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Overwatch Character Highlight: Torbjorn

Published: August 18, 2016 1:00 PM



The "Turret Builder" is an iconic character for class based attack/defend games, and Torbjorn is that character for Overwatch. While he alone is not particularly powerful, Torbjorn has the ability to build a small stationary turret that will automatically shoot anyone who gets within its very large field of view. By setting up your turret in choke points, or in such a way that it gets a good view on the enemy team, Torbjorn can go out and fight on the front lines. In this sense, Torbjorn is almost like a character and a half.



Torbjorn's Abilities Include


  • Primary Fire
    • Torbjorn's primary fire shoots a single bullet of lava out at a distance. As it fires, it flies in a slight arc, allowing it to reach quite a distance. This is a long range and fairly accurate weapon.
  • Secondary Fire
    • The secondary fire shoots the bullets of lava more like a shotgun blast. It fires several shots in a spread, which in contrast to the primary fire, makes this a close ranged option.
  • Hammer
    • Torbjorn has a secondary weapon, a hammer. While this can work as a melee weapon, it's primary function is to build up your turret. Once you have your turret placed, continuously hit it with your hammer in order to repair it and to upgrade it from level 1 to level 2.
  • Build Turret
    • The turret is Torbjorn's most powerful weapon. Once placed, it spawns at level 1 and can be upgraded to level 2. At level one, it fires very slowly, but at level 2, it can fire 2-4 rounds per second, each of which does 14 damage. The turret is incredibly accurate and can aim at a great distance. It will auto target to the closest enemy in its sight, but if it starts taking damage, it will redirect it's fire to that enemy.
  • Passive Ability: Scrap Collector
    • Whenever a hero dies (enemy or teammate), or when your turret dies, some scrap metal will appear on the ground. Walk over to the scrap metal to collect it, and then the scrap metal can be used to create armor packs. Scrap metal is not needed to make turrets, repair, or upgrade them.
  • Armor Pack
    • The Armor Pack is an incredibly valuable defensive tool. It takes 50 scrap metal to make a single Pack (about two heroes worth) and can be thrown onto the ground to be picked up by yourself or your teammates. Once grabbed, the Armor Pack applies 75 points of Armor to the player; however, a player cannot stack Armor Packs from the same player. If the Armor is shot off, or the player dies, a new Pack may be applied.
  • Ultimate Ability: Molten Core
    • Torbjorn has an incredibly powerful Ultimate that has a few different abilities. Upon activation, Torbjorn gains 300 points of Armor and his attack speed is increased by 50%—this also speeds up the rate at which you can upgrade a turret. If you have a level 2 turret while Molten Core is activated (or you build one during the time that Molten Core is up), it will transform into level 3. At level 3, it's health grows from 300 to 800 and it gains a rocket launcher, which fires 4 rockets per second. Molten Core only lasts 12 seconds, so make good use of it.

Torb ult

Torbjorn is almost exclusively a hero you want to play on Defense. You really need that extra time to set up a turret into a prime position. It's not terribly hard to set one up when playing Attack, but when playing on Attack, it gives the enemy team too many vantage points to take it out compared to when you're playing on Defense.


You're going to want to place your turret in a position where it has a wide open view of the enemy team. On top of roofs and high vantage points are often best. Like I said earlier, your turret is ridiculously accurate and has a very long range—it's practically a sniper if it wasn't for the low damage output.

While your turret is doing its thing, you have a couple choices for how to play Torbjorn. Because of his primary weapon, he can play close range or at a distance, and to a certain degree you're going to want to do both. Sticking close to your turret and to your team can help keep your turret alive, and help armor up your teammates, but Torbjorn himself can be quite fearsome at close range, especially when using Molten Core.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Torbjorn

  • You can place your turret over where a health pack would spawn, and it will heal your turret. It keeps your turret healthy while you're away; however, there is a downside. Unless the turret takes a lot of damage all at once, like from a Pharah Rocket, it will eat the health pack after 1 point of damage.
  • If you want to take advantage of the Level 3 turret, pop your Molten Core when the enemy is making a push. If you activate it while they're disorganized, it won't make as big of an impact.
  • When distributing Armor Packs, you can throw them directly onto your teammates, so they don't have to worry about picking them up themselves.
  • Molten Core + Ana's Nano Charge is an extremely powerful combo. Unlike other transformation ultimates, like Winton's Primal Rage, Molten Core is designed to kill. Molten Core grants you a boat load of armor and increased rate of fire, and the Nano Charge makes you take even less damage and increases your damage output and your movement speed. At this point, even your Hammer is an incredible threat to the enemy team.

Heroes Torbjorn Is Best Against


The turret is excellent at picking off weak enemies. Because it auto targets, it can hit enemies in the air, it can whittle down Reinhardt's shield—it's almost universally a good additional source of damage.

For Torbjorn himself, his shotgun blast is similar to Reapers, only slower. It's great against big targets like Winston and Roadhog who get every point of damage it deals.

Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For

Torbjorn himself only has 200 health, and no natural armor. Offensive heroes like Reaper, Pharah, and Tracer can pick him off relatively easily.


As for your Turret, Pharah and Snipers are going to be your biggest issue. While your turret has the range of a sniper, Widowmaker and Hanzo are designed to kill at a distance. A few fully charged shots can take out the turret before it takes them out. Not to mention, if you're just standing with your turret, you're just as easy a target.

Torbjorn might seem like an easy hero to play, because his turret does most of the work, but that doesn't make him any less fun. If you enjoyed the article and you have your own strategy for Torbjorn, leave a comment down below!

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