Shadow Warrior 3 Achievement/Trophy Roadmap

Last Update: March 2, 2022


Shadow Warrior 014

Shadow Warrior 3 is the latest boomer shooter in the Shadow Warrior series of games out for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. As Lo Wang you'll run, jump, shoot, and slash your way through a variety of weird enemies exploring a number of gorgeous setpiece locations. There are 38 Achievements/Trophies to pick up along the way and to 100% complete this game isn't too difficult a task. In this Shadow Warrior 3 Achievement/Trophy Roadmap we'll take you through everything you need to know to 100% complete this game. If you're not wanting to spoil the story for yourself don't worry the guide below will be story event spoiler-free

Before you get started...

  • You can collect every Achievement/Trophy in a single playthrough of the game
  • There are no Achievements/Trophies tied to the difficulty you're playing Shadow Warrior 3 on
  • There is New Game Plus where your upgrades and collected Orbs carry over
    • After completing the game selecting Continue will allow you to replay the final boss, selecting New Game will prompt you to start over warning you that all progress will be lost
  • There is no level select
  • There are missable Achievements/Trophies

There are Thirty Nine different Achievements/Trophies available in Shadow Warrior 3. All of these Achievements/Trophies boil down to four different types; Story Achievements/Trophies, Completely upgrade Lo Wang, Use all of the Gore Tools, and by Killing enemies in different ways.


Shadow Warrior 3 Story Achievements/Trophies

The Story Achievements/Trophies aren't tied to any difficulty level so to earn these you simply must complete the game. There are 11 different levels in Shadow Warrior 3.

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrade Lo Wang Achievements/Trophies

You can upgrade Lo Wang's physical abilities as well as each of the seven weapons that you'll unlock over the course of the game. Upgrading these requires differently colored upgrade orbs that are primarily hidden around each level. Weapon Upgrade Orbs are Silver in color, and Character Upgrade Orbs are Purple in color. Your ultimate goal here will be to obtain the Coaching is Overrated Achievement/Trophy which is to "Obtain all upgrades" but along the way you'll unlock a number of other Achievements/Trophies.

  • Shiny! What Does It Do? - Obtain your first upgrade
  • I'm Something of a Gunsmith Myself - Fully upgrade a ranged weapon
  • Master Smith Would Be Proud - Fully upgrade the katana
  • Awaken Your Inner Wang - Fully upgrade one character skill branch

If searching behind every waterfall, through every side street, and through every box doesn't seem like your cup of tea then you can check out our Shadow Warrior 3 All Character Upgrade Orb Guide and our Shadow Warrior 3 All Weapon Upgrade Orb Guide to follow along and make sure you collect them all on your initial playthrough. NOTE: There is no Chapter Select or New-Game Plus, if you're going for them all then it's best to keep both open.

Not all Upgrade Orbs are obtained in the overworld, as you progress through the game you'll unlock a challenge section on your main menu. By completing these listed challenges you'll unlock more Upgrade Orbs. Be sure to frequently check your Challenge list and see which one you can next work towards. It's in your best interest to complete these challenges as soon as you can so that you can upgrade Lo Wang and his arsenal which will help when it comes to unlocking further Achievements/Trophies.

Shadow Warrior 3 Upgrades

Shadow Warrior 3 Using All of the Gore Tools Achievements/Trophies

While Lo Wang has 7 weapons he can always use, his katana and six weapons, there are additional tools that Lo Wang can gain access to called Gore Tools. In order to obtain a Gore Tool you will need to build up your finisher bar and use it on an enemy. The Gore Tool received from each enemy is different but you'll earn an Achievement/Trophy the first time you obtain a Gore Tool of each type. There are ten Gore Tools available throughout Shadow Warrior 3, after you have used them all you'll earn the Show Me What You're Made Of Achievement/Trophy. While on the path to getting this Achievement/Trophy you'll earn the following:


  • Caution! Watch Your Head - Obtain the "Brain Tonic" Gore Tool from Shogai
  • A Cold Day in Hell - Obtain the "Brain Freeze" Gore Tool from Kugutsu
  • Stop! Hammertime! - Obtain the "Equalizer" Gore Tool from Oni Hanma
  • Disco Inferno - Obtain the "Disco Grenade" Gore Tool from Laser Shogun
  • Anyone Has a Corkscrew? - Obtain the "Penetrator" Gore Tool from Mogura
  • Eye See You! - Obtain the "Seeking Eye" Gore Tool from Seeking Shokera
  • New Year Has Come Early - Obtain the "Swarm Launcher" Gore Tool from Slinky Jakku
  • Your Sword is Mine! - Obtain the "Blade of Hattori" Gore Tool from Hattori
  • What You're Cooking Here? - Obtain the "Hungry, Hungry Heart" Gore Tool from Chef Oboru Guruma
  • Size Does Matter - Obtain the "Double Trouble" Gore Tool from Gassy Obariyon

Do not worry about needing to conserve your Finisher bar in case you miss out on using a finisher on a new enemy. Before you reach any new enemy type the game supplies you with a number of Finisher Orbs, and then a cutscene plays to introduce the new enemy. Make sure as soon as you watch an enemy introduction cutscene the first thing you do is sprint towards them and use a finisher to make sure you obtain each of these Achievements/Trophies.

Shadow Warrior 3 Kill With Skill Achievements/Trophies

The final type of Achievement/Trophy is the ones that have you kill a certain number of enemies in a specific way. Some of these Trophies are pretty generic, but others will require certain arena conditions or special abilities. These Achievements/Trophies are listed below along with some tips to work towards them


Impossible to NOT obtain

  • Samurai - Kill 100 enemies with the katana
  • Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions - Explode 50 explodables
  • Don't Come Closer - Kill 200 enemies

Finishers and their Rewards

Each Finisher will reward you with a Gore Weapon (except for the Brain Tonic from Shogai which is a buff) just make sure you're frequently using finishers and you're killing at least one enemy per finisher to obtain this. A number of Gore Weapons are pretty powerful though so expect Gore Master to unlock well before Executioner. If you feel like your Finisher isn't charging fast enough we've got some tips for speeding that up in our Shadow Warrior 3 Finisher Moves Guide.

  • Surgeon - Perform Finisher 15 times
  • Executioner - Perform Finisher 100 times
  • Gore Master - Kill 100 enemies with Gore Weapons

Shadow Warrior 3 Hanma

Pay attention to your surroundings

Arenas you come across will have a number of different hazards build into them. Make sure to pay attention and spend some time drawing enemies into them. If you come across an arena that you find has a LOT of spikes, then maybe focus on working towards that Acupuncture trophy. For the Achievements/Trophies that related to setting your opponents on fire, electrocuting them, or freezing them you should wait until you've upgraded your sword, Dragontail, to its final level. This will allow you to inflict elemental damage and effects with a charged heavy attack. When you can set enemies on fire yourself it's MUCH easier to alight 25 of them.

  • Acupuncture - Put 50 enemies on spikes
  • Set the World on Fire - Set 25 enemies on fire
  • Baddies Go 'BZZZZZ' - Electrocute 50 enemies (without Motoko's help)
  • -273 Kelvin - Freeze 75 enemies
  • It's Dangerous Out There - Kill 150 enemies with environmental hazards


Killing enemies in specific ways will likely be the Achievements/Trophies that are the hardest to obtain, but even then it's more about focusing on a task and not just falling into a pattern of defeating enemies the same way every time. Later encounters can easily have 50-100+ enemies coming at you in waves so taking combat slow, defeating high damaging enemies first, and then slowly working through the fodder freezing them or setting them on fire is an easy activity in later levels.



After you've completed all of the above you'll earn yourself the My Precious! Achievement/Trophy and will have collected all of the Trophies for the game.



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