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Stray - Chapter 9 Plant Badge - Badge Reward

In the world of Stray it seems like a cold place between the robots and the lack of sunlight, but there is still life present in the world. Early on it seems that humans were able to figure out how to grow plants and have them thrive without access to the sunlight. There's a specific robot in Chapter 9 Anthill who is trying to collect certain colors of plants, and a reward for this is the Plant Badge which is one that players need for the Badges Trophy in Stray. In this Stray Plant Badge Collectible Guide we'll cover where to start this sidequest and where to find the Red Plant, Purple Plant, and Yellow Plant in Stray.

Where to start the Plant Badge Quest?

After you reach Anthill you'll enter a cutscene where B-12 gets a bit out of sorts. Until then he doesn't feel up to any translating or collecting so the first thing we need to do is climb up the Anthill and reach the meditating Zbaltazar. After speaking with him B-12 will apologize for being lost in thoughts and reaffirm he's with you in his goal.

From Zbaltazar continue up the Anthill and you'll find Malo watering their plants. They will tell you that they are trying to grow a garden with all kinds of plants but they are missing three different colors of plants. These are the Red Plant, Purple Plant, and Yellow Plant.

Where to find the Red Plant in Stray?

From where you accept Malo's quest make your way back down the Anthill until you reach the two robots playing Mahjong (make sure to jump on their table if you don't have the Cat-a-strophe Trophy). Walk behind them and you'll find a bucket. Hop into the bucket and take it down to the little garbage island in the distance, it's on this island that you'll find the Red Plant. When you turnaround to return to the surface there will be a long series of wooden pylons that you can hop back up that will return you to the Mahjong area.

Stray - Chapter 9 Plant Badge - Red Plant

Where to find the Purple Plant in Stray?

From where the two robots are playing Mahjong early in the Anthill continue circling the structure clockwise until you reach the Robot watching TV and the ladder to the next floor up. Directly next to the ladder you'll see that there is a branch extending out. Jump onto the branch and follow it until you reach a point where you can interact with the Purple Flower and collect them.

Stray - Chapter 9 Plant Badge - Purple Plant 1

Where to find the Yellow Plant in Stray?

Climb up the Anthill until you reach the restaurant. From the bar of the restaurant walk towards the left side of the couch in the corner and peek over the edge. You will find a pipe here. Leap onto the pipe and you'll be able to follow it briefly counter-clockwise around the Anthill until you can reach and take one of the Yellow Plants.

Stray - Chapter 9 Plant Badge -Yellow Plant

Stray Plant Badge Video Walkthrough


After you've collected all three plants you can return to Malo at the top of the Anthill. They will thank you for collecting all of these plants and reward you with the Plant Badge. In itself you won't earn any Trophy but it's 1/6th of the way towards getting the Badges Trophy. If you want to learn more about the location of the other Badges in Stray then you can check out our Stray Badge Collectible Guide.

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