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The Spiral Scouts is just over a month from release, and fans of HuniePotDev might be curious about what we can expect to see from the game. I fired off a few questions to the developer and he was kind enough to get back to me in the midst of "super crunch" time—an understandable dilemma considering that there's not too much time left to get the game ready for prime time.

Development of the game is being handled by a different company with a name that they're keeping close to the chest right now. If you're concerned that the game has been handed off to be worked on by another developer, fear not; it's certainly the same man behind HuniePop. HuniePotDev originally stated that he would likely publish the game under another company late last year and they've followed through with those plans. "The name doesn't mean anything," he said. "[It's] just the first stupid thing we could think of."

This isn't a solo project, either. HuniePotDev is joined by his longtime friend Plixik in his work on the project. If you've been curious about what the game will be like, it's best explained in Plixik's own words:

The above tweet represented the game's style as it was last year. It's mostly the same, although it's shifted slightly in the following months. What was once a darker overall tone has since been replaced by brighter colors and more cheerful scenery, something HuniePotDev describes as "sort of an Animal Crossing color palette."

"[Plixik] and I used to make shitty flash games back in the day," said the developer of finely-crafted Match 3 perversion. "Our best one was called [StarDrops]. You can play it on Kongregate." I've checked out their earlier collaborative work and it's a good bit of fun; a game where you'll run around a tiny planet trying to collect fallen stars. HuniePotDev hinted that we may see the character from their earlier collaboration StarDrops feature in The Spiral Scouts in some fashion. We'll have to wait and see whether it's as a playable character, an NPC, or some sort of Easter egg.

the spiral scouts red orb
One of the many puzzles you'll see in The Spiral Scouts... and what appears to be butt fruits. (Screenshot courtesy of the developer.)

Though the game's colors and overall theme could be mistaken for any other E For Everyone game, The Spiral Scouts is anything but, at least in terms of its language. While some HuniePop fans may have been disappointed the developer was working on a somewhat more safe-for-work venture, The Spiral Scouts will nonetheless bring along a similar style of crude humor and dialogue coarser than a dump truck full of 40 grit sandpaper.

It shouldn't be too much longer until we'll be able to get our hands on the game. HuniePotDev indicated that we'd be getting the trailer sometime in the next month. "It's going to be pretty close to release I imagine.. For no other reason than there's still a lot of work to be done on the game. We're cutting it reeeeal close with this one."

A scouting organization trying to solve problems with a mix of ingenuity and crude language certainly seems like a unique title, although the situation is well familiar to anyone who has decided to spend a weekend in the wilderness. How the game will be received remains to be seen, but this is a guy who managed to combine Match 3 gameplay and a dating sim into what can certainly be considered a successful game—one that's soon to receive a sequel.

the spiral scouts great room
It is a great room. (Screenshot courtesy of the developer.)

It's safe to say that we'll be hearing more about The Spiral Scouts in the coming weeks. Occasional posts of new information on his Twitter included a preview of one of the game's music tracks and reveals of gameplay features like "Dirt Fishin'", something that seems to be just digging stuff up out of the ground with a shovel. As for what the game will cost on launch, that's a card he's keeping pretty close to his chest. We can expect "the same bang for your buck as you get with the Hunie games." The Spiral Scouts will be released on May 31.

What do you think of The Spiral Scouts? Does the combination of cutesy art, crude language, and Myst-like puzzles appeal to you? What do you hope to see in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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