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Last Update: December 12, 2021


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Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is now out and in players hands. Early on you'll find that there's an important balance between how many gems you bring back to the camp, and how much you'll spend on Relics during your run. In this Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon How To Earn Gems Fast Guide we'll go over what you might be spending gems on, and how to earn them quickly.

What can I spend my Gems on?

There are a number of things you can use your Gems on depending on if you're currently on a run of the game, or in the campground area. All of the money that you have at the end of your run, whether you die or complete the game, gets added to your bank account for free use at the campground. Even if you're not bringing home much at the end of each run after spending it on relics doesn't mean you're not bringing back anything.

On a run

  • Shop for Relics - Blue treasure chests that you unlock will lead you to a shop that has three randomized relics. The Shop stays until the end of the level so if you find you're slightly short on gems you can leave, collect some more, and then return to the shop.
  • Relic Chance Game
  • Third Shrinemaster Portal - You'll need a lot of gems the third time you meet the Shrinemaster on a single run.

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At the campground

  • Shortcut Canon - You can purchase different starting points as you unlock more of the game. To use the cannon itself costs 500 gems.
    • Plains - Free
    • Pridemoor Keep - 5000 GP
    • Lich Yard - 5500 GP
    • Magic Landfill - 6000 GP
    • Iron Whale - 6500 GP
    • Chromatic Caverns - 7000 GP
    • Clockwork Tavern - 7500 GP
    • Stranded Ship - 8000 GP
    • Flying Machine - 8500 GP
    • Scholar's Sanctum - 9000 GP
  • Relic Shop - The Relic Shop at the campground unlocks the chance for different Relics to appear as options within the dungeon.
  • Myriad the Costume Seller - For 1000 gems you can purchase a new random outfit for the Knight you currently are playing as.

At the campground alone if you want to unlock everyone's costumes, purchase each of the different Relics, and unlock all shortcuts you're easily looking at 100k+ Gems. There are easy ways to ensure you have the gems required to purchase all these and have plenty extra left over for using the cannon itself.


Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon How To Earn Gems Fast?

The first thing that we're going to want to do to set up earning gems quickly in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is alter your settings. There are certain settings that you can enable that make the game incredibly easy, and they do say they disable feats (these are in-game achievements) but they don't disable ALL feats nor do they stop you from earning a massive quantity of gems.

Change your Adventure Settings to the following values:

  • Stock: Infinite
  • Levels: In Order
  • Bosses: On (This could be set to off too, but if you defeated a boss you haven't faced before then you'll be able to unlock them pretty easily)
  • Speed: Off
  • HP: +5
  • Attack Damage: 5
  • Items: On
  • Relics: On

This will allow you to kill the majority of enemies in one hit, and even in later levels you'll have more than enough HP to tank a few hits and come out unscathed. In early levels, you'll be able to basically run left to right repeatedly and win without giving the game any real thought. Just killing enemies won't be enough though, there's further strategy needed.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon Gems Chains

Ways to increase your gem intake:

  • Create large chains - At the start of every level pick an enemy type and avoid it. Kill all other enemies, rocks, and potions you can to allow your selected enemy type to start accumulating on screen. When your screen is half-filled with them go ahead and take them out for a large chain and massive gem intake.
  • Act Fast - The faster your movements, even with single kills or small chains, will work to grow your Gem Multiplier. The max multiplier you can obtain is a 4x multiplier. Needless to say when you can throw caution to the wind with 5x the damage and 2x the max health you should be able to maintain a high gem multiplier through most levels.
  • Don't go for the true ending - The True Ending, achieved by completing the Shrinekeeper tasks, is tempting as it gives you another stage to explore but to open the third Shrinekeeper door has you spend 20,000 Gems. There's no way in a single level you're going to earn over 20,000 gems which makes the monetary sink of getting to the True Ending, as well as the additional time another level will take to complete worth it.
  • Don't Purchase Relics, mostly - With the exception of Relics like those that increase your Gem reward for large chains there will mostly be no need to purchase relics. You already are healthy and do enough damage that you can get through the whole game without them, and they'd just detract from your end total.

Following the above steps should mean from a single, incredibly easy, run of Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon you can earn upwards of 120k gems. Doing this two times should ensure that money is never a problem for you again. After you've earned as much money as you want you can simply revert your difficulty settings to how they were before and go back to playing as normal.

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