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It's a lot of fun to go beating up on any High Pixie or Jack Frost in Persona 5 Strikers but every now and then you need to get taken down a peg. During the main story of Persona 5 Strikers you'll get requests to take on a series of strange and powerful creatures. Depending on their level, and yours, it could be a walk in the park or something to ground you. It's not all bad though, by completing these Powerful Shadow quests you'll earn Key Items allowing you to fuse a special Persona.

In all honesty, if you take on these requests at the end of the game, chances are you're going to drift through them with ease, but if you're up for the challenge and are taking them on as they arrive then below you'll be able to find a few pointers on each of the battles.

Fratricidal Destroyer

Request Title: An Ebon God Descents
Request Date: August 24th
Reward: Beastly Was-Sceptre Fusion Item

The first time facing this enemy was on 8/24 with a party of mid to low Lv. 40s. Needed to routinely revive 2 or 3 members of my party and use up some consumables but was very doable.

Heat Wave: A wall of Physical force appeared in front of the Fratricidal Destroyer in the form of a wall that will head towards you. You can quite easily run around or jump over this attack.
The Destroyer has two Curse type attacks, one that will just create a damaging circle right under him and another that will create an X shape blast of curse energy out from it.

Fratricidal Destroyer is weak to Holy attacks, strong against Curse, takes no damage from Fire, and will drain Wind attacks.

Guard Dog of Hades

Persona 5 Strikers Powerful Shadows Guard Dog
Uhh good boy?

Request Title: The Hound of Hades Howls
Request Date: August 24th
Reward: Collar of Hell Fusion Item

I entered this fight with early 50’s Lv characters.

Blazing Hell: Large Scale AoE Fire Spell
Maragidyne: A fire pillar attack where they’ll spurt up all around
Maragion: A fireball will connect with the ground sending out a large shockwave. You can jump once it hits the ground to avoid damage
Assault Dive: Dashing attacks, they will be telegraphed by his stance readying but still comes out incredibly quickly so be ready
Double Fang: Two close range bite attacks

The large fire AoE is the real problem in the match, it covers almost the entire arena so try to always have the Guard Dog of Hades be somewhere nearer the side of the arena. If you feel you need a breather hang back with a character that can revive and keep his attention while your party members do some damage.

Guard Dog of Hades is weak to Ice attacks, strong against Nuclear, and will drain Fire attacks.

Monarch of Snow

Request Title: Make Way For The Frozen King
Request Date: August 25th
Reward: Giant Snow Crystal Fusion Item

From the Arboretum checkpoint slide down the snowboarding hill and you’ll encounter this powerful Shadow.

Bafudyne: An ice shard falls from the sky and when it connects with the ground an ice tree appears. If you’re hit then you get encased in the ice tree for high damage
Ice Age: A series of ice meteors slowly fly towards you. Use the large ice blocks to your advantage and get behind one to be protected from the attack
Mabufulu: Ice spikes rise up in front of King Frost
Mabufudyne: Like Mabufulu but ice spikes rise up all around King Frost
Sliding Dash: There’s no name for this attack but King Frost will slide forward with his scepter extended as an attack
Flash Bomb: A physical attack that will create small explosive balls directly around King Frost

Summons small and medium Jack Frost: This is the really difficult part of the boss fight. As you’re already trying to avoid close and long-range attacks from King Frost you’ll keep having snowballs pelted at you from every direction. The best way to deal with this is to keep King Frost in a corner, this will limit how far he can summon the Jack Frost so you can use Ann for some great AoE fire attacks

Monarch of Snow is weak to Fire, takes no damage from Holy, and will drain Ice attacks.

Persona 5 Strikers Powerful Shadows Monarch of Snow
All hail the king


Fallen Snowman

Request Title: Halt the Strutting Little Imp
Request Date: August 25th
Reward: Evil Snow Crystal Fusion Item

Easily enough this big guy will be standing in the middle of Shibuya Crossing right in front of the entrance to the Jail.

Mabufudyne: Large Ice Shockwave emanating from Fallen Snowman. Jump to avoid or you’ll get frozen in place
Diamond Dust: Throws a snowball, where it lands ice shards will explode out from. 
Unnamed Snowball Attack: Here Fallen Snowman will dig into the ground for a bit and then throw 8 medium sized snowballs and one very large one. If you get caught chances are unless your character evades you’ll get hit by them all so do what you can to start strafing as soon as you see him dig.
Unnamed Dash/Lunge: The Fallen Snowman will hurl himself across the arena, luckily at the end where he lands he’ll be stuck on the ground for a bit. A perfect time to get in some easy hits.
Evil Smile: This is a curse attack that will inflict fear on a party member. It will chase after you so make sure you’re moving always
Deathbound:  A large curse ring will appear in front of him and it will try to KO your party

Personally, this one was the easiest to fight so far. While he has a few unnamed attacks they’re so blatantly telegraphed they’re easy enough to time your dodge or just start running. The curse attacks are giant purple rings that are impossible to miss, and as long as you’re looking for what ice spell he’s going to use you can run away/jump at the right time.

Fallen Snowman is weak to Holy, strong against Nuclear, takes no damage from Fire and Curse, and will drain Ice.


Brilliant Dragonslayer

Request Title: Dragon Slayer Enters the Fray
Request Date: August 28th
Reward: Dragon Slayer Blade Fusion Item

Started the battle with a team of level 60 characters.

Megaton Raid: Vertical slash of his sword that sends out a slashing arc of energy
Vorpal Blade: A large square appears on the ground, the Brilliant Dragonslayer will stab his sword into the ground and all in the region will be damaged
Giant Slice: Here he will do the opposite of Megaton Raid instead by slashing horizontally while moving forward. A bit harder to dodge but still very possible.
Teleport: Brilliant Dragonslayer will completely vanish, you’ll then see a section of the ground glowing. When he emerges a shockwave will be released along the ground so be sure to jump

Brilliant Dragonslayer is weak to Wind and Nuclear, strong against Physical attacks and Ice, and takes no damage from Electricity


Throbbing King of Desire

Persona 5 Strikers Powerful Shadows Throbbing King of Desire
I've had to write "Throbbing King of Desire" too many times in my brief writing career...

Request Title: The Writing Nightmare Rises
Request Date: August 28th
Reward: Carnal King's Wheel Fusion Item

Once again arrived at this battle with low Lv. 60 characters.

Heatwave: Throbbing King of Desire will jump in the air and land on/near you. When he lands there will be a fire shockwave you can jump over it if timed correctly
Heat Wave: Fires out forward shockwaves
One Shot Kill: Powerful Projectile weapon that looks just as bad as you’d expect it to... can cause paralysis and has an extremely long range. Instead of strafing you’ll want to just back up to weave between the… projectiles.
Magaradyne: A large wind tornado will appear from a glowing circle. This one is relatively easy to dodge

Throbbing King of Desire also has attacks that will land in front of him, behind him, and a charge that he will use to get across the stage.

Throbbing King of Desire is weak to Psychic damage.


Shadow of God

Request Title: Angel of Contracts Descends
Request Date: Post Game
Reward: Contract Slab

Sword Dance: Send swords flying into the air that come down sequentially. Will track you so start moving
Kougaon: Creates a beam of light around himself. This attack comes out fast so be ready to dodge away or use someone that doesn’t take damage from holy attacks
Megidoleon: An Almighty attack that after charging will hit the ground and make a large shockwave
Couldn’t catch the name but three circles of light appear underneath the Shadow of God and then explode upwards, when you see these dash away.

Shadow of God can also summon minions during the battle, take care of them fast as you don’t need more to be avoiding in this fight

The real gist of this fight is in guerilla warfare. Dashing in and getting some good hits, and then leaving before any of his big AoE attacks damage you.

Shadow of God is weak to Electricity and Curse, takes no damage from Wind, and will drain Psychic and Nuclear.

Persona 5 Strikers Powerful Shadows Key Items
These key items and more can be yours for the low price of your time



Request Title: Knocking on Death's Door
Request Date: Post Game, after completing all Painful Past+ requests
Reward: Access to New Game+ where you can summon Lucifer

The Reaper has no weaknesses so just build yourself your best party possible, and stock up on items. He attacks with variations of every element and if you know what to look for you can avoid pretty much all of them.

Fire: Balls of fire will appear in the air and track the player as they rain down
Electricity: Circles on the ground will appear signaling an incoming bolt of electricity
Wind: Three tornados will originate from the Reaper and slowly head towards you
Ice: A ring of ice will form around the Reaper, it's a good way to scare you off but as the ice spikes appear you can time a jump and just continue attacking for midair
Psychic: A psychic circle will appear and begin to follow under the player, plenty of damage if you get hit but you can run away from it pretty easily.
Gun: This is Reapers most powerful and fastest move, there's no real way to see the attack coming but he either shoots directly in front of him, or shoots in a semicircle in front of him. The best way to avoid this is to do what you can to always stay behind him.

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