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Slime Rancher 2 screenshot of the pink slimes inside of their corral, bouncing around happy as can be

Slime Rancher 2 has many moving parts, which can become a bit overwhelming for someone diving in for the first time. Even if you played the original game, Slime Rancher, starting over from scratch in an entirely new area is a monumental task. In this Slime Rancher 2 beginners guide, we will cover the ins and outs of the game, how to start off on the road to success, and tips and tricks to making the most of your time on Rainbow Island!

Slime Rancher 2 Overview

The aim of the game is pretty simple; build up the slime farm of your dreams by keeping them happy, healthy, fed, and cared for! The game is open-world, and there is a lot of ground to cover in order to find all of the newest slimes available right now. Not only will you be collecting slimes, but you will be collecting resources necessary to upgrade your conservatory, vacpack, and slime plots.

After you have a few slimes in a plot, you will need to feed them, and every slime has a specific diet, as well as a favorite food. These favorite foods can be found in the Slimepedia via the games menu. When you hover over a slime, it will tell you that particular slime's diet; some like veggies, others like fruit, and a few even want meat. You will have to feed each slime their diet type, or they will not eat the food whatsoever. Let's give an example. The pink slimes, which you will find as soon as you begin playing, like to eat anything! That means you can feed them fruit, veggies, or meat, and they will be content. Cotton Slimes on the other hand only like veggies, and will not eat fruit or meat. 

Now, why exactly are we feeding these slimes? For plorts of course! Plorts are the excrement of the slimes, which we can sell for Newbucks (the in-game currency) that allows us to upgrade our farm as well as our boots, vacpack, and more. Depending on what you feed your slimes, they will produce one or two plorts at a time. Feeding a Cotton Slime any random veggie, such as carrots or odd onions, will cause them to create one plort only. If you feed the Cotton Slime their favorite food, which is water lettuce, they will produce two plorts at a time instead. 

Screenshot in Slime Rancher 2 of several Batty Slimes inside of a corral slying around

Slime Rancher 2 Slime Details 

You will come across several different slimes as you make your way through Rainbow Island. Every slime makes plorts, which sell for higher prices depending on the market as well as the type of slime. As mentioned above, if you feed a slime type their favorite food, they will generate double the plorts at once, meaning you can make some seriously fast cash! Here are the slimes we have found thus far, as well as their diet and favorite foods:

  • Pink Slimes:
    • Diet: Anything 
    • Favorite Food: None

  • Cotton Slimes:
    • Diet: Veggies
    • Favorite Food: Water Lettuce

  • Tabby Slimes:
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite Food: Stony Hen

  • Phosphor Slimes:
    • Diet: Fruit 
    • Favorite Food: Cuberry 

  • Angler Slimes:
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite Food: Sea Hen

  • Rock Slimes:
    • Diet: Veggies
    • Favorite Food: Heart Beat

  • Batty Slimes:
    • Diet: Fruit
    • Favorite Food: Pomegranite

  • Ringtail Slimes:
    • Diet: Anything
    • Favorite Food: None

  • Boom Slimes:
    • Diet: Meat
    • Favorite Food: Briar Hen

  • Puddle Slimes:
    • Diet: Water
    • Favorite Food: None

  • Crystal Slimes:
    • ​​​​​​​Diet: Veggies
    • Favorite Food: Odd Onion


Screenshot in Slime Rancher 2 of the upgrades menu on the farm plots

Farm Equipment and Plots

There are several types of plots available currently, each coming with its own set of benefits. Of course, we have the corral plot, which is where you can house the majority of the slimes you collect. Some will not be able to be housed in just the run-of-the-mill plot, though, such as Phosphorus slimes that disappear when the sun comes up. Luckily, there are upgrades to the plots to keep them from disappearing, such as the Solar Shield, which protects slimes that are sensitive to light. Upgrading does cost a big chunk of newbucks, so if you get a little stuck on how to make quick cash, check out our money-making guide to get on the right track!

Corral Plots

The corral is the bread and butter in Slime Rancher 2. This is where all of your slimes will live out their lives, and where you will feed them, keep them safe from Tarr slimes, and collect their plorts! The corral comes with several upgrades that make collection, feeding and keeping your slimes happy a breeze. Here are each of the upgrades available right now for the corral plot:

  • High Walls:
    • Some slimes are super bouncy and will be able to jump right out of the corral. This could cause some serious issues when you house more than one slime type within your conservatory, as if they eat too many of the other types plorts, they will turn into slime-eating and rancher-eating tarr monsters. If you add too many of the same slime to one corral, they will also bounce on top of each other, and out of the corral. Using high walls helps to keep the slimes contained, as well as safe from the outside world. 

  • Music Box:
    • Who doesn't love a little bit of soothing music after a long and hectic day? Well, slimes do too! Adding the music box upgrade to your corral plot helps reduce agitation among the slimes, meaning they won't go crazy with rage if they aren't fed in a timely manner.

  • Air Net:
    • ​​​​​​​This one comes in handy as you get further into the game. Some slimes have wings, or can just jump extremely high, meaning that the high walls will do little to nothing when it comes to keeping them inside the corral. This upgrade keeps the Batty slimes from flying off into the sunset, as well as the Largo slimes from jumping right out of the plot.

  • Solar Shield:
    • Some slimes are very sensitive to light and UV rays, mainly the Phosphorus slimes. In order to house them safely, you will need to add a Solar Shield upgrade to your corral, unless you want them to disappear when day breaks. 

  • Plort Collector:
    • ​​​​​​​This may just be the best upgrade available for the corral thus far. Sick and tired of sucking your slimes into your vacpack when trying to collect ports? That will be a thing of the past when you add the plort collector to your corral. It will automatically suck them into a storage pod at random time intervals and makes collection a breeze. This especially becomes useful when you get the Boom plorts, which explode the entire time you are trying to collect their precious plorts, which will do damage and can kill you. If you die with anything in your vacpack, it will be lost forever, so this collector helps a ton with those pesky Boom slimes. 

  • Auto-Feeder:
    • The auto-feeder makes keeping those plorts flowing super easy. It will drop food into the corral at random intervals in order to keep them fed and producing plorts while you go explore. Just make sure to keep the storage full of food!

Garden Plots

The garden is a great boost to the conservatory, as it makes streamlining foods for your fruit and veggie-loving slimes simple. Rather than having to venture out into the world to find carrots or heart beets, you can plant them and collect them with ease. Here are the upgrades available right now for the garden plot:

  • Nutrient Soil:
    • ​​​​​​​This upgrade helps to keep the fruit or veggies flowing strong! Basically, this is a fertilizer that is added to your garden that makes the fruit or vegetable growing there always produce the highest amount possible. More food for your slimes means more plorts!

  • Sprinkler:
    • ​​​​​​​This upgrade makes your foods grow twice as fast! Where carrots would normally take 1 in-game day to grow, that time is cut in half with this upgrade. This for sure comes in handy later on down the line when you have a lot of hungry slimes on your hands. 

  • Scareslime:
    • This upgrade isn't 100% needed but helps if you have slimes that tend to escape often. It scares off the feral slimes, and stops them from eating your crops. 

  • Remove Crops:
    • ​​​​​​​This isn't an upgrade really, but it is super helpful! Whenever you want to add a new crop to your garden, just use this option and it will allow you to plant a whole new fruit or veggie for your slimes. 

Coop Plots

Some of your slimes will not want fruit or veggies, but meat instead! The chickens in this game are annoyingly hard to come by, as they are constantly being eaten by the feral slimes in the wild. To keep a hefty supply of meat for those carnivorous slimes, you can build a coop. The coop keeps the chickens in one spot, just like the regular corral for slimes, and also comes with its own set of upgrades, which are as follows:

  • High Walls:
    • As mentioned when we spoke about corral plots, these are higher walls that make it harder for the chickens to escape or fall out of the coop. Though these chickens don't fly, they will stack on top of each other and flop out of the coop, so these help quite a bit. 

  • Spring Grass:
    • This grass upgrade will attract bugs for your chickens to eat! This will cause your baby chicks to grow into strong hens or roostros in half the time. 

  • Vitamizer:
    • This upgrade allows the hens to lay eggs twice as fast, which means more chicks!

  • Elder Collector:
    • ​​​​​​​This upgrade removed the angry elderly chickens away from the next generation and stores them safely in a collector for you. 


That's it for our Starter Guide for Slime Rancher 2!

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