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As you prepare for your feline adventure through a robotic culture on your way back to the surface. Stray is a fantastic new adventure title from Annapurna Interactive that has you putting in some miles in your cats shoes (or at they boots?) In this Stray Guide Hub, we'll go over a breakdown of each chapter of the game and what can be found there, as well as some general tips and tricks to help you get through the game.

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Stray Chapter Breakdown

There are 12 Chapters in Stray, while the majority of them are fairly linear with a clear direction forward there are a few hub chapters such as The Slums in Chapter 4 where the player will have a chance to explore every nook and cranny of a larger city like area. We'll be breaking down each chapter below including how many memories it has, what trophies and badges can be obtained there, and where you can go to find more information about the collectibles.

Chapter 1: Inside The Wall

  • There are no Memories in this Chapter
  • Missed Jump Trophy (Story) - This Trophy is story related so is unmissable

Chapter 2: Dead City

  • There are no Memories in this Chapter
  • Can't Cat-Ch Me Trophy - Complete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.

Chapter 3: The Flat

  • This Chapter has 1 Big Memory
  • Not Alone Trophy (Story) - This Trophy is story related so is unmissable

Chapter 4: The Slums

Stray - Chapter 4 - Tele a Chat 2

Chapter 5: The Rooftops

  • This Chapter has 1 Big Memory/2 Small Memories

Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2

  • The Slums area has 7 Small Memories, they can be obtained in Chapter 4 or Chapter 7
  • Outsider Badge (Story) - This Trophy is story related so is unmissable

Chapter 7: Dead End

  • This Chapter has 3 Small Memories

Chapter 8: The Sewers

  • This Chapter has 2 Small Memories
  • Pacifist - Complete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

Chapter 9: Antvillage

  • This Chapter has 1 Big Memory/1 Small Memories
  • Cat-a-strophe Trophy - Try to play mahjong with the robots.

Stray - Chapter 9 - Catastrophie Trophy

Chapter 10: Midtown

  • This Chapter has 1 Big Memory/6 Small Memories
  • Sneakitty Trophy - Go through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.
  • Scratch Trophy - Scratch the vinyl in the club.

Chapter 11: Jail

  • This Chapter has 1 Small Memory
  • Al-Cat-Raz Trophy - Go to Jail

Chapter 12: Control Room

  • This Chapter has 1 Big Memory
  • Eye Opener - Complete the game and open the city


Collectible Trophies

Miscellaneous Trophies

  • A Little Chatty Trophy - Meow 100 times.
  • Cat-a-Pult - Jump 500 times.
  • No More Lives - Die 9 times.
  • Territory Trophy Guide - Scratch in every chapter.
  • I am Speed - Complete the game in less than 2 hours.
  • Cat's best friend - Nuzzle up against 5 robots


Stray Starter Guide

Take your time exploring EVERYTHING

The world of Stray is beautiful and when you're not racing away from tick-like monsters called Zurks there's plenty of things to interact with. When reaching new areas make sure to talk to all the Robots, interact with all the items, and search every nook and cranny as there are plenty of additional things to find as you make your way through the world.

Stray Scratch - Chapter 4


Interact with items in your inventory

The primary story for Stray is really exceptional and the way that you learn about it through dialogue with important characters is a large part of that. There are also a number of less obvious things going on around you too. There are certain items that you'll obtain that you'll be able to spin around and reveal more information. Make sure you're checking what you pick up to get a better idea of the state that the world is in.


Stray F.A.Q

What is Stray?

Stray is a third person adventure game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna. You play as a cat who has fallen into a city that has been closed off to the world for hundreds of years. Trying to find your way back to the outside and your littermates you'll get to see the good, and bad of the city as you search to return to the surface.

Is Stray on PlayStation Plus?

Yes, subscribers to the PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium tier will be able to download and play Stray for no additional cost when it releases on the 19th of July 2022.

What can I play Stray on?

Stray is available to play on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. On PlayStation 5 there is some dualsense support, though the triggers are infrequently used.

Is there a Chapter Select?

Yes there is! From the main menu there's the ability to jump back into any chapter. The chapter select screen will also let you know how many memories of each chapter you've obtained. The memories and badges you've obtained will persist through replays but any items obtained or questlines that you're part way through completing will not. Your badges and memories will only save if you complete the chapter after collecting them though so make sure to do that!

How do I view my Badges?

You can see which badges you've already obtained by looking at the vest your cat is wearing. They will get clipped onto either side as you obtain them.

Are there any missable Trophies/Achievements in Stray?

No Trophies or Achievements are missable in Stray. You can use the Chapter Select to return to any chapter you've missed an objective or collectible in and then can return to your current position in the story.

Where is the fourth Energy Drink?

In the Slums, there's an easy three Energy Drinks you can use to get the memory from the Barterman. If you also want to get the Music Sheet then you should head to Grandma's Clothing, then walk to the right until you find the alley with the robot watching TV. From there climb up the crates in the corner to find a balcony with a hidden Vending Machine.

How do I get the Pacifist Achievement / Trophy?

We've got a video walkthrough below that you can use to get this trophy!

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