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Our Retreat to Enen Farming Guide will tell you how Farming works, what Crops to plant, and how to unlock Farming in Retreat to Enen!

How Retreat to Enen Farming Works

Retreat to Enen Farming is fairly simple and straightforward. Here's how it works:

  1. Craft a Water Canister.
  2. Craft a Planter and place it.
  3. Interact with the Planter and Water it as needed with the Water Canister.
  4. Your Crop(s) will be ready in 3 days. Once they're harvested, a new plant from the same crop will grow in 3 days.

Crops are typically used for Cooking food or Cooking useful Tonics like Antivenom and Antiseptic. The flowers (Enen Flower, Teal Majesty, and Northern Lilly) are also used for some Crafting recipes.

What Crops Should You Grow in Retreat to Enen?

Retreat to Enen Farming isn't strictly necessary for survival, but it sure as heck makes it a lot easier. I recommend that you place a minimum of 8 Planters and grow the following Crops:

  • 2 Teal Majesty
  • 2 Enen Flower
  • 2 Potatoes
  • 2 Mushrooms

2 Teal Majesties are used to make an Antiseptic. The 2 Enen Flowers, on the other hand, are used to make Antivenom. Both of these items are critical to your survival -- Venom and Pathogens can kill you if left untreated. Potatoes and Mushrooms are used in many Cooking recipes, so you'll want to have those on hand to sate your hunger if you can't find any while foraging.

If anything, it's critical to emphasize growing Enen Flowers and Teal Majesties. You can find Food in a lot of places, but these are the only sources of a cure for deadly Afflictions like Poison and Pathogen.

Retreat to Enen Farming Guide - Farming Crops List

Retreat to Enen Farming Crops List

Here's a list of all of the Retreat to Enen Farming Crops we've found in the game.


  • Used for - Cooking
  • Found at - Enen, Valley of Giants


  • Used in - Cooking
  • Found at - Enen, Valley of Giants

Enen Flower

  • Used for - Antivenom, Crafting
  • Found at - Enen

Teal Majesty

  • Used for - Antiseptic, Crafting
  • Found at - Enen, Valley of Giants

Northern Lilly

  • Used for - Spirit Tonic, Crafting
  • Found at - Valley of Giants, The Frozen North

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