A Plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle Guide

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Amicia and Hugo in the area of the windmill puzzle from A Plague Tale: Requiem

So you've returned to the heightened version of 14 century France to continue unraveling the secrets of the rat plague in A Plague Tale: Requiem. You have continued Amicia De Rune and Hugo's journey as they learn more about the Macula, and The Order. But, there is a hidden puzzle in one of the story chapters, one that might help you out in a tight pinch, and it is one that can easily be missed. This is our A Plague Tale: Requiem windmill puzzle guide.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle Guide – Locating The Puzzle

The windmill puzzle in A Plague Tale: Requiem is easily missable. It's not tied to any trophy or achievement, and you can very easily go right past it if you stick to critical path. But the reward for completing it can make a world of difference.

First, you need to get to chapter 9 of the game. This is the part of the story where Amicia and Hugo reach La Cuna island and meet Countess Emillie and Count Arles. It should be at the point in the story where you can freely explore the island. If Sophia is with you, you're in the right place.

But while the main story path are tied to phoenix statues on the island, our main focus will be the windmills. There are four windmills sitting on a hill looking over the rest of the island. You will need to get into all four of them. For the sake of clarity, these windmills will designated as 1-4 as they appear from left to right when you are walking up the path from the ceremonial tree La Cuna's residents are praying at. Look for the stone staircase on your right as you approach the tree on the main path.

Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia standing in front of the first windmill as part of A Plague Tale Requiem windmill puzzle
Note the letters hanging over the windmill.

The first windmill is automatically unlocked. The second windmill will require a bit of work. Walk round the outside until you find a pile of crates with a rope tethered to it. Pull on the rope to yank down the crates.Next, climb up the crates then crawl through the hole in the wall. You can now open the door from the inside.

The third windmill's solution is a bit obtuse. There is a moveable crate near the windmill, walled off by a small fence. What you have to do is push the crate forward into some bushes. Doing this will reveal a small hole in the wall of the windmill. You can command Hugo to crawl inside and unlock the door from the inside.

As for getting into the fourth windmill, look around until you find a cart. Slide underneath the cart until you get to the other side, then climb up the ladder. There should be a hole in the wall where you can strike the lock from the outside with your sling. Drop down from the wooden platform, then head inside through the unlocked door.

Amicia and Hugo staring at a stone circlet path from A Plague Tale Requiem
This is what you're looking for next.

Now that you have access to all four of these windmills, it is time for the trickiest part. Somewhere behind windmills 2 and 3, there should be a series of stone half-circles coming out of the earth. Follow the path outlined by these structures until you pass through the last one. Look to your right. There should be a small ladder leading into a cave. Follow this cave's passage until you see a stone wall with a carving of a windmill on it.

This is why you need to access all four windmills. Each of the windmills have letters that correspond to the cave painting. This means that certain windmills need to be spinning, and others should not. This solution might change depending on difficulty level or save file. For my playthrough, my solution was the following: Going left to right, 1 and 2 should be stopped while 3 and 4 should be spinning. If this is done right, you will feel a rumble through your gamepad and Amicia will mention that she heard something moving underground.

Return to the underground cave and the wall should open up, leading into a secret treasure room.

A close up on Amicia's golden bracer from A Plague Tale Requiem windmill puzzle
It's helpful and it looks pretty neat as well.

A Plague Tale: Requiem Windmill Puzzle Guide – The Reward

So after jumping through all of those hoops, what is your big reward? In addition to two large treasure chests full of valuable upgrade materials, Amicia will receive an enhanced bracer. This bracer helps you recover from attacks faster, which can seriously help your survivability in the game's later chapters. It doesn't seem like much, but a half second can make a world of difference in a game where you can instantly die. It will also consistently show up on Amicia's forearm until the end of the game.


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