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Shin Megami Tensei V is now out for Nintendo Switch. Prepare for an adventure through worlds filled with angels, demons, and everything between. The game's storekeeper is the... eccentric Gustave. He's good for buying important items for surviving through the wastelands as well as selling things you come across for a pretty penny. Gustave is also in charge of the Miman, a force of 200 small red creatures that he's sent out to explore the world. Unfortunately for him, none of them have returned. It's here that the Protagonist will be given a task to go out into the world and locate all of the Miman.

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Collectible Miman
This is what you'll be after

These Miman are scattered all over the place. Some of them you'll find directly on your way to your next objective, other times you'll need to find partially hidden tunnels in order to reach new vantage points to spot them.

How to find all of the Miman in Shin Megami Tensei V?

If you were expecting to find a large list meticulously detailing the exact location of all 200 Miman in the world then unfortunately you won't find it here because I have something better. Hidden away in each of the four regions of the world are demons that for a sizeable amount of money will mark down every single Miman location on your map. Once you have the Miman present on your map you should be able to easily travel between their locations hunting them all down for fantastic rewards. Listed below is a description of how to find the demon that will sell you the Miman map, as well as an image for you to follow.

All Miman in Da'at: Minato Guide

Travel to the Nagatacho leyline at the very end of Da'at: Minato, this will be where you were first blocked by two angels leading to the Tokyo Diet Building. As you head towards the Tokyo Diet Building, where you first faced Nuwa, instead head to the West. On top of a rock, you'll see a fox-like Demon. This is the same kind of demon that will always sell you a Miman map. You can buy the location of all the Miman in the area from him for 2,500h.

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Collectible Minato


All Miman in Da'at: Shinagawa Guide

Travel to the North Shinagawa Leyline that's to the South-East of the Fairy Village. From here you should see on your map a small winding path that heads North and then loops around to the left. Follow this path and at the top, you'll find a demon that will mark all of the Miman locations for 10,000h.

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Collectible Shinagawa


All Miman in Da'at: Chiyoda Guide

After the fight against Surt, you'll continue heading to the North-West down a tunnel. When you get to an opening where you can turn West or further North towards another Abscess take the North path. Follow this until you get to the Otemachi Leyline. From here head North following the wall to your left to pass by two vending machines and you'll find a solitary demon. Talk with him and you can purchase a map to the Da'at Chuyoda Miman for 20,000h

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Collectible Chiyoda


All Miman in Da'at: Taito Guide

From the Asakusa Leyline, you'll find yourself back at the circular snowfield with the different levels. Continue around this are clockwise from the center and you'll find the demon hiding off as far away as possible in the snow. This time to buy the map to fill in all of the Miman will cost you 40,000h, thankfully this is the last large sum of money you'll be spending.

Shin Megami Tensei V Miman Collectible Taito


What are the rewards for Shin Megami Tensei V Miman?

There are a number of rewards you get for collecting the Miman along your journey and with 200 littered about the maps chances are you'll accidentally run into more than a handful. Every 5 Miman you collect you'll earn a reward from Gustave, these rewards are all listed as a menu option in the Cadaver's Hollow. Each time you return to the Leyline you'll see a notification on the Cadaver's Hollow icon if you're able to pick up a new reward. These rewards include healing and combat items, Essences, and Talismans.

The reward that you might be more interested to hear about is that each Miman collected will earn you a few Glory based on which location you're at in the game. The amounts are as follows:

  • Da'at: Minato - 5 Glory
  • Da'at: Shinagawa - 6 Glory
  • Da'at: Chuyoda - 8 Glory
  • Da'at: Taito - 10 Glory

While 5 or even 10 Glory might not seem like too much when some of the endgame Miracles require 150 Glory to purchase with 200 Miman out in the field that's a lot of small change to not be picking up. This is especially important early in the game as some of those Miracles can really give you a competitive edge over your opponents.


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