. Once you're at the top of the saloon building look for an open window. To the right of that is a pipe that leads to a balcony. Follow this pipe and hop onto the table on the balcony for this sheet music.

Sheet Music #3 - Untitled

Stray Music - #3a

From the Starting Area travel past the bar and towards Grandma's Clothing. There will be a door on your right with an electrical diagram and a note you can translate. It says to knock and stand back. Scratch the door and wait for it to be opened for you and scurry inside. Directly in front of you you'll find the note attached to the wall.

Sheet Music #4 - The Way You Compute Tonight

This sheet music can be purchased from the Barterman to the right of the central area. You'll need to trade an energy drink to him to obtain this Sheet Music. 
Note: If you've already spent three Energy Drinks getting the memory here there's a secret Vending Machine that is tucked away. To find it travel to Grandma's Clothing and then take a right and at the next junction start climbing to find a vending machine on a balcony. Very sneaky!

Sheet Music #5 - Tomorrows

Stray Music - #5

Head up the stairs in the saloon/bar and you'll find this Music Sheet on one of the booths near the pool table.

Sheet Music #6 - Cool Down

Stray Music - #6a

From the central area turn around and head down the stairs. Climb up to the roof of the Saloon building using the crates and awnings. Once you're at the top look for an open window. Make your way into this room and through the broken door at the back of the room. You'll see a bed to the right as soon as you enter, just to the right of the bed is a bookshelf with this Sheet Music.

Sheet Music #7 - Mildly Important Information

Stray Music - #7b

Climb to the roofs of the buildings in the Slums area. Look for the rooftop with the couch and TV related to the TV Trophy. Behind the couch you'll see a balcony with a space to squeeze through as a cat. Enter this house filled with books and immediately take a right and then a left to see a nook with a piano. Jump onto the keys of the piano to find this sheet music.

Sheet Music #8 - Unreadable Sheet Music

Stray Musich - #8

Down the street from Morusque and into the alley in the left there is a safe with a note on it. Travel to Barterman, this is the saloon in town, and climb up on the counter. Travel to the far left of the counter and you'll be able to interact with a painting. Once the painting drops it will reveal the code 1283 behind it. Return to the safe and enter this code to obtain the musical sheet. Dropping the painting is not required to gain entry to the safe, you could also just approach it and enter the code.

Stray Sheet Music Video Guide

We also whipped up a video guide that you can use the follow along with the written guide above!


Once you've given all of these songs to the Morusque you'll get the Meowlody Trophy as well as the Music Badge. This Badge is one of six that is required to get the Badges Trophy. Which of the tracks was your favorite? Mine was definitely Cool Down.

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