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Stray is a game about a lost cat in a big cold city, but it's not all about the cat. Along the way you link up with a cute robot friend called B-12. Through the adventure he's responsible for translating the speech of the robots, collecting items for you, and even functions as a handy flashlight. When B-12 first powers on he's lost a lot of his memories though. Over the course of Stray you get many chances to recover his memories and work towards the I Remember! Trophy. In this Stray Memories Collectible Guide we'll go over how to locate each of the 22 memories spread out across Stray.

Memories come in two varieties that I've intelligently named Big Memories and Small Memories. The Big Memories are all completely unavoidable, they tie into major cutscenes throughout the game so assuming you make it to the end of the game you'll have gathered all 5 Big Memories.

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What should I do if I've missed a Stray Memory?

Stray has a chapter select option where you're able to exit to the main menu, select your save file, and select the Chapter Select option. On this view you'll also be shown how many Small Memories you have obtained per chapter. Your obtained memories will only save if you finish the Chapter after obtaining them so if you're backtracking to find missed memories make sure to collect all of the memories in the chapter and then get to the end of the chapter otherwise you'll have to repeat your effort.

The memories begin to appear starting with Chapter 3: The Flat when you recover B-12 and he joins you on your adventure.

Chapter 3: The Flat - 1 Big Memory

1/5 - This is story related and cannot be missed.

Chapter 4/6: The Slums - 7 Small Memories

Chapters 4 and 6 take place in the same location, The Slums, there's no change in the memories whether you visit here in Chapter 4 or Chapter 6 so this section has been grouped together. As The Slums is also a non-linear part of the game the area where you first translate a Robot's speech, in the lit part of town where the praying robots are, will be referred to as the Starting Area as a point of reference.

1/22 - From the Starting Area you'll want to climb up the building directly to your right. Go to the area with the two robots at the trash fire and climb up the corner of the building to the roof. Then leap across the gap to the building directly to your right and make your way to the highest roof.

Stray Memory - Chapter 4 - Memory 1

2/22 - From the Starting Area go down the stairs to the right. Trade three Energy Drink with the Robot in the Marketplace for this memory to be revealed. Energy drinks can be obtained from the four powered vending machines around The Slums. There are four vending machines in total; Two can be found in the streets of The Slums, one can be found on a rooftop, and one can be found on a hidden balcony directly above the Robot watching TV down the street from Grandma's Clothing.

3/22 - From the Starting Area turn around and go down the stairs from where you came. Enter the building through the door directly to your left, it's a restaurant. Head up the stairs and you'll find this memory on a table.

4/22 - Enter the apartment with the neon sign that the first Robot you speak with points you towards. Once in the apartment move through the living room and into the robot's bedroom to find the memory on the wall.

Stray Memory - Chapter 4 - Memory 4

5/22 - From the Starting Area head down the stairs you came in on and then take a right. Follow this path until it leads up stairs where you'll find this new memory.

6/22 - From the Starting Area head down the stairs to your left and then immediately into the first alley on the left. Climb up to the top of this dead-end side street to find robot graffiti.

Stray Memory - Chapter 4 - Memory 6b

7/22 - From the Starting Area return down the stairs from where you came and walk past the Bar. After taking a left and then a right you'll see a door with schematics on it. Scratch the door to be let in and ascend the steps inside. Once you reach the top of the steps look immediately to your left and you'll see the memory.

Chapter 5: Rooftops - 1 Big Memory/2 Small Memories

2/5 - This is story related and cannot be missed.

8/22 - After slipping by the first two Zurk encounters this memory will be directly in your path.

9/22 - Continue through the level. At one point you'll enter and begin ascending a building. On the floor with the door you can hack to unleash the Zurk's keep walking forward and hop over a barrier to find this memory.

Stray Memory - Chapter 5 - Memory 2

Chapter 7: Dead End - 3 Small Memories

10/22 - After Seamus lets you into the new part of town continue forward until you reach a T intersection. Travel to the left and you'll see this Memory.

11/22 - After the Zurk chase sequence you'll be limping for a bit and then able to climb up a series of pipes. Once at the top of the pipes you'll be able to head to the left with what looks like a dead end in-front of you. Head forward and make your way through a gap in the fence to find this memory around the corner.

Stray Memory - Chapter 7 - Memory 2a

12/22 - This memory can be found on the ground floor of Doc's house. After you talk with him look for the mannequin

Chapter 8: The Sewers - 2 Small Memories

13/22 - Continue through the Sewers until Momo tells you to go on ahead. Walk through the fleshy tunnel until you get to more Zurk pods. Look for a tunnel to the left filled with Zurk pods, kill them all, and head into the passageway to see a tunnel you can leap into. Follow this path to reach this memory.

Stray Memory - Chapter 8 - Memory 1b

14/22 - Continue through the Sewers until after being chased by Zurks in the large hallway with eyes you leap down onto a metal pipe. To progress forward we'd turn to the right but instead turn left and look for additional pipes to leap to. Follow this path to the new memory.

Chapter 9: Antvillage - 1 Big Memory/1 Small Memory

3/5 - This is story related and cannot be missed.

15/22 - After B-12 is operational again hop back down the anthill until you reach the robot relaxing on the couch watching TV. On the wall to his side is this memory. If you try to interact with this memory before talking to Zbaltazar then b-12 will not want to talk.

Stray Memory - Chapter 9 - Memory 1

Chapter 10: Midtown - 1 Big Memory/6 Small Memories

4/5 - This is story related and cannot be missed.

16/22 - After climbing the steps from the train station and passing through the fence immediately look to your right to see a small house with a memory in it.

17/22 - Travel to the alleyway behind the club. You'll know you're in the right location if you see a robot sweeping. Jump onto the awning nearby, and then up higher via the AC unit to reach this memory.

18/22 - Enter the Barbershop that's across the road from the robot sleeping on the couch. Once inside jump on top of the neon sign above the couch and then into the crawlspace. Here you'll find a memory

Stray Memory - Chapter 10 - Memory 3

19/22 - Head straight up the market street until you reach the large holographic statue. Directly across from it is a small restaurant run by Mattbee. Go into the kitchen into the back, then hop up onto the divider, and then lead up into the ceiling. You'll find the memory here.

20/22 - Continue through the story of the chapter until after you get the secret message to meet at the nightclub. At this time travel to the big roundabout and enter the police office that's now open. On the back wall is the memory attached to an image of a Sentinel.

21/22 - Continue through the story of the chapter until you're inside the nightclub. Jump onto the bar and walk towards the hollow cube in the back. This is actually a dumbwaiter that will lower you down to the storage room where you'll find this memory.

Stray Memory - Chapter 10 - Memory 6

Chapter 11: Jail - 1 Small Memory

22/22 - After recovering B-12 you'll end up in an outside courtyard. After making your way past the first Sentinel Clementine will open a gate. Inside this gate you'll find a broken down Robot to the right.

Chapter 12: Control Room - 1 Big Memory

5/5 - This is story related and cannot be missed.

Stray All Memories Walkthrough Video

Rather follow along to a video? We've got you covered, check out the video below:


After collecting every memory the I Remember! Trophy should unlock.

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