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E3 2018 had a lot of big announcements for Square Enix trailers of known entities like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts III, and unknowns like The Quiet Man and Babylon's Fall brought intrigue. Now not all of them have been great hits but Square Enix is always able to bring the buzz.

The Obvious – It’d be more surprising if these didn’t show up

Final Fantasy. There's a good chance there will be a lot of it too. Not even counting Square Enix always taking time to show off the next Final Fantasy XIV expansion, we know that we will see more Final Fantasy VII Remake after last month's tease. We'll also likely see an update on Crystal Chronicles HD remaster.

final fantasy vii remake state of play

Dragon Quest will be getting some representation in the form of the enhanced port of Dragon Quest XI for the Nintendo Switch that's meant to be releasing this year and Dragon Quest Builders 2 that's almost a month from release. The new Pokemon Go like app Dragon Quest Walk may also briefly get spoken about as it has yet to receive a western release window.

Some of the smaller games we can expect to see from the Square Enix conference include Tokyo RPG's new game Oninaki. In this Action RPG you play as a Watcher, someone who walks between the realm of the living and the dead, whose job it is to find those who haven't moved on into the afterlife and guide them through. With a Summer 2019 release, chances are we'll get our actual date at the conference.

Kingdom Hearts III was one of the big releases of this year and after talks of DLC coming now would be the perfect time to announce it. In the past, Kingdom Hearts titles have had Final Mix re-releases including new objectives and bosses. As this is the first Final Mix that will release as DLC as opposed to a whole new game, we may be able to hope for a bit more, such as a continuation of certain cliffhangers ...

kingdom hearts iii review selfie
Is there any DLC in here?

Moving into a different territory, it's been confirmed by Square Enix that we'll see more of Marvel's Avengers. After the initial teaser, we haven't heard much about the game. At this point, the most we know about it is from a panel description calling it a co-op action game. Finally, we'll get to see who's in the game and what it will be like.

Square Enix and Techland are partnering up in a publishing deal for Dying Light 2. Much like its predecessor this game will land you in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse with nothing but your wits, craftable weapons, and an unnatural ability to parkour.

The last thing that we'll likely see is Babylon's Fall. This game was announced last year with a cinematic trailer and since then we just haven't really heard anything about it. It's a Platinum Games project, so you can expect some fast-paced action.

Star Ocean First Departure R, the remake of the remake of the original Star Ocean game for the Super Nintendo is releasing at some point for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Aside from a few tweets and interviews here and there, not much else has been discussed about this game. Might be a good time to bring it up again...

The Maybes – High risk, potentially high reward

We've seen a lot of Final Fantasy re-released in the past year as Final Fantasy VII, X, X-2, XII, and more were added to the Xbox and Switch library. An absent party, that a lot of diehard fans are hoping to get some justice is Final Fantasy VIII. Following Squall and his crew, this title was first released on the original PlayStation and hasn't had anything since its Steam release in 2013. Maybe it's time to finally give fans what they want?

If not Final Fantasy VIII then there's always a chance that other previous titles get ported to current generation systems. We may shortly be in a time where every mainline Final Fantasy game is playable in one place...

20170727161004 1

The Don’t Hold Your Breaths – Better grab your good luck charm

It wouldn't be Square Enix if Final Fantasy didn't end up in every single category on here. Final Fantasy XV is done and over after the cancellation of DLC plans, but just because it's been a while since XV doesn't mean fans should start getting excited about XVI just yet. As we're on the cusp of a new generation of consoles this goes double as well, but just think how much the wait will be worth it for those next-gen anime boys!

Just like Final Fantasy XV was a large project with a recent conclusion, the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and all of its expansions takes it off the plate as well. Anything about the cybernetic future of Deus Ex is also not likely to appear.

What do you think of these predictions? Do you think I got something wildly incorrect? What are you hoping to see?

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