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Salt and Sacrifice character creation screen

Braving the world of Salt and Sacrifice not only requires a lot of skill and patience, but some careful planning as well. This starts right at the character creation screen, where your initial choices give a number of potentially helpful bonuses depending on your play style. Unfortunately, the most important choices — Class and Crime — fail to give you all the details on what each option actually does. That’s where this guide comes in. We’ll go over the basics of Salt and Sacrifice character creation, plus the benefits to picking specific classes and items.

Salt and Sacrifice Character Creation — General Settings

Everything outside of Class and Crime in the character creator is cosmetic only, and has no effect on your stats or starting items. All characters also start with a base of 5 points in each stat (more on this in the next section), plus the Blindfold Bag headpiece and the Inquisitor’s Dagger charm. Clerics and Sages also get early access to 3 Haze Decoctions, which are used to restore Focus.

Character Stats

Most stats in Salt and Sacrifice relate to the various weapons you’ll be collecting throughout the game. Strength, Dexterity, Arcana, Conviction, and Luck will all increase the damage of weapons, depending on their stat scaling. As an example, a Dexterity-scale S weapon will gain more attack per Dexterity point compared to one that’s Dexterity-scale B.

Aside from these general damage-boosting stats, the rest are:

  • Vitality: Increases maximum health
  • Will: Increases maximum stamina
  • Endurance: Increases maximum equipment load. Useful for heavy armor builds.
  • Resolve: Increases maximum focus, which is primarily used for conviction-based weapon skills.
  • Luck: Aside from increasing damage of Luck-scale weapons, this also increases the chance of items dropping from enemies.

Salt and Sacrifice Character Creation — Classes

Classes come with a set of armor and weapons (1 melee, one ranged), plus three pre-unlocked nodes in the skill tree. This gives an early boost to specific playstyles — i.e. daggers and dexterity for a fast hit-and-run play style — though it is eventually possible to earn equipment during gameplay.

Additionally, equipment is split into classes (not related to the classes you choose during character creation). Higher class weapons and armor will have greater benefits, but can only be equipped if you have the right nodes unlocked in the skill tree. All starting character classes come with unlocks for certain class 1 weapon or armor nodes, letting them use better gear early on.

Salt and Sacrifice Assasin class

Salt and Sacrifice Assassin Class

  • Twindagger — Dexterity-scale S
  • Throwing Dagger — Dexterity-scale B
  • Dalen light armor set
  • 1 bonus point in Dexterity
  • 2 bonus points in Will
  • Class 1 throwing daggers
  • Class 1 twindagger-type weapons

Salt and Sacrifice Cleric class

Salt and Sacrifice Cleric Class

  • Runed Mace — Strength-scale B, Conviction-scale B
  • Crossbow — Dexterity-scale E, Luck-scale B
  • Cleric light armor set
  • 2 bonus points in Conviction
  • 1 bonus point in Resolve
  • Class 1 divine glyphs

Salt and Sacrifice Fighter class

Salt and Sacrifice Fighter Class

  • Knight’s Vanguard — Strength-scale D
  • Throwing Axe — Strength-scale C
  • Pot helm + Heavy armor set
  • 1 bonus point in Strength
  • 2 bonus points in Endurance
  • Class 1 heavy armor
  • Class 1 vanguard-type weapons

Salt and Sacrifice Duelist class

Salt and Sacrifice Duelist Class

  • Steel Rapier — Dexterity-scale B
  • Crossbow — Dexterity-scale E, Luck-scale B
  • Fencer’s light armor set
  • 2 bonus points in Dexterity
  • 1 bonus point in Luck
  • Class 1 rapier-type melee weapons
  • Class 1 crossbows

Salt and Sacrifice Highblade class

Salt and Sacrifice Highblade Class

  • Steel Blade highblade-type weapon — Dexterity-scale B
  • Wooden Shortbow — Dexterity-scale A
  • Highblade’s light armor set
  • Class 1 highblade-type weapons
  • 1 bonus point in Dexterity, Vitality, and Will

Salt and Sacrifice Paladin class

Salt and Sacrifice Paladin Class

  • Palatine Vanguard weapon — Strength-scale D, Conviction-scale E
  • Palatine heavy armor set
  • Throwing axe — Strength-scale C
  • 1 bonus point in Vitality, Endurance, and Conviction
  • Class 1 divine glyphs
  • Class 1 heavy armor

Salt and Sacrifice Ranger class

Salt and Sacrifice Ranger Class

  • Hunter’s Cross Spear — Dexterity-scale C
  • Hunter’s Shortbow — Dexterity-scale B
  • Leather Brigandine light armor set
  • 2 bonus points in Dexterity
  • 1 bonus point in Endurance
  • Class 1 light armor
  • Class 1 shortbow
  • Class 1 halfspear-type weapons

Salt and Sacrifice Sage class

Salt and Sacrifice Sage Class

  • Iron-band Stave — Dexterity-scale D, Arcana-scale B
  • Channeling Rod — Arcana-scale A
  • Dusken light armor set
  • 2 bonus points in Arcana
  • 1 bonus point in Resolve
  • Class 1 stave-type weapons
  • Class 1 forbidden glyphs
  • Class 1 channeling rods

Salt and Sacrifice Character Creation — Crimes

Crimes are separate from your chosen class, giving bonus starting items that can potentially be helpful in the early game. Some, however, either have no real use, or their purpose is hidden until later in the game.

  • Alchemy: 3 vials of Phlogiston Decoction — Coats floor in fire. Easy to hit multiple enemies, and lingers for a good few seconds.
  • Arson: 5 Firebombs — Causes fire damage over time when hitting an enemy. A nice item to have against Salt and Sanctuary's first boss, especially when paired with ranged weapons.
  • Blasphemy: Censer of Harmony — Causes NPC creatures to attack any invading players. Good if you're looking to get into PvP early, though wont be useful right at the start.
  • Brigandry: Cutthroat’s Dagger charm — Increases maximum stamina. Good for classes that don't start with bonus Will, though this will eventually be replace with better dagger charms.
  • Drunkenness: 5 Cracked Wineskins — Low health restoration over time. Could be helpful in a pinch, but its effects aren't particularly strong.
  • Usury: Large Bag of Silver — Gain 1000 silver on use. Worth saving until the merchant is unlocked, as you lose half your silver on death.
  • Forgery: Forged Deed
  • Heresy: Krine Tablet
  • Lasciviousness: Lock of Hair
  • Smuggling: Signal Lantern
  • Vagrancy: Wooden Doll

That's it for our Salt and Sacrifice Character Creation Guide. You can check out even more content and guides below!

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