Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Walkthrough

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Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - Key Art

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is a fantastic take on a younger version of the world's greatest detective, but that doesn't mean it's easy. If you're struggling with your cases, then our Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide will help you to solve them without any trouble at all. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Walkthrough

As you explore your broken memory, you’ll come across another invitation from Vogel, as well as an ‘interesting’ outfit, and a reference to the modern Sherlock show (because that’s always funny and fitting). Either way, a new game is afoot. Slip into your new clothes and get going to the location mentioned in the invite. If you’re struggling, it’s the big mansion across the stairs from the Cathedral which should now be on your map. 

Walk inside and you’ll be inside of Eyes Wide Shut but less kinky. A bit. Anyway, after a cutscene is finished you should head towards the stairs on your left, then go a little bit past them and enter a drawn back curtain to being a cutscene with Vogel. If you’re already a fan of Sherlock Holmes as a character, then you’re about to discover the origin of one of his more interesting personality defects. 

After your conversation, you’re given a key to the alter room. Leave your current location and head to the door on your left to discover the real reason that you’re here. Yet another body. As always, being with the body itself. Examine the wound on his head, his tattoo, and the knife sticking out of his chest. From all the clues you can gather it’s clear that this person died right on the altar before you. Spooky. Once you’re done, turn around and talk to Vogel. He has some explaining to do. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - Stoner

Chat with him about what happened and you can start your case in earnest. Another locked door scenario, though this time with a bit of a twist. Examine the rest of the location carefully. You should find a bloodstain and some cigars near an upper-class sofa, as well as a potential murder weapon in the form of a bottle of wine. Make sure you also check out the central section, in particular, there are some symbols on the back wall, and some tools lying near the victim's head on some rocks. Head to the back of the area as well, since there’s some important info in the dressing room. Here you can find bloodstains in the sink, as well as evidence of a missing costume and a wet handprint. Also examine both dressing tables to get a decent picture of both Fabio and the other performers. 

With the place explored, pin the ‘Smoking Lounge’ evidence and examine the various new spots that pop up with your concentration. This tells you how the body was moved before being placed and then killed on the altar. Time to reconstruct the scene. It’s best to start at the beginning, so head to the smoker's lounge. This first figure should depict Fabio being beaned on the head with a bottle, not stabbed. Follow the blood trail and the second figure should show Fabio being dragged, not crawling. Next, at the alter have the figure stabbing Fabio through the chest, and also have the figure locking the door on the other side of the room. Head through to the back and have the painter’s figure getting rid of their clothes in the cupboard, not Fabio. Finally, move to the washbasin and make sure it shows the painter’s figure cleaning up, again, not Fabio. 

With that done, we can make some deductions in the mind palace. 

[Fabios’ key was untouched + the door was locked and unlocked = the murderer had a key]
[The murderer cleaned + circumstances of Fabio’s death = the ritual was a cover]
[Fabio died on the alter + Circumstances of Fabio’s death = Fabio was killed for the ritual] 

Of the last two, the cover option is the right one. Speak to Vogel and ask him about the murderer’s key. He will direct you to speak to the person running the party who has gold stars on his mask. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - Chillin'

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to complete Jon’s request. Follow the mini-guide below. 

Jon’s Request

You’ll see a couple of people in one corner of the room chatting away. Time for an eavesdropping mini-game. You need to select the following: 

  • [Mysterious Disappearance]
  • [Magic Circle]
  • [Occulistist Architect]

Once you’re done here, head to the opposite side of the room and through another curtained-off area. Here you should see two people talking through a crack in the curtain. Time to eavesdrop again: 

  • [Fired After Incident]
  • [Offended Duchess]
  • [Cheating Groom]
  • [Political Crisis]

That’s enough info for Jon to work his magic. Back to the murder.

Okay, so although you know about the whole ‘Gold star mask’ thing, it’s not going to help you on its own. You need to use your concentration mode to see who is nervous after discovering a body. Look for someone with gold stars on their mask near the central fountain who is standing alone. That’s your man. Talk to him about the murder and he will reveal that other than you three the only people with keys were Santos and Matista, two of his workers. Not that it matters, as your conversation is cut short by a pretty funny cutscene. 

A Proper Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - References

When you gain control again you’ll be sitting in a police station somewhere talking with an officer. He seems surprised that you are Violet Holmes's son, and you now have the opportunity to request his help with your mother’s mysterious death. You strike a deal with him. Solve the current murder and give him the arrest and he’ll help look for information about your mother's case. It’s a win-win situation really. 

Examine all of the evidence on the table. Looks like Santos is the one who reported the murder, very quickly. Sus. Leave the room and head to the end of the hallway to speak to Vogel. After you choose whether you would lie for him or not, show him the witness deposition to end the conversation. Head back down the hallways a bit and into one of the doors on your right. Here you can properly examine the person who was running the party. 

Take note of his hair dye, and rouged cheeks, as well as his recently washed hands and expensive shoes. You can either come to the conclusion that he is worried about aging or cares a lot of cleanliness. The first is probably more accurate, but it mostly just affects how you interact with him rather than any aspects of the case itself. Ask him the various questions that pop up, then show him the witness deposition and the gifted cufflinks to end the interrogation. 

Go across the hall to interview Matista. Start talking to her to initiate an observation scene. Look over her tattoo, hands, and various cuts and bruises then decide whether she’s disassociating or punishing herself. After that, ask her about her story and bruises, then show her the book you found in her evidence locker. Also show her the letter fabio sent to Vogel and then ask her about her mysticism to end the scene. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - RAID!

Before going any further, make the following mind palace deduction: 

  • [Santos informed the police + Santos is a majordomo = Santos is a suspect]

Now you can feel free to leave the police station and change your outfit, but don’t run off too far. You still need to go and see what that evidence ticket will get you, as well as speak to someone about Santos being a suspect for that matter. Head to the evidence section of the police station and show the officer your ticket. He’ll give you three boxes of evidence to look over, so check through them all thoroughly to discover that pretty much everyone is a worth suspect in this case. Oh, dear. 

Head back to the archives side of the station and talk to the officer you're helping. Present the evidence that Santos is a Suspect and he’ll have him brought in for questioning. Go to room 7 and examine his confiscated belonging before you talk to him. Seems like Kurt was a bit of a… git, to him. Start the convo and you’ll begin an observation scene. Once you’re done, pick if you think he’s bad with money or a total scrooge. Then ask him all the questions, and when it comes time for it, present him with the will you found in his evidence box, 

Now you should go and show the letter from Fabio to Vogel and ask him about it, and the will to Kurt and ask him about that. You can also show the occult book and Fabio’s letter to Kurt too while you’re there. With all that done, it’s time to hit up the mind palace. 

Making The Final Deductions

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - Deductions

You have a lot of stuff to play around with here: 

  • [The murderer cleaned themselves + blood on Pinchetti’s shoes = Pinchetti missed the blood splatter]
  • [The murderer cleaned themselves + Kurt is a clean freak = Kurt cleaned himself]
  • [The power of Love + Matista trusts the occult = Matista may have used the ritual]
  • [Matista has fresh bruises + Matista’s activities = Matista was bruised by guest]
  • [Kurt has a routine + Kurt cleaned in a hurry = he set himself up for depravity] 
  • [Kurt has feeling for Fabio + Fabio’s Letter = letter may have bene for Kurt]
  • [Pinchetta’s bloody shoes + Santos informed police = may have stepped in blood]
  • [Pinchetti is a majordomo + Manchios Mocked Pincehtti = Santos efforts in vain]
  • [Matista’s bruised + Fabio killed in other room = Matists injured in the fight]

You will have 3 decisions to make after all this. Of all the suspects, which is the one most likely to have killed him. Well, there wasn’t a struggle, so Matistia is out immediately. The majordomo changing his clothing but failing to spot blood on his shoes seems unlikely, so the best option here is that it’s actually Manchio himself who did it all. Having come to that conclusion, speech to Kurt Manchio again and present him with the letter from Fabio. He will deny it all of course, but not very convincingly. Now go and show the letter to Vogel again, and you’ll unlock another mind palace clue. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Sacrificial Lamb Case Guide - Sherlock Close Up

Combine [Vogel is held because of the letter + Either Manchios or Vogel is lying] to receive a choice. Either Manchios planted it, or Vogel took it while high. While a stoned person taking a letter doesn't sound completely implausible, it does seem rather unlikely when compared with ‘old, arrogant man who is clearly a nob planted it to clear his own name’. Either way, show the letter to Matista as well for your final mind palace clues. COmbine [Feeling for Fabio + trying to break connection] to receive the last piece of the puzzle. Now you have to choose, a crime of passion, or a sexual predator. 

Considering what Matista said about the old man, the crime of passion seems much more likely.  Go to accuse Kurt and make your choice about whether it was a premeditated case or not, then present your finding to Officer Oswald to receive your mother’s files. Another case in the bag. 


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