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Let's talk about what we may see from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019

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Last year's PC Gaming Show E3 conference was replete with all kinds of PC games, from AAA to midtier, and a lot of indie titles in between, plus quite a bit of VR games. We expect this year to offer a similar selection of games, but we might get some surprises, since Epic Games is now an official sponsor of the conference, as we reported last month. There might be a few wild cards this year, as Epic Games has been campaigning for the Epic Games Store as a platform to disrupt the market and build a “new ecosystem for PC gaming,” as we reported. We'll probably get a few more Epic Games Store exclusives along the way.

PC Gamer has already posted a quite comprehensive list of studios and companies that have been confirmed to show up at this year’s conference, so we can build on that to speculate on what we might see on stage. It's not a final list, however; more developers and publishers will be announced until June 10. We can expect a very busy conference.

The Obvious – It’d be more surprising if these didn’t show up

Rune II

Human Head Studios didn't have the best year in 2018, with The Quiet Man (Our Review) being almost universally panned, but old-time fans of the studio might be happy to see more of Rune II, which has been confirmed as an Epic Games Store exclusive to release by Summer this year.

Starmancer and Inmost

As a publisher, Chucklefish just had Robotality's Pathway (Our Review) released, and it has two other indie games slated for a 2019 release. Starmancer is a space station sim inspired by Dwarf Fortress, according to Rock Paper Shotgun. Inmost is an "atmospheric story-driven puzzle platformer," according to PC Gamer.

There are a few other indie titles to be published by Chucklefish, such as Lenna's Inception, The Siege and the Sandfox, and Eastward, but a release window for these has yet to be announced.

Telling Lies

Annapurna Interactive just published Outer Wilds as an Epic Games Store exclusive, and another likely title to be released in 2019 is Telling Lies by Sam Barlow, the writer and designer of Her Story (Our Review) as well as Silent Hill: Origins and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It's very likely we'll learn more about Telling Lies.


Another title published by Annapurna Interactive that might make an appearance, Wattam is a spiritual successor of Bandai Namco's Katamari series directed by its creator, Keita Takahashi, with developer Funomena.

Annapurna Interactive also has a few other titles to be published such as The Artful EscapeDue Process, and Solar Ash Kingdom, neither of which has a release window yet.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

The fourth entry in the puzzle-platformer Trine series is slated for a Fall 2019 release. Developer Frozenbyte will probably show more of the game along with publisher Modus Games.

The Church in the Darkness

An infiltration stealth game where the story changes every time you play. You'll infiltrate the compound of an extremist religious sect in the 1970s called Collective Justice Mission to check on a relative, and soon you'll learn that things are not what they seem. It's being developed by Paranoid Productions and published by Fellow Traveller.

Night Call

A murder mystery noir game set in Paris. You play as a taxi driver, trying to eke out a living while aiding an investigation by doing what you do best: getting people to talk while you have their attention as a taxi driver. It's being developed by Black Muffin and MonkeyMoon and published by Raw Fury. Slated for a Summer 2019 release.


This is a dark and atmospheric adventure game, where you live a monotonous life in a cold city, with no real sense of meaning. One crucial day, however, strange things start to happen and everything changes. It's being developed by Krillbite Studio and published by Raw Fury.


Since Epic Games will sponsor the PC Gaming Show, it's very likely we'll see some new content for Fortnite, either new cosmetics or new modes.

New major title by Rebellion

Rebellion announced last Friday that they will show a brand new unannounced title at the PC Gaming Show, as well as Sniper Elite VR at E3 2019 (though not at the PC Gaming Show), as well as Evil Genius 2. The new unannounced title could be Sniper Elite 5, or it could be anything else, as Rebellion has developed quite a few other different games since Sniper Elite 4 (Our Review).

The Maybes – High risk, possibly high reward

Disco Elysium

I've been looking forward to this eccentric isometric RPG for a while now. I hope we get to see more of it, as ZA/UM might be releasing it this year.


Digital Extremes has been confirmed by PC Gamer, but they haven't announced a new game yet. Their last game, Survived By, was released in 2018. We might see a new announcement or new content for Warframe.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Winds of Magic

Fatshark has also been confirmed by PC Gamer, but the developer also hasn't announced a new game. It's very likely we will see more of the upcoming DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, which is slated for an August 2019 release.


This appears to be the first game developed by indie studio Steel Mantis, to be published by Digital Uppercut. It's a "heavy metal infused 2D action-platformer," with a pretty cool pixel art style, resembling Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden.

Lost Words: Beyond the Page

This is a 2D narrative adventure game where players move words to solve puzzles. It features a story written by Rhianna Pratchett (Tomb Raider), which ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, where the player moves through platformer levels and interact with words to solve puzzles.


Raw Fury has recently acquired the rights to the Kingdom franchise, so it's not unlikely that they might announce a new game in the series.

Phoenix Point

Since it was confirmed that this game will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, it just might make an appearance at the PC Gaming Show before its release in September.

The Don’t Hold Your Breaths – Better grab your good luck charm

Witchbrook and Wayward Tide

Chucklefish is having a very good year with Wargroove (Our Review), which had a pretty good critical reception and broke even within three days after the final release. As a developer, they have two other games in the making, Witchbrook and Wayward Tide, both only confirmed for a PC release so far. Witchbrook is reportedly a "magic school RPG," and Wayward Tile is a "co-op swashbuckler." However, both games still don't have a release window, so we probably won't see more of them at the show.

Terraria 2 or Terraria Otherworld

Re-Logic has been confirmed by PC Gamer, but it's highly unlikely we'll see a new Terraria title announced. The last bit of news on the game was in 2017, as development had just restarted with a new team. However, Re-Logic might announce a new game as a publisher.

The Last Night

Although Raw Fury has been confirmed by PC Gamer, this game, developed by Odd Tales, is not slated for a 2019 release, so it's unlikely we'll see it at the show.


The PC Gaming Show Live still start on June 10 at 10AM PDF / 1PM EDT / 6PM BST. You can watch it on Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or Mixer.

What do you think of our predictions? Are you hoping to see any other game on the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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