Resident Evil 3 Subway Route Puzzle Solution

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One of the first puzzles in Resident Evil 3 can be a bit tricky to solve. However, we have the Resident Evil 3 subway route puzzle solution for you right here, saving you all the trouble and allowing you to get out of Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Subway Route Puzzle Solution

The subway puzzle comes after progressing through the Uptown area and restoring the power to the subway station. Once you have exited the Subway Power Substation, you will be met with Nemesis, who will pursue you all the way through the area. Therefore, you need to run all the way back to the Subway Office, which can be accessed by heading through the Donut Shop into the back alley.


Once in the Subway Office, head to the back room with the control console and interact with the console in the center of the room. 


Each tile on the right corresponds to the station and its number along the route. And the route numbers are a palindrome. So, there are five stations, with the middle corresponding to the number three. The two at the end corresponding to the number one and the other two are considered station two. The solution is as follows from top to bottom: RE 01, FA 02, RA 03, SA 02, FO 01.


Once you are done hit enter to reactivate the subway car. From there you can head back to the subway, avoiding Nemesis along the way and getting yourself out of the city. 

That covers the Resident Evil 3 subway route puzzle solution. Be sure to stay up to date with the latest news when it comes to Resident Evil 3, and keep your eyes out in the coming days for more guides, including puzzle solutions, collectible locations, and every weapon and weapon part, alongside our review. 

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