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Once you begin your trek in Sons of the Forest, there are several items to craft, but there are also quite a few you can unlock along the way. In this Sons of the Forest crafting guide, we will discuss each and every craftable item, how to unlock the recipe, and what ingredients are needed to craft each one. 

We've also got a guide for you if you're just getting started in Sons of the Forest, a full map with every important location, and item guides for important items such as the pistol, shovel, and flashlight! Plus, how to get Virginia as a companion!

How To Craft in Sons of the Forest

Crafting is fairly simple in Sons of the Forest, as you only need a handful of resources to get going. First of all, you will need to loot crates, suitcases, and chests around the island in order to collect several helpful reagents such as duct tape, rope, food items, and more. Once you have your resources and ingredients, you will need to open up your inventory and either use the combine feature to put things together in order to make an item or use the quick crafting Guide Book found in your inventory space. 

The guidebook is very helpful, as it gives you a list of several quick crafting recipes and a few that you can throw together on your own. An example of a quick craft would be the Shelf, which once selected, you can place wherever you'd like in the world or inside of your base. From there, you will need to bring the necessary items to the structure to build it and add them one by one. For the shelf, it takes two logs of any size since it will break them down into the correct size needed automatically when you interact with the shelf to place the resources. 

How to Unlock More Crafting Recipes in Sons of the Forest

Unlocking crafting recipes is not as easy as it may seem, as there are two ways it can be done. The first one is much easier, as all you need to do is collect the reagents needed for a specific craftable to unlock the recipe associated with the reagent. An example is collecting sticks, which will then unlock recipes such as a Torch or Crafted spear, and so on and so forth. The second option to unlock new recipes is to find each and every blueprint around the map. This one is a bit more difficult, as it takes vast exploration and the ability to withstand hordes of mutants within the caves. 

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipe List

Here is a list of every craftable in Sons of the Forest that we have found:

Item Name Item Type Recipe Details
Bone Armor Armor 4 Bone, 1 Rope, 1 Duct Tape Used as armor to protect against enemies. Gives moderate protection.
Chainsaw Weapon 1 Battery, 1 Chainsaw Must find the Blueprint - used to slay enemies and chop trees.
Crafted Bow Weapon 2 Stick, 1 Rope, 1 Duct Tape Does moderate damage to enemies.
Crafted Spear Weapon 2 Stick, 1 Knife, 1 Duct Tape Does moderate damage to enemies.
Flashlight Utility 1 Battery, 1 Flashlight Must find the Blueprint - used to light the way.
Hide Armor Armor 1 Cloth, 2 Hide Used as armor to protect against enemies. Gives moderate protection.
Leaf Armor Armor 10 Leaves, 1 Cloth Used as armor to protect against enemies. Gives very little protection.
Molotov Weapon 1 Vodka Bottle, 1 Cloth Used to light enemies on fire.
Repair Tool Utility 1 Stick, 1 Stone, 1 Rope Used to repair various player-built structures.
Stone Arrow Ammo 4 Small Stone, 2 Feather, 2 Sticks Used as ammo for the crafted bow.
Tech Armor Armor   Used as armor to protect against enemies. Gives moderate protection.
Time Bomb Weapon 1 Watch, 1 Wire, 1 Duct Tape, 5 Coins, 1 Circuit Board, 1 c4 Brick A powerful explosive. 

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