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A Muse From Abroad - Key Art

Not long after you’ve finished your previous main case in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One you’ll be presented with your next, A Muse From Abroad. After a brief encounter with a stranger at your door where you have to figure out what he is (an actor, dressed as a sailor) you’ll be invited to Vogel’s art gallery where your next main case begins. The invitation tells you where you need to go, the intersection of Bazaar Road and Hermes Avenue in the Old City. If you’re struggling, it’s the southern-most large dark-grey square on your map in Old City. Once you head inside, you’ll be met by Vogel who asks you to help solve a classic locked-room mystery. 

Head through the gallery until you find stairs going down and enter the under gallery. Ignore Jon prattling around with the fishing rod and head around the corner to find your first clues. Examine the shovel, and both sets of prints, then open the door on the coal shute in front of you. Examine the footprints and the scratches on the door to acquire even more clues. Now turn around and head back into the gallery. Examine the coffin to find a handprint, a slightly disturbed skeleton, and a raven which prompts a reference from Jon (I bet you can’t guess what the reference is about). 

Turn 180 degrees and head straight forward, making sure to examine the two paintings and box of glowing mushrooms as you go. None of these actually give you clues, but they do flesh out your understanding of some of the clues you already have. On the left, as you walk forward you should see a pile of smoldering...something. Examine the empty painting frame and the ‘MalPal’ cigarette butt to get more clues. The final place to examine down here is at the end of the empty hallway you’re currently in. Use your concentration on the blank wall (ensure you have The Vandalism of the ‘Undergallery’ pinned or it may not show.) This will show you how the paintings looks before the vandal ruined everything. 

A Muse From Abroad - Opening

With all the clues acquired, pin The ‘Undergallery’ evidence and you can start a reconstruction of what happened. You need to make sure that all of the places are taken up by the artist’s dummy, except for the figure by the stairs which is supposed to be Vogel performing the worst security sweep in history. 

With this done, you can now go back upstairs to tell Vogel what you discovered. The first question will be able to what the collection downstairs means, but doesn’t actually seem to change anything. Then you need to tell him how interesting you found the case, followed by all the details you unearthed. Now we have a lead, the artist behind the stolen painting is Boniface Mercurio. Of course, we also need an address other than “somewhere in Old City”. 

Head to the Chronicle and search the following while you have ‘Marcurio’s Address’ pinned to get his address. 

[Old City + Celebrities + Recent] 

Sherlock Holmes Chpater One A Muse From Abroad - Mercurio's Apartmant

You’ll find Boniface’s building midway down Hermes Avenue, but if you try to get in, you’ll be told in no uncertain terms that only residents are allowed inside. Boo. Time for a classic sherlock disguise. You can try out various different ensembles, even the police outfit, but they won’t work. What you need to do is go to the market just down the street and buy the Bohemian outfit, the Messy Hair, Artist’s Stubble, and Artist’s Tan Powder to make yourself look like Marcurio himself. 

With your new disguise applied, talk to the old woman who will give you the spare key. Journey upstairs to discover that Mercurio is not having a good day. As with any murder case, start with the body. Examine the wound around his neck, the bloodied rags, the knife, his chest, and his hand. Next, examine his nearby desk to find a very fancy camera, a broken mirror, a missing knife, a broken bottle, and newspapers sticking out of a drawer. Once you’re done, look down at your feet and take a look at the bloody painting, if only to prompt Jon to do his thing. 

Examine the painting on the bed, and the paintings in the chest, as well as the collection of alcohol bottles by the door. You should also go and check out the darkroom as well, to find several interesting photographs. At this point, it’s time for reconstruction. Starting at the door, make sure the painter’s dummy is searching through the chest. Next, you want Mercurio to be bashing the figure over the head with a bottle. Then the next figure should show the figure attacking Mercurio with a knife while he grabs for his painting. Finally, the last figure should show the artist’s dummy attempting to wrap cloths around Marcurio’s neck as he bleeds out on the floor.

A Muse From Abroad - Painting on the Ceiling

With that done, pick up the painting and perform a chemical analysis. You can use the screenshot below if you’re struggling with this one. Once completed you’ll have a cleaned painting, which when put back on the easel tells you that certain things are missing from the room. Firstly, a skull should be hung on the wall, and secondly, there’s a log here for some reason. Go into the red room again and find the skull hiding around the corner. This will reveal the final clue for this area, and it’s not a fun one. 

Go downstairs and speak to the landlady. You have to choose whether or not you’re honest with her about what has happened, but if you want to complete Jon’s challenge, I highly recommend opting for the more tactful approach of staying in character. This way, she’ll give you a decent description of who you’re hunting next in the case, the limping man. 

Once outside, visit your mind palace again for more deduction: 

[The Painter was killed in a fight + the thief was caught by the painter = Murder wasn’t the objective]

[Limping thief was a smoker + Marcurio’s visitor smoked MalPal cigarettes = the gallery thief was in Marcurio’s flat]

[Photograph of violation + the painter’s flat was searching = visitor might have wanted that photo] 

With all three deductions done, you make one super deduction that the thief in the gallery wanted the photograph, more than the painting. They then arrived at Mercurio’s flat and was killed in self-defense. 

Now to start the next leg of the case: finding the limping man. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One A Muse From Abroad - The Refugee Camp

A Muse from Abroad - Girl Sketch

Start by pinning the drawing of the African woman. Now find someone nearby of African heritage and ask them while you’re dressed like a local. You should be informed of a nearby refugee camp which is the only place on the island you can find people of the woman’s tribe. You’ll have to go to the Victoria bridge between Scaladio and Silverton, so fast travel to the City Hall travel point and run north. 

As you go across the bridge, you should see an opening on your right. Follow the stairs down and you’ll come across people just being straight up buttholes. Go and speak to the guy in the ugly suit and tell him that you’re a private investigator. After a brief conversation, you’ll have the opportunity to observe him. Note his terrible mustache, the fact that he’s overdressed, his sweaty palms, his clean shoes, and his pale skin. You can then either peg him as a Dazed Formalist or a Tired pen pusher. The first one is probably closer to the mark judging by those sweaty palms. 

When pushed, you should suggest that you can help and he will eventually agree with you. Ask him about the details of the refugee’s situation and head into the camp when you’re ready. Speak to the police officer on your way in and ask him for further details on the situation. It seems like a woman screamed and the refugees lept to her defense, killing a man in the process. Time to get investigating again. 

Once again, start with the corpse. It should be clearly visible from near the first office you spoke to. Examine the blade, the wound it made, the tattoo on the victim’s neck, and his boots. Then concentrate on his hand to finish off the examination. Sounds like we may have found our potential thief and murderer a little later than we would have liked. 

Head back up the stairs and examine the table with the man’s belonging on them. Examine the money, the sheath, and the cigarettes. Now move to your right and examine the broken pots labeled as 3 to discover a broken crate and a pool of blood. Next, examine the spot marked number 4 to find some more blood spots and a boot print. You can also see a bloody handprint marked 9 on the wall nearby. Turn 180 and follow the trail of evidence markers, examining as you go. 

You should find several footprints, traditional African jewelry, and a variety of bloodstones. At the end of the trail, you should find a man lying on the floor bleeding. Examine him to discover that he is not in a good condition. Jon will give you the challenge to help the man. If you wish to do so follow the mini-guide below: 

Helping the wounded man

First, pin Jon’s challenge, and head back the way you came to a big cooking pot. Concentrate on it and you’ll find that it’s the perfect base for a disinfecting solution. Go back towards the dead body and concentrate on the nearby plant to discover its Aloe Vera, particularly useful for stopping infection. Go around the corner to find some clean clothes you can use to bandage the man’s wounds.

While you’re near the trousers, you can do an eavesdropping minigame to unlock another challenge from Jon.  With all that done, go into your evidence file and perform chemical analysis to produce a first aid salve. The screenshot should help you if you get stuck. Once you’re finished simply run back to the refugee and heal him. 

A Muse from Abroad - Chemical Analysis

Back on with the case. Pin ‘How did the intruder get into the camp’ and turn around from the wounded refugee. You should see a concentration spot to look into. You also need to run back up to where you spoke to the first office and examine the ladder behind him, and then run into the sewer and examine the grate as well. This disproves various theories about how he entered. With the evidence still pinned, go back to the main entrance and examine the cigarettes on the ground to discover that the police just let the man in. It’s time to reconstruct. 

Starting from the further point moving upwards you need to show the man dragging a woman out of the shacks. The second figure should show him stabbing the refugee that you helped, but make sure it also shows he is dragging the woman, and not protecting her. Next, show the woman’s bracelet splitting as he tried to drag her along. The next figure should be the victim fleeing, then then the one after shows someone kicking a crate under his feet The last one to deal with should show the man stumbling into the river rather than being kicked in. 

Here you have several options for how to proceed. First up, there are some deductions you can make below: 

[The thug tried to drag the girl away + The thug didn’t hurt the girl = attempted kidnap]
[Coal footprints + Coal under nails = The same as gallery thief]

This should lead you to the conclusion that your man wasn’t a simple thief, but was more a henchman and all-around bad dude. Now go and speak to Mr. Harlow and share your conclusions. Finally, you can start to speak to the refugees. If you want to complete Jon’s challenge for solving the mystery at the camp, follow the mini-guide below. 

What’s Going on at the Refugee Camp

Pin the challenge and speak to one of the refugees. Make sure that the local icon in your wardrobe menu is as filled as possible. They will tell you that shady men come by to ‘borrow’ some refugees for hard labor, but that they usually go along with it for food and money. One woman was abused, however, so since then women aren’t sent along. And, that’s pretty much it for this one. 

Pin the drawing of the girl, dress in your local costume, and go and speak to the refugee near the shacks at the end of the camp. This will get you a chance to speak to Neila. Though she’s not incredibly enthusiastic about your help, she does provide you with some information about the culprit. Back to the mind palace we go! 

[The defiler has a cross + photograph of violation = the violator is high ranking]

Before you continue with the case, speak to the police officer and ask him about the tattoo on the victim’s neck. He’ll inform you about a particular ‘alleged’ criminal gang who is probably involved with the stolen painting. You now have a dangling thread to clear up before we can solve the case. 

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One A Muse from Abroad - Solving the Case

A Muse From Abroad - Mind Palace

Head to the City Hall archives to continue the case. When you get there, pin the drawing and search for [Officials + British + Occupation] to receive a profile on one Thomas Norton. 

Speaking of which, head to the opposite side of the hall and you’ll find Norton in his office. Talk to him to begin an observation. 

Take note of his lack of sleep and the fact that he hasn’t shaved. Also notice that he’s wearing the medal that Neila depicted and doesn’t seem to ever remove it. Finally, note the wine stain on his hand and the ruffled clothes, and then make your deductions about his personality. Either Norton is Remorseful or he is a party goer. Personally, remorse is probably the best choice but at most it only affects how you interact with the man rather than the case itself. 

When prompted, choose to show him the photograph, and he will eventually agree to talk to you. Go through the entire conversation to discover the truth, or at least, his version of it. 

Now go to the police station, pin the tattoo and search for: [Smuggling + Suspects + Scaladio] This will give us the location of the suspect’s company in Scaladio. Head to the location it describes, but don’t bother with the front entrance. Head around the side to get into the compound and find out where some of those refugees have been going. Examine some of the boxes s you move through the area to discover some of the smuggling operations that have been going on around here. 

A Muse From Abroad - Fighting

Speak to the man at the gate and punch him in the face to start a combat sequence and quite a long one at that. Once you’re done, search the warehouse. Be careful, because the doors will just take you back outside again. If you run into a door and it opens, you’ve come to the right place. Examine the painting covered in the corner to locate the stolen painting you’ve been searching for. 

Go through the other door and you’ll meet with the world’s worst guard. Chase him down, but as you do, use your concentration on the newspaper on the bench. In the main hall, examine the receptions desk and the painting on the opposite wall, then go through the next door and examine the desk and shelf here to get everything you need. Now finally we can speak to the big boss himself, doing so will trigger an observation. 

Check out his hands, gun, arm, and neck to get the full picture of the man. Choose either a calculating mastermind or a ruthless crimelord, depending on how you personally feel about the situation, but you know one of them is going to receive a warmer reception. Either way, discuss everything you can with him, and he will ask for the photograph just like everyone else. 

Once you’re done with all of this you should have a few simple connections to make in your mind palace that will eave you with a choice to make. 3 people can be recipients of the photo. You can give it to your client who will spread the scandal, give it to the criminal who will look after the victim alone, or give it to the official who will improve things for the entire refugee camp. All 3 decisions have their drawbacks, so choose whichever you want and speak to them. When prompted, give them the photo to end the case. 

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