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An image of the Flutter Gordo from Slime Rancher 2

As you explore the world of Slime Rancher 2, collecting Slimes and other materials to upgrade your home you're bound to come across some Gordo. There a ginormous slimes that are stationary to a single spot. Much like in the original Slime Rancher game these can be fed enough of an item to pop, once popped they could reveal a new passageway or treasure. In this Slime Rancher 2 All Gordo Locations Guide I'll be highlighting where you can find each Gordo and what they reveal.

Aside from the Conservatory, there are three main areas that you can explore; Rainbow Fields, Starlight Strand, and the Ember Valley. Feeding the Gordo will likely take some effort as they normally need 30+ of any type of food before they explode and let you through. As you're going about your adventure it's highly recommended that you take the time to be working on farms for each different material and upgrade your tank storage capacity so that you can hold as much of a food type as possible. It's not certain if feeding a Gordo their favorite food will cause them to pop earlier than usual or not.

Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations - Rainbow Fields

There are three Gordos that have been found in the Rainbow Fields, they are the Pink Gordo, Cotton Gordo, and Phosphor Gordo.

A map of Rainbow Fields in Slime Rancher 2 showing the locations of the Gordo

Pink Gordo

Food Preference: Anything - No Favorite
How to Locate: On the western most area of the Rainbow Fields instead of heading left up the hill you should circle around clockwise to find this Pink Gordo.
Reward: This Gordo will open up a water spout that will launch you onto a cliff where you can activate the switch to reach Ember Valler

Cotton Gordo

Food Preference: Veggies - Water Cabbage
How to Locate: To the South-East of the Fabricator port on the Rainbow Fields walk up the hill to find the Cotton Gordo.
Reward: Inside the cave behind this Gordo you'll find a switch to reach Starlight Strand

Phosphor Gordo

Food Preference: Fruit - Cuberry
How to Locate: Exit the Conservatory home base from the South and head down towards the beach area where your boat is docked. Keep your eyes to the right to look for a cave opening.
Reward: There is a treasure chest in the cave behind the slime

Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations - Starlight Strand

There are Five Gordos that have been found in the Starlight Strand, they are the Hunter Gordo, Honey Gordo, Angler Gordo, Flutter Gordo, and Ringtail Gordo.

A map of Starlight Strand in Slime Rancher 2 showing the locations of the Gordo

Hunter Gordo

Food Preference: Meat - Roostro
How to Locate: Head through the Starlight Strand until you reach the large area with the locked door in front of you. Follow the path up the hill to the left and you'll find yourself walking down a hill. Keep following the path as it circles clockwise to find this Hunter Gordo
Reward: There's a Treasure Chest for Azure Bushes behind it and a further slime doorway

Honey Gordo

Food Preference: Fruit - Mint Mango
How to Locate: Head South from the portal you used to arrive until you reach an area with a waterfall and flowing river cutting directly across your path. The Honey Gordo can be found on a ledge overlooking the waterfall
Reward: Inside are chests containing Tall Pink Coral Columns and a Tank Liner, there's also two doorways that require Phosphor Plorts to create a shortcut through the island

Angler Gordo

Food Preference: Meat - Sea Hen
How to Locate: In the far South East of the map you can drop down to a sandy beach area. Follow this beach to a cave and inside you'll find the Angler Gordo.
Reward: This Gordo unlocks an up-spout to allow you to reach where you came from faster

Flutter Gordo

Food Preference: Moondew Nectar
How to Locate: In the central southern area this Flutter Gordo can be found directly in front of the cracked door with the large glowing light
Reward: This gives access to the ruins underneath the Flutter Gordo. Inside is a Research Drone and a Starlight Strand Portal
Additional Information: Moondew Nectar cannot be farmed so as you explore Starlight Strand it's highly recommended to collect as much Moondew Nectar as you come across to lessen the frustration of this Gordo

Ringtail Gordo

Food Preference: Anything - No Favorite
How to Locate: From the large south-central area with the cracked door head East up the waterway. You'll reach a stone Bridgeway that has this Gordo. If you come here during the day the Ringtail Gordo will be frozen in stone so be sure to return at night.
Reward: This Gordo will reveal a new teleporter back to the Rainbow Fields.


Slime Rancher 2 Gordo Locations - Ember Valley

There are four Gordos that have been found in the Ember Valley, they are the Boom Gordo, Batty Gordo, Crystal Gordo, Rock Gordo, and Tabby Gordo.

An image of all the Gordo locations in Ember Valley in Slime Rancher 2

Boom Gordo

Food Preference: Meat - Stony Hen
How to Locate: This Gordo is in the far west of the island deep in the volcano area
Reward: Behind this Gordo you'll find a Research Drone, and two treasure pods. One will have a diamond, and the other will have an Ember Valley Portal

Batty Gordo

Food Preference: Fruit - Pomegranite
How to Locate: This Gordo can be found at the lowest Western area of the cave system.
Reward: This Gordo will give you an additional pathway to reach the Volcano area

Crystal Gordo

Food Preference: Veggies - Odd Onion
How to Locate: This Gordo can be found in the northern area of the Ember Valley. From the Y-junction head North, once you reach the deep chasm you should be able to see the Crystal Gordo directly in front and below you.
Reward: This Gordo will give you access to a new up-spout that will let you return to the previous area easier

Rock Gordo

Food Preference: Veggies - Heart Beet
How to Locate: From where you teleport in follow the path. Before you head to the dangerous area to your left keep an eye on your right to find a small passage that leads to a cave. Once inside use Boom Plorts to open the locked door, or use the geometry to fly up to the Rock Slime.
Reward: The Gordo will reveal an up-spout that will take you to a Jetpack Drive

Tabby Gordo

Food Preference: Meat - Stony Hen
How to Locate: The Tabby Gordo can be found at the north-most point of the Ember Valley, past the chasm with the Crystal Gordo at the top of a large pillar sticking out of the sea
Reward: This Gordo will give you a teleporter that will return you to the Rainbow Fields


While Slime Rancher 2 Gordo are entertaining to clear out, there's a few that you should definitely make sure you pop to make your life easier.


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