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Overwatch Character Highlight: Soldier 76

Published: August 3, 2016 1:00 PM



One of the original members of Overwatch, Soldier 76 was designed to be the most relatable hero for players coming in from traditional FPS games. Soldier 76 is a very powerful character that can be used in nearly every situation.

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Soldier 76's Skills Include

  • Primary Fire
    • Soldier 76's main weapon is an assault rifle. It fires a barrage of shots but becomes more inaccurate the longer you fire for, so it is best to do so in bursts.
  • Alternate Fire
    • Soldier 76's alternate fire shoots out a small trio of rockets that deal 120 points of damage and cause a small amount of splash damage. It's not enough to take out any heroes at full health, but it's substantial enough damage that a direct hit can take out an already weakened hero, or cause them to retreat.
  • Biotic Field
    • What makes Soldier 76 playable as both offensive and defensive is his ability to place a small healing circle at his feet. He and anyone on his team standing in the circle can be healed for 35 health per second, for 15 seconds. If you need to keep pushing a point or need to hold a point, placing the Biotic Field down can keep your team going.
  • Mobility Skill: Sprint
    • In the entire cast of Overwatch, Soldier 76 is the only hero who can actively sprint or run. Heroes like Tracer and D.Va can dash in short bursts, but they have a cooldown. Soldier 76 can sprint whenever he wants, allowing him to get back into the action or avoid a firefight. The catch is that whenever he performs another action, healing, shooting, any other skill—he stops running.
  • Ultimate: Tactical Visor
    • Arguably one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, when Soldier 76 activates his Tactical Visor, he gets a very large reticle and shoots at every enemy in his sights. He doesn't shoot at everyone all at once, he shoots at the closest target and automatically switches if someone becomes closer. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you do not need to aim, or reload while using the Tactile Visor. You can just shoot without needing to aim uninterrupted for six seconds.

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Tips And Tricks For Playing Soldier 76

  • There are many situations where you can pop your ultimate to clear the field. The best scenarios are when the enemy team isn't focusing on you, like if your team is grouped together or you're sneaking in from behind.
  • If you're noticing that your team has taken a lot of damage, throw down your Biotic Field anyways even if you yourself don't need it. You can also use it while the enemy team is attacking your team to keep the healing going while everyone is fighting.
  • The most accurate way to use your weapon is to fire in short bursts; watch the reticle in the center and stop firing when it becomes too large. Try to aim for 3-5 shots per burst and you'll keep your shots accurate.
  • Use your Sprint to not only evade firefights but also to put some distance between you and an enemy that does better at close range to get the advantage.

Soldier 76 is somewhat of a universally good hero to play. The biggest takeaway from this is that Soldier 76 has staying power; between his sprint and his Biotic Field, he can stay alive for quite a long time, and that allows him to play as an Offensive character who can play both offensively and defensively. Soldier 76 is actually one of the only heroes that can hold his own when working on an objective; he doesn't need to to be stealthy and work his way around enemies, though he can definitely benefit from that.


Heroes Soldier 76 Is Best Against

Take advantage of stationary or slow enemies that you can hit your rockets with. Torbjorn's turrets or Bastion are great targets for your helix rockets and your assault rifle. All you have to do is poke around the corner and blast them.

Soldier 76 can be somewhat of an Offensive Hero slayer, as he can really lay on the damage against Tracer, Genji (be careful for that deflect), and McCree. In a one on one fight, none of the other heroes can output as much damage as accurately as Soldier 76 can.

Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For


While Soldier can fight at long and close range, there are other heroes who can fight better than him at those distances. Roadhog will shoot you in the face, Widowmaker can take you out from afar.

Reinhardt also shuts down Soldier 76 rather easily. Soldier 76 can't do enough damage to the shield to make an impact, and he has so much armor and health that close quarters combat won't be in Soldier 76's favor.

Lastly, Mei is going to be a problem. She is a mid to close range hero destroyer; she will get in close and freeze you, and there isn't much you can do about it. If you run into Mei, drop a Biotic Field while you're being frozen, so you can try and heal enough to survive Mei's assault.



And that is how you play Soldier 76! As always let us know if you have any strategies you like using yourself in a comment below and let me know if there's any more heroes you want me to cover.

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