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Published: June 6, 2019 2:30 PM /


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There's a lot about the E3 press conferences you know going in: Dancing Pandas at Ubisoft, Microsoft showing off a new Minecraft update, and EA will show us the latest sports games slightly better than last year's. Devolver Digital is not like a lot of these conferences though, the only thing you can count on is their unpredictability.  For those that don't remember last year's conference promised "overly flashy graphics to distract you from mundane dialogue" because "it is 2018 and that is how marketing is done." 2018's Devolver Digital press conference also concluded with crowd members exploding in excitement and host, Nina Struthers, getting attacked and being rebuilt. If that didn't sound crazy enough, be sure to rewatch the 2017 and 2018 Press Conferences for yourself so that you're up to date with the Devolver Digital Cinematic Universe.

To start with the most obvious thing, we'll get to see what has happened to Nina Struthers after being gunned down at the end of last years press conference. Yes, it's not really anything to do with games but you've got to respect Devolver Digital doing whatever they want and honestly being really good at it. Devolver Digital will probably take a number of the big gaming conflicts of the past year and have some fun—I'm expecting to see at least loot boxes made fun of. Knowing Devolver Digital, they'll probably have one on stage to be physically opened or a pinata of some kind.

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Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass is likely to make an appearance as we still haven't heard much about the game other than it being a prequel to Serious Sam 3. This could be a great chance for Croteam and Devolver to show the world what Sam was up to in all of this time.

Last year Devolver showed off Metal Wolf Chaos XD, a remake of the Japan-only Mech fighter. At the time they told us it would launch in 2018 but then only a few months later it got delayed to "mid-2019," which is right about where we are at the moment. While on the surface this looks like a normal mech fighter, the premise and voice acting has turned the original into some kind of cult hit.

One of Devolver Digital's big hits this year, not just for its controversy, is Weedcraft, Inc. Devolver Digital has even explained in interviews how difficult it is to sell a game regarding building a weed empire, even though it's slowly being made legal across America and the World. As more content keeps coming out for the game, we expect an announcement to be made.

As of this morning a trailer announcing the release date of My Friend Pedro was released. Releasing on June 20th it's only a few weeks away from now. It still may make a mention at the conference but last minute changes can always happen.

What do you think of my predictions? Do you think Devolver Digital will surprise us once again? What are you hoping to see from them?

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