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Remnant: From the Ashes is meant to be played more than once to get the full experience out of it. Why not take advice from someone who has beaten it multiple times and learn some advanced tips and tricks? Anything from what traits to build on your character to secret puzzles, we’re here to help you get ahead of the challenge.

If you’re only starting out, feel free to take a look at our spoiler-free Remnant beginner guide first, or maybe check out the game's official page for the rest of our coverage of this awesome Soulslike.

Remnant: From the Ashes Advanced Guide

remnant mudtooth buff
Mud Tooth on Earth sells two useful buffs.

How to Get 60-Minute Buffs

A huge way to get the most out of your character is by using the five consumable 60-minute buffs. They’re 500 scrap each, which makes them a bit more expensive if you’re still starting out. If you’re near the end game or on a second run, you should have these in your inventory already.

If you want to see what each buff does immediately, we have a bulleted list below.

The first two buffs are Mudtooth’s Stew and Mudtooth’s Tonic. While 60 minutes can be one full session of playtime for some, I’d save these for boss fights. Especially if you find yourself struggling with one. The Mudtooth’s Stew gives a 25 percent max stamina boost and the Mudtooth’s Tonic gives a 25 percent max health boost. 

Both Mudtooth consumables are purchasable from the Mud Tooth NPC on Earth. He’s an old man with a checkpoint right next to the crashed ship he lives in.

Divine Nectar increases your armor effectiveness by 10 percent, which might not feel like much, but it makes a difference. In a challenging game like Remnant, sometimes you need every piece of help you can get. Divine Nectar is available for purchase from The Elf Queen on Corsus.

Houndmaster’s Jerky increases your critical damage by 15 percent, which helps in more ways than one, whether it’s one hitting a basic monster or getting that extra damage on a boss. Houndmaster’s Jerky is available from the Houndmaster on Rohm in The Stalker’s Den area.

  • Mudtooth’s Stew - Max stamina increases by 25 percent for 60 minutes, death doesn’t remove it. Purchased from Mud Tooth on Earth.
  • Mudtooth’s Tonic - Max health increases by 25 percent for 60 minutes, death doesn’t remove it. Purchased from Mud Tooth on Earth.
  • Divine Nectar - Increases armor effectiveness by 10 percent for 60 minutes, death doesn’t remove it. Purchased from The Elf Queen on Earth.
  • Houndmaster’s Jerky - Increases critical damage by 15 percent for 60 minutes, death doesn’t remove it. Purchased from the Houndmaster on Rohm.
  • Golden Plum - Regenerates 0.21 health per second for 60 minutes, death doesn’t remove it. Purchased from the merchant on Yaesha.

Remnant Bell Puzzle Solutions

Remnant has three bell puzzles that I know of, and they were among the most frustrating mysteries for people before the official release. If you want the solution to each puzzle, we have them below.

remnant song of the lullaby
The Ravager Bell Puzzle image courtesy of Reddit user /u/Garierg here.

The Ravager Bell Puzzle

The Ravager is a wolf boss on the Yaesha world that has three bells randomly placed in the area near it. When you first pass through the mist cloud where the Ravager fight is, they’re waiting in a cave in the back.

If you shoot the bells in the correct order, it plays the Song of the Lullaby and you won’t need to fight the Ravager. This unlocks the melee claws weapon Scar of the Jungle God, shown here

remnant red doe bell puzzle
The Red Doe Bell puzzle image is courtesy of Reddit user /u/FireDragon04 here.

The Red Doe Bell Puzzle

This bell puzzle is coined as The Red Doe puzzle because of a nearby book everyone originally assumed was related to it. The bells are also in front of a giant statue of a doe. However, the solution wasn’t discovered until someone found the pattern from a book with the title, “Song of the Doe."

The solution based on the pattern below has one blank spot. As Remnant has some random procedural generation in it, it’s possible this blank spot changes for each player’s experience. I can’t confirm or deny it, but more than one player has said this pattern from left to right worked for them: 5-4-3-3-4-1-2-3-2-1

remnant song of the doe
Image courtesy of Reddit user /u/Bugs5567 here.

The Flute Bell Puzzle

This bell puzzle on Yaesha is near an NPC playing a flute next to five different bells with symbols on them. As usual, there’s a pattern, but this one is based on the notes played by the flute NPC. After playing the bells from left to right, 3-4-5-3-2-1, the Heart of the Wolf ring appears.

The video below shows the puzzle in action, courtesy of YouTuber Venatix.

Best Remnant: From the Ashes Traits to Pick

The best Remnant traits depend on how you want to build your character. Nonetheless, the traits I built tend to benefit everyone. The recommended traits below may look like a lot, but there are a total of 35 traits in Remnant. Here's how I built my character, and I recommend taking advantage of these traits regardless of your build.

  • Vigor increases your health, which is necessary for not dying instantly. Everyone needs a safety net for when they screw up.
  • Endurance increases your stamina so you can get more dodges out during a boss fight when you need it. Corsus also tends to swarm you with enemies, even outside boss fights.
  • Mother’s Blessing reduces received ranged damage. This is a nice trait to have alongside Vigor since certain range attacks are often unavoidable.
  • Mind’s Eye increases ranged damage. This trait isn’t unlocked until the end of the game, but it literally increases your damage across the board. Especially when melee is rarely worth using.
  • Exploiter increases weak point damage. This is an obvious one since most basic enemies have an easy headshot weak point. Bosses can be a little more difficult to figure out, but if you do, it makes that fight much quicker.
  • Executioner increases critical hit chance. Executioner is a personal preference since it helps get more criticals if you’re not always hitting weak points. And in many cases, you can’t hit weak points, so this is the second best move.
  • Kingslayer increases critical hit damage. Kingslayer combined with Executioner leads to increased damage output across the board.
  • Quick Hands increases reload speed. Quicker reloading leads to higher damage output and more easily dealing with adds/extra enemies.
  • Glutton increases the speed of using consumables. I wouldn’t prioritize Glutton, but it’s nice to have if you can’t always find a good window to use your consumables. Solo players will benefit more from it.
  • Elder Knowledge increases your experience gain rate, allowing for more trait points. This doesn’t help you directly, but it helps you get other traits going when you’re early on. It’s a good way to farm points, especially since you can reset it later.
remnant orb of undoing
Reggie begins selling the Orb of Undoing after the final boss is defeated.

How to Reset Your Trait Points

If you’re picky about what traits you put trait points toward, know that you can reset them with a certain item. After beating the final boss, you’ll get one Orb of Undoing, which resets all your trait points. This is a nice reward after beating the game, because you unlock a ton of new traits that you don’t have at the start of Remnant.

The Orb of Undoing is also purchasable from Reggie at Ward 13 for 2,500 scrap after killing the final boss. It’s worth mentioning that you will get the Orb of Undoing from beating the final boss, regardless of if it’s on your world or someone else's.

Using Enemy Friendly Fire

This is a more advanced tip that most players won’t take advantage of intentionally. While players have friendly fire with ranged damage against each other, enemies also can hurt each other. The Ent boss is a good example of how you can use a boss's mechanics against itself.

During this boss fight, the pink cotton candy balls are frequently summoned to suicide bomb you. The Ent has a phase where it goes into an artillery mode and shoots bombs toward you that explode into a pink rot cloud. Simultaneously, the cotton candy balls will chase after you and the artillery phase can blow them up. It’s not easy to intentionally do this, but when they’re blown up chasing behind you, it saves ammo and time.

Outside of that boss fight, however, many mobs have a ranged attack that they’ll send your way, regardless of what’s in the way. On more than one occasion, Root enemies flung a dagger toward me and hit another Root enemy in the way. This is a useful way to block incoming attacks and stagger others from getting a stab at you.

We hope you enjoyed our Remnant: From the Ashes guide, sound off in the comments if you'd like to see more!

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