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In this guide, we'll show you the Sons of the Forest Map, the notable points of interest we've found, and where you can find useful items! The Sons of the Forest Map shows an area that is several times larger than the previous game, featuring different biomes and a number of points of interest both large and small.

We've also got a guide for you if you're just getting started in Sons of the Forest, a full map with every important location, and item guides for important items such as the GPS Tracker, rebreather, and flashlight! We've also got details on how to craft and build structures!

Sons of the Forest Map

Sons of the Forest Map Top v2Sons of the Forest Map Bottom v2

Blank Map Image Credit: /u/Maryhathor on Reddit

We've highlighted the interesting places we've found so far as detailed in the legend. Named icons have notable loot or features which we'll detail in the next section.

Sons of the Forest Locations

Here are all of the locations we've discovered in Sons of the Forest and what we found inside. Keep in mind that we'll only mention notable items or features of each location; these locations may have enemies or other loot, too.

Here are what each of the icons in the Legend means:

  • Spawn Point - These are the locations where you begin your adventure on the island. Your spawn point is randomly chosen from a set of three predetermined locations.
  • Cannibal Camp - Cannibal Camps are populated by Cannibals and will usually have a small amount of loot within.
  • Cave - Some Caves will only have a few items. Others will be larger areas that require exploration or lead to BUnkers.
  • Bunkers - Bunkers are the unfinished or damaged facilities on the island that typically have high-tech items and useful loot.
  • Point of Interest - Points of Interest are special areas where you can find Crafting materials or other useful items.

Beach Spawn

The Beach Spawn is one of three spawn points where you will randomly start the game.

Boats (Blazer)

  • Blazer (Clothing)

This set of wrecked boats has the Blazer clothing item.

Can Opener

The Can Opener can be found near some mostly empty Caves. It's used to open Canned Food.

Crashed Plane

  • Leather Jacket (Clothing)

The Crashed Plane has the Leather Jacket clothing item inside, but that's not all -- make sure to explore the area for various other useful loot in nearby containers.

Dead Pilot

The Dead Pilot has a few useful items of loot nearby.

Dead Soldier

The Dead Soldier has a Pistol Rail, an item that will allow you to put attachments on the Pistol.


  • Flashlight

The Flashlight is one of the three purple GPS markers that appear on your Map at the start of the game. This location also has some supplies that will help you survive in the early days of the game.

Food and Dining Bunker

  • Crossbow
  • VIP Keycard
  • Virginia's Dress

The Food and Dining Bunker is located a short way into a cave. As the name implies, it has a fair amount of Food available. Critically, it's also where you find the VIP Keycard which allows you to access the VIP Bunker.

Forest Spawn

The Forest Spawn is one of three spawn points where you will randomly start the game.

Guest Keycard Bunker

  • 3D Printer
  • Bed
  • Chainsaw
  • Guest Keycard
  • Guitar
  • Shotgun Rail

The Guest Keycard Bunker has the Guest Keycard. The Guest Keycard is primarily used to access a room with the Chainsaw.


The Helipads have various loot strewn about between them.


  • Hoodie (Clothing)

This Cannibal Camp has the Hoodie clothing item tucked away in one of the tents.

Maintenance A Bunker

  • 3D Printer
  • Bed
  • Firefighter Axe
  • Laser Sight
  • Maintenance Keycard
  • Tuxedo (Clothing)

The Maintenance A Bunker can only be accessed by using a Shovel to dig up the ground and reveal a hatch. Once you're inside, you'll be able to get the Maintenance Keycard which will open up access to the locked doors in many other Bunkers.

Maintenance B Bunker

  • 3D Printer
  • Bed
  • Compound Pow
  • Silencer

The Maintenance B Bunker has the Compound Bow, the Silencer for the Pistol, and a fair amount of useful supplies.

Maintenance C Bunker

  • Revolver

The Maintenance B Bunker is somewhat smaller than its sister structures. You can find the Revolver here.

Modern Axe Camp

  • Modern Axe

This abandoned campsite has several tents where you can sleep and save your game. You can also find the Modern Axe, a full-sized upgrade for the Survival Axe you get at the start of the game.

Mountain Spawn

The Mountain Spawn is one of three spawn points where you will randomly start the game.

Pistol Raft

  • Pistol
  • GPS Locator
  • Other supplies

The Raft is one of the three purple GPS markers that appear at the start of the game. While you may be able to safely swim out here and retrieve the Pistol, a Shark will appear (even on Peaceful Mode) and make the swim back a little more difficult.

Rebreather Cave

  • Airtank
  • Rebreather

The Rebreather Cave has the Rebreather, a piece of SCUBA gear that will allow you to swim underwater for extended periods of time.

Ruined Bunker

  • 3D Printer
  • Gold Mask
  • Golden Armor
  • Golf Balls
  • Katana
  • Pistol
  • Putter
  • Shotgun Rail

The Ruined Bunker is home to the Katana, the Shotgun Rail, and a few other silly items such as the Putter.

Shotgun Grave

  • Shotgun

This is one of the three purple GPS markers at the start of the game. You'll need the Shovel in order to dig it up and access the Shotgun.

Shovel Cave

  • Airtank
  • Flashlight Attachment
  • Shovel
  • Slingshot (outside)
  • Wetsuit

This cave is where you can find the Shovel. However, you won't be able to actually make it to the Shovel's location until you have the Rebreather and the Rope Gun (in that order).

The Slingshot can be found outside near the entrance of this Cave.

VIP Bunker

  • Bed
  • Pajamas (Clothing)
  • Rescued Book
  • Shotgun

The VIP Bunker has a number of useful items inside. More importantly, this is the location where you will reach the conclusion of the story; expect this to be the last place you visit.

Zipline Cave

  • Cross
  • Rope Gun
  • Stun Baton (Outside nearby)

The Zipline Cave should be the first place you visit if you're seeking to explore all of the other Bunkers. The Rope Gun is one of the items you'll need to get the Shovel, and the Shovel opens up access to many of the other Bunkers.

That's the end of our Sons of the Forest Map and Locations Guide. Have a gander at our other guides below!

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