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While you can spend a lot of your time above ground in Sons of the Forest, there are plenty of items and useful materials to find in the island’s many caves. One of these is the Rebreather, a very helpful tool that is also required to progress through certain other caves. In our Sons of the Forest Rebreather Guide, we’ll show you where to find this equipment.

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Character holding GPS showing the location to the Sons of the Forest Rebreather cave.

Where to Find the Rebreather in Sons of the Forest

The cave containing the Rebreather can be found on one of the island's beaches, shown in the above screenshot. If your starting spawn was on the beach, then you’ll already be very close to the cave’s location. However, while you don’t require any special tools to reach the Rebreather, it would be best if you grabbed at least a gun and healing items. The Flashlight will also make exploring these dark caves easier, though the lighter or crafted torch (combine cloth and a stick) will also do the job.

Breaking down the board with your axe, you can enter the cave. A lot of the cave is made up of linear corridors, with the occasional branching path. This makes navigation relatively easy, though still a good idea to keep an eye out for certain landmarks like lights on the ground. The initial section is straightforward, though you will have to crouch under some rocks as you progress. You’ll also run into a group of enemies afterwards, though you can just run right past them.

Sons of the Forest screenshot showing a cave with two paths, with the player holding a flashlight.

After that first group of enemies, there is a split in the path. Going right will take you past a few more enemies, before leading to a dead end containing the Stun Gun. Going left down the waterlogged area will see you going through a few cramped areas, before being led into a larger room. The Rebreather will be resting near the water, and picking it up will add it to your inventory.

From there, instead of heading back through the cave, you can use your new Rebreather to dive into the underwater passage to the left. Keep in mind that there’s a shark swimming nearby, though it’s not overly aggressive. Just dive into the water when it’s looking away, then swim through the underwater passage — you have more than enough oxygen to make it all the way through. This will lead to another exit where you can escape.

Location of the Sons of the Forest rebreather in a cave next to some water.

Sons of the Forest Rebreather Uses

The Rebreather is a key tool for any underwater exploration. It is automatically equipped when diving, letting you breath while the oxygen meter is above 0%. You'll need the Rebreather to reach the Shovel later on, though the cave containing the shovel also has a few spare oxygen tanks. Currently, there's no way to make oxygen tanks via crafting, so it's best to only use the Rebreather when completely necessary.

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