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Sons of the Forest's first main update has arrived, adding in some new content for players to discover. One of these is the binoculars, giving you a chance to see threats from further away. In our Sons of the Forest Binoculars Guide, we'll show you where to find this newly added item.

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Holding a GPS next to a canoe in Sons of the Forest.

Where to Find the Binoculars in Sons of the Forest

Unlike many items in Sons of the Forest, you wont have to delve into any caves to get the binoculars, though its location also isn't marked as a place of interest on the map. You'll have to head to the area shown in the screenshot above, which is on a beach along the coast from the cave containing the Rebreather. The binoculars will be on top of a canoe, with a few materials spread about nearby. Picking it up will permanently add it to your inventory.

Sons of the Forest Binoculars Uses

Once acquired, you simply equip the binoculars from your inventory and hold left click to look through them. They don't allow you to see much further than normal, though it can helpful when looking down from high places like the central mountain. Since the binoculars require both hands, you can't hold things like the GPS or a flashlight at the same time.


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