Rune Factory 5 Relationships and Marriage Guide

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Marrying Reinhard in Rune Factory 5

So, you’ve finally set your eyes on someone in Rune Factory 5, but how do you go about confessing your feelings to them? What if you want to pop the big question and get married? Maybe you even want to have kids? Let this guide be your wingman, because we’ve got you covered.

Talking to Martin in Rune Factory 5

Rune Factory 5 Relationships - Confessing Your Love

In case you’re unaware, it is possible to be in a relationship with a character of the same sex in Rune Factory 5. Before you go all out and confess your feelings to a character, there are some things you should know, and some prerequisites. 

Story Events

Each character has a total of three story events that you’ll have to go through to be able to successfully confess to them. These story events can be found through the map, where characters who have a story event to go through at that moment will have a pink background on their icon. You must go through all three of the events, as missing even one will grant you failure.

Conditions For Confessing

  • Your player character has to not be married
  • You have to go through all three of the character’s story events
  • You have to be at a friendship level of at least 7 with them. Your succession rate increases with the increase in friendship level.

Can You Confess to More Than One Person at a Time? 

Yes, you can confess to multiple people and date multiple partners at a time, but the succession rate of your confession decreases with the number of partners you have.

How to Confess

You can confess your feelings to a character from the ‘BTW menu.’ When talking to a character, press either the L or R button and you’ll be presented with a few options, one of them being ‘I love you!’ You’ll have this option even at level 0 friendship with someone, but for obvious reasons, it would be unwise to confess to them at that stage. Once you tell them your feelings, they’ll ask you whether you’re serious or not, and if you are, they’ll ask you to meet at a given place and time the next day for your first date.

Going on a date with Scarlett in Rune Factory 5


After a successful confession, you’ll be able to go out on dates with your partner. You can ask them out on a date through the ‘BTW menu’ as well, after which they’ll give you a time and place to meet. Make sure to reach on time for your date, otherwise you’ll end up getting into a fight with them. After three dates, you’ll end up unlocking one more story event with them.

Rune Factory 5 Marriage

Just like with dating, there are a few conditions you’ll have to meet before you can get down on one knee (well, not really) and propose to them. 

Conditions for marriage:

  • You need to be at a friendship level of 10 with your partner
  • You’ll need have gone on at least 3 dates with them, and which you unlock the final story event
  • You’ll need to have cleared the final story event
  • You’ll need to have met and unlocked all the NPCs in Rigbarth
  • You’ll need an engagement ring and a double bed to complete the quest

How to Get the Engagement Ring and Double Bed

Once you clear the final story event, you’ll find a request posted to prepare yourself for getting married. Once you accept this request, you’ll get the recipe for the engagement ring, as well as be able to buy the double bed from Studio Palmo. Crafting an engagement ring is fairly easy, and only requires an ore and a gemstone. The double bed can be purchased for 30,000G and requires 40 stone and 80 lumber. 

Once you have both of these items, head back to the request board to mark the completion of your quest.


Once you have the engagement ring, give it to your partner. If you’ve met all the conditions, then your proposal should be successful, in which case, congratulations! Wedding bells will ring for you the next day.

Getting married to Priscilla in Rune Factory 5

Having Your First Child

Once at least 20 days pass after your marriage, there’s a chance your partner will ask you if you want to have a child when you talk to them. For same-sex couples, you’re partner will ask if you would like to adopt. You can choose between having a child or not. If you tell them you’re not ready, they’ll ask you some time again the next week.

After at least two more weeks, another event will be triggered when you talk to your partner, where you can choose the gender of the baby and their personality. The appearance of your child will depend on what you pick.

After three weeks, you will be welcoming your first child! The first child you have will take on the hair color of the main character.

Having More Children

You can have more than one child in Rune Factory 5. To do so, you’ll have to wait at least one whole in-game year and one day after the birth of your first child. The next time you talk to your partner they’ll ask you if you want to grow the family, to which you can say yes or no. Just like before, if you say no, your partner will ask you again after a week. If you say yes, it’s the same procedure as what was with your first child. The twist this time is you’ll be having twins, and this time they’ll have your partner’s hair color.

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